Best Large Sheds For The Money

Best large sheds for value for money

Best Large Sheds For The Money,checking out the best value from a very immense amount.

If there’s a truism for modern life, it’s that we’ve all got too much stuff, and nowhere to store it. And this holds doubly true if, like us, you’re the sort of person who works with their hands or spends a lot of time in the outside or in the garden.

That’s why you’re considering buying a new shed.

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What to think about when buying your large shed

Now, you already know you’re looking for a larger shed. That means that you’ve already got a pretty clear idea in your mind what you’re going to be using it for and exactly what you’re going to be storing in it.

But there’s still several things you should be thinking about before you click that buy button.


You’ve got to consider size, because there’s no point in shelling out several hundred pounds, (or more,) spend all that time waiting for it to be delivered, then assemble the thing only to realise that it’s just slightly too small.


Whether it’s a working shed that has to contain a large amount of tools, in which case you’ll be focused on security and hard wearing toughness, or you’re going to be converting it into a man cave or summer house, there’s a lot to focus on.


  • First off, consider your internal space. This is probably the number one point for anyone who’s buying a larger shed. Figure out exactly how large you think you need it to be to store everything, then seriously consider adding another 20% to that number.


This serves two purposes. First off, it leaves you space for inevitable future purchases. Second, it gives you working space inside the shed, room to move around and grab things without uncomfortably squeezing past everything or contorting yourself into awkward shapes.


  • Second, think about how hard wearing it is. A shed is an investment, after all, and they’re not cheap. A little more money spent up front can save you a lot of money in the long term. Especially if you expect to be spending a lot of time working in and around it. 


  • Lastly, consider security. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there’s a lot of bad people out there, and a shed stuffed full of expensive, portable tools is a goldmine if you’re an enterprising thief. Whilst no shed is impregnable, more security on the doors and windows and tougher construction can help put thieves off from trying to break into your pride and joy.


With all that said and fresh in your mind, lets get on to the reviews. Here’s our top 5 large sheds in 2019.

Highwood 10x20ft Apex


  • Huge internal space
  • Tough pine construction


  • Could be too big
  • Expensive up front

When it comes to large sheds, our absolute number one choice is this beast. Not only is the Highwood huge, with a ridiculous 200sq ft of floor space, it comes for a surprisingly reasonable price.


It’s not just wide, though. It’s also high, over 7ft at the apex of the roofing, and the wide front double doors give you easy access, meaning it’s simple to move even large pieces of furniture or other gear in and out.


The solid pine wood construction is sturdy and tough, with 44mm framing to hold it all together and windows that are storm resistant despite being opening fully. No matter the weather you regularly face, this shed will hold strong. Plus, being pine it looks great in any garden, and it’s incredibly simple to customise the look;staining or painting a shed like this is a dream.


Lastly, it’s made right here in Britain, so when you buy it you can proudly say that you’re supporting local businesses.


Downsides? Well, it’s quite pricey, but considering how much you’re getting for the money, it actually works out very reasonably priced, and it’s possibly too big for some gardens. If you need a large amount of space, for example if you’re building a home workshop, then this is ideal, but as general storage you might want to consider some of the later options on this list.


Either way, if you’re looking for the largest shed possible for a great price, you should seriously consider the Highwood.

Forest Garden Overlap Apex 12x8ft


  • Built in security features
  • Easy construction


  • Some parts aren’t highest quality

Probably the best general shed on our large shed list, and undoubtedly the best shed when it comes to security features, the Forest Garden is a great choice for guys looking for a large amount of storage, especially if you’re looking to lock away expensive tools, bikes or several grands’ worth of pricey electronics. Especially with the price you’re paying.


Solidly constructed out of pre-treated wood, once ordered this shed kit will be delivered straight to the place you’re planning on setting it up, so be sure to clear the footings and have prepared space beforehand.

Once it arrives, putting it together is simple. With two people, it goes up fast, and once it’s standing you’ll appreciate the thoughtful design. Things like doors with double Z frames for extra strength, the built in plate hasp and latch so you can throw a padlock straight on to it, and hidden hinges so it can’t just be removed.


The windows are polycarbonate, making them far more resistant to damage than glass and plastic. The manufacturers say it’s ‘unbreakable,’ but in our experience even though the window itself might be resistant to damage, the frame around it can still warp or snap.


In terms of downsides, there’s relatively few. It’s a great shed for the price, though apparently the floor has flex issues, which means if you’re looking to use it as a workshop, you might want to lay your own floor. Still, even factoring that, this is a large, secure shed for an excellent price.

Duramax ECO Galvanized Metal – Green 10x10ft


  • Really great value
  • Tough and simple construction


  • Relatively unattractive
  • Irritating to put together

If you’re looking down this list for the best price for your storage shed, well, you just found it.


Constructed from galvanised, hot-dipped steel, the walls and structure are tough against impact, weather and corrosion. Despite the size and the fact that the roof is also sheet steel, the secure truss structure will hold it down in all weather conditions, and it’s certified to 12lbs per square foot of weight.


All of this comes together to make one remarkably tough structure. Plus, if something does happen to go wrong (unlikely,) you’ve got the Duramax 15 year warranty to fall back on.


As always, there are pay-offs. First off, the sheet steel construction is less aesthetically pleasing compared to a lot of wooden sheds. Second, despite the built in air vents, it’s still a metal shed so it gets hot in the summer. Consider investing in further air control methods if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in here.


It’s also worth having someone else around, as assembly can be a little fiddly. But once it’s up, this shed is incredibly tough and hard wearing, and you’ll struggle to find an better storage shed for anywhere near the same price.

Keter Factor Plastic Garden Storage Shed 8′ x 11′


  • So simple to put together
  • Low maintenance and resilient
  • Cute


  • Quite small

The smallest ‘large’ shed on the list, Keter Factor’s offering makes our list despite it’s relatively small 88 square foot internal space because of the solid build quality, resilient internal structure, and absolute ease of assembly.


Coming in a single large flat pack box, once delivered and opened you’ll find everything you need (sans tools) inside along with easy to understand instructions. One person could put this together in half a day, and with two of you, it’ll be a breeze.


Made from weather resistant resin plastic, the structure is low maintenance once it’s been put up, and the steel internals hold it together despite wind and rain, though if you live in a particularly exposed area or get regular high winds, remember to bolt it securely to the footings.


Once you’ve done that, though, you won’t have to worry about anything. Whilst it is a plastic shed, the neutral beige colouring and black roofing mean it’s a pretty little thing that will compliment damn near any garden. The huge double doors give you easy access in and out, and there’s a lot of air control including venting and the high ceiling, so it’s not going to roast you in the summers.


Overall, there’s a lot to like and very few if any problems. As long as it gives you enough internal space, Keter Factor’s storage shed is a great choice.

Waltons 12x10ft Wooden Tongue and Groove Windowed Shed


  • Large internal space; height, width and length
  • Strong construction
  • Excellent ‘standard’ choice


  • Make sure you follow instructions for warranty
  • Occasional warped board. (Easily replaced.)

The last shed on our list, this Walton’s 12×10 ft product is a great generalist, with specifications that make it suitable for almost any owner, who needs a shed for almost any reason.


Its large, open floorspace, high eaves and maximum ceiling height, wide double doors and quality construction mean that, whether you need it for simple storage, as a large shed for a workshop, or for any other reason, it delivers.


It’s tough, made from 12mm wood across the board, except for the framing, which is a sturdy 28mm . Shiplap tongue and groove construction means it’s solid, as well as simple to put together, with each board locking in place, as well as being attractive to look at once it’s assembled.


One thing to note is that this shed comes with a 10 year anti rot guarantee. But you’ll need to make sure you treat the timbers with wood preservative once you’ve received and assembled it, otherwise this guarantee is void. Whilst this is a small thing, and something you should be doing anyway if you’re committed to looking after your new investment, it’s always worth reiterating just in case.


In fact, there’s very little not to like. The sturdy construction, ample space and ease of assembly make this a great choice of shed no matter what you need. Plus, if you order it today, you could have it by the end of the week, as there’s a 3 to 5 day delivery.


Put simply, if you’re on the fence, you could do far worse than order one of these. Whatever your needs, it can meet them.

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DISCLAiMER is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, an affiliate Designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, )





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