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You love gardening & need to buy a new shed or you are finally taking the gardening plunge and thinking about getting a potting shed. A potting shed is ideal for gardeners who love to grow their own plants, nurture seedlings into plants and spend hours in their shed. Well, the potting shed is truly the heart of your garden. It is that place where plants get their start, where harvests are gathered, where you can make notes on the week’s garden activities and where the arrival of spring is anticipated.


Dive in to find the best potting sheds that you should consider buying!

The Best Types Of Potting Sheds

Traditional Potting Sheds

Such sheds are supplied with a free base coat of treatment and are constructed from high-quality, tongue and groove cladding. Moreover, they are secured with a key-operated lock and in many cases have an integral full-length bench. These sheds are available in dimensions – 6×6, 8×6, 10×6 and 12×8. Have a look at the following traditional sheds:

Green Planet UK – 8×6 Premium Potting Shed



  • Constructed with tongue & groove
  • Pressure-treated with a 15-year guarantee
  • Includes styrene glazed windows, sand felt roof, one opening skylight window & floor
  • Has 12mm shiplap cladding
  • Dimensions- 44x28mm Framing

Woodlands Jewel Potting Shed 6 X 6


  • Dip treated
  • Includes 4 windows, a single door & roof
  • Dimensions- 6 x 6

Pent Potting Sheds with Real Value

These potting sheds also boast a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and constructed from best quality tongue & groove cladding. Pent potting sheds may, at times, feature 7 windows & internal potting bench as well. They are available in dimensions like  8×6, 8×8, 10×6 and 10×10. Listed are some pent potting sheds:

POWER | 6×6 Pent Potting Shed


  • Includes toughened glass
  • Made with fine-quality timber
  • Has an internal wooden two-tier shelving unit
  • A Modular shed with all fixings, including instructions & galvanized ironmongery

Apex Potting Sheds

These sheds are constructed from tongue and groove cladding and boast a 10-year anti-rot guarantee. Big apex potting sheds may feature 20 windows as well. Dive in for the best apex potting sheds:

POWER | 8×6 Apex Potting Shed


  • Constructed with high-grade T&G Scandinavian timber
  • Includes Internal wooden two-tier shelving unit
  • Has toughened glass that’s already beaded into place
  • A modular shed that has all fixings, instructions & galvanized ironmongery
  • Dimensions – 8×6 / 8ft x 6ft

POWER | 20×6 Apex Potting Shed  


  • Includes Internal wooden two-tier shelving unit
  • Has toughened glass that’s already beaded into place
  • Constructed with high-grade T&G Scandinavian timber
  • Dimensions- 20×6 / 20ft x 6ft

Tips For Potting Shed Owners

Potting sheds should not be limited to one’s own backyard. Gardening truly means exploring the gardener’s sanctum wherever you go. Nothing like discovering new gardening tips and ingenious new tools! While each potting shed is unique, all well-equipped potting sheds have a few things in common. Dive in for some pro tips.

●    Sheds Must Be Sheltered

Potting sheds are little outbuildings and are dedicated solely to gardening activities. Yet,  a separate structure to the pot and propagate is hardly required. A partially sheltered/roofed structure with widely spaced wooden slats is a perfect example. It should be placed, ideally, not very far from the plant-covered terrace.

●    Comfortable & Convenient Design

Windows are a great addition to any potting shed, especially if they overlook the garden. They facilitate bright sunshine through their dusty panes in the morning, warming the crisp air. While on hot & humid afternoons windows invite a cool, refreshing breeze.


Also, good lighting is vital for potting sheds. While working with tiny seeds and seedlings you must be able to see what you’re doing. An inexpensive, fluorescent light hung over your work table will work great in the dark, rainy days or when work extends beyond daylight hours.

●    Gathering Essential Tools

The tools requirement of different potting sheds may vary. However, there are some basic tools that they all have in common. These include trowels, pruners and a pocket knife or scissors. Plus, having a hammer on hand works great for minor maintenance. Small spoons, cocktail forks, pencils, or popsicle sticks are great for picking out tiny seedlings. Also, wearing magnifying glasses during such delicate operations can be helpful.

Reasons to Buy a Potting Shed

●    A Great Merge

A greenhouse & a potting shed rolled into one is the most ideal combination. A potting shed does twice the work with the glass front to support the plant growth & a 3-sided area to store all the garden tools. The compost bags, piles of empty seed trays and twine rolls that would normally be visible in a greenhouse are tucked neatly in the potting shed. This makes your plants take the center stage!

●    Storage

A potting shed is ideal for those who get a lot of seeds and don’t want to leave them on seed trays or on windowsills of the house. However, if you want to grow plants that require a warmer climate, a greenhouse will offer far more space and sunlight. But, if you are happy setting your plants off, a potting shed is a perfect choice.

●    Organization – Shelves & hooks

A greenhouse panel can not have a hammered hook. Low-level shelving works in a greenhouse but potting sheds can have tall shelves secured to the wall. You can hang the greenhouse thermometer, add a decorative sign/picture and shelve your horticultural magazines on the hooks of a potting shed.

●    Warm During Winter

The best benefit of a potting shed is that the 3 wooden sides keep the inside temperature warmer in late autumn and winter. This makes your shed an ideal place to safely keep your more vulnerable plants. Besides, a potting shed is the perfect place for overwintering plants and bulbs. You must make sure the windows of your potting shed are facing south as it ensures optimum light.

●    The best relaxation place for gardeners

Want to sit on a comfy chair reading the latest seed grower’s magazine with a cup of coffee? Move from into your potting shed and you will a private place to relax.


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