Best Outdoor Insect Zapper Lights To Keep Bugs Away

Best outdoor insect zapper lights to keep bugs from spoiling your fun outside in the back garden.

If you love spending time on your garden, may it be for barbecue nights with friends or casual dinner with your family, chances are, have encountered problems with mosquitoes and other bugs. You are thorned between leaving the porch lights on which may attract insects or just leaving it off but compromising the visibility. 

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I cannot leave the light on, what are my options?

According to a recent study, the type of light bulb that you use has also something to with it.

The study concluded that the generally used incandescent bulbs are the worst bulb as far as keeping the bugs away is concerned.

Warm coloured LED, on the other hand, is the best choice in repelling bugs, especially orange or yellow hue yellow/orange hue lights.

Other than this option, there are several of the best outdoor zapper lights repellent products in keeping the bugs away that you may want to consider

  1. Do I want to keep bugs aways on my entire garden or only on a specific area?
  2. Is the product economical?
  3. Is it environment-friendly?

Is the product really dependable?

Upon giving some thoughts on the above, we have gathered the products that are ideal for your requirement.

The products listed below are some of the best on their category as far as price, functionality, and customer satisfaction are concerned.

Best Outdoor Insect zapper lights you can have now!

Aspectek – Fly and Insect Killer 

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This 20W Electronic outdoor and indoor bug killer is effective in getting rid of the

mosquitoes, flies, and gnats that can ruin your night get together. Aspectek fly and insect repellant have 2 two UV bulbs for insects for up to 80 feet away.

If bugs are giving you a problem, this could be one of your best choices.

See it in action


  • High-voltage grid attracts bugs well
  • Free from chemicals
  • Easy to use and install


  • Too much brightness of the light
  • May not be effective to bigger bugs
  • Bugs gather around it
Best customer feedback

“I bought this ready for the new season of fly infestations last year our house had them

everywhere so I plan to use this one with my other one.The zapper arrived promptly the

instructions are easy to read and follow I am impressed with the build quality it looks and feels very durable. When it arrived I tested it and it seems very good the cost of running is very good we are on a smart meter and I am happy with the results so far. The UV light is nice and bright so it will work well attracting the bugs overall a very impressive zapper that will work a treat I would not hesitate to recommend it.”

  Worst customer feedback

“Doesn’t kill flies, they either recover and fly off or die really slowly. Completely not fit for purpose. I thought I bought a fly killer, not a fly torturer!”


3,078 customer rating score

Homecube Bug Zapper

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The Homecube bug zapper can be used as a camping lantern and a bug eliminator at the same time. The unit is handy and portable which means you can place it anywhere in your garden or inside your home.

This is also ideal for camping and travelling as its battery is rechargeable, and it’s waterproof too.

The product can pass a regular stylish lamp and can blend well on the environment. With a price that’s pocket-friendly, this could be one of the outdoor lights you can have in your garden.




  • Two-in-One Bug Zapper & Lantern: A perfect combination of the mosquito killer lamp, using physics formula to eliminate mosquito! Safe to use, environment-friendly, energy efficient, non-toxic, high-end style, energy saving. Charge via USB, so there’s no need to worry about outages, whether indoor or outdoor
  • IP67 Highly Rainproof: When you are outdoor activities, do not worry about rainy days. And there is no impact on the bug zapper if you accidentally put it into the water for it can be soaked in the water in a short time. But remember not to soak the zapper in the water for a long time, or it may cause the damages to the product
  • Lightweight & Portable: Boasting a durable craftsmanship, sturdy design and ergonomic handle on top, carrying this lamp will feel like a walk in the park. Ditch your bulky lamps and get this beauty. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, reading camping, beach, forest trips, picnics, hiking, fishing, hunting, biking and more
  • Hassle Free Charging: Save yourself the frustration of batteries running low with this rechargeable night lamp. Its great 2200 mAh polymer LI battery ensures long lasting illumination. Choose the lighting mode you like and enjoy up to 18 hours of nonstop light. Just plug the USB cord into your laptop so as to fully charge the lamp in less than 3 hours
  • Customer Service: Any questions please feel free to contact us, we would deal with it in a 24 hour time. And we provide a 100% guarantee with 24 months warranty

See it in action


  • Long battery life on zapper mode
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Portable


  • Shorter battery life if the dual function is activated
  • A limited and small area of coverage only

Best customer feedback

            “We always struggle with bugs in our tent or conservatory. This has been great at

zapping them. It can charge from a USB too. Had a useful hook for hanging as well. The

light underneath has a few different levels as well. Battery latest me a few days without

a charge being used constantly.

Worst customer feedback

            “I don’t like the product. I highly recommend DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. It did not

work as it should be. I buy it earlier than the camping schedule, Then when tested, it failed. now I also lose the window of time to return it. sadly I bought two and bought failed. Zero stars for this product.”


11 customer rating score

2 Pack Mosquito Killer LED Bulb 220V

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This multi-purpose product is one of the top product when it comes to zapping and

repelling bugs, as well as great lighting on the area. Best for indoor and outdoor use, it

uses 12W Led bulb which can be switched between two modes: soft and bright.

Guaranteed safe to use and easy to set up, it work on any standard 110v light socket.


  • ED lighting + electronic anti-mosquito, it is stable and can save energy
  • It is very quiet, and can give you enough peace without disturb you
  • It can be used to trap mosquitoes, moths, flies, bacteria and other winged insects
  • Environmental and healthy, there is no radiation, and it can be used for pregnant women, children and eldly people
  • Wide application: E27 Base, it fits well for most light socket. and it can be used indoors/outdoors in most standard bulb fixture, great for outdoor balcony and garden or other place with rainproof

See it in action


  • 3 adjustable modes – UV zapper only, UV plus light, and light only.
  • 50000 hours of light
  • Built-in light trap
  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Light trap will be hard to clean after a long use
  • The manufacturer didn’t specify if there’s a replacement bulb

Best customer feedback

“This mosquito light has helped keep the mosquitos away from my back door, aka out of

my house. Of course, it doesn’t keep them all away but I definitely notice a difference.”

Worst customer feedback
“The bulbs came in a semi-detached condition. One bulb had its crown pressed in our of the square.

The 2nd came completely detached, just laying in the box. Could have been caused by being shipped in a lightly cushioned envelope.

Next, they do not operate correctly. Supposed to have 3 settings. The bug only light will not turn on reliably as the two remaining light settings do not.

It’s more like on and off. Again I believe it’s due to not being wrapped safely for shipping.”


78 customer rating score

Miracle LED Yellow Bug Light MAX

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Yellow LED light is one of the most effective when it comes to repelling mosquitoes and bugs according to research. 

This 12W MiracleLED Bug Light Max bulbs come in 2 packs and were tested thoroughly before releasing in the market.

It has also 1120 lumens which can be used for a long time. Easy to use and can be installed on any standard light sockets in your patio, yard or garden.




  • Produces virtually NO HEAT — Does not attract bugs or moths
  • Specially designed Yellow colored light with NO UV is invisible to bugs but pleasing to humans
  • Save up to $85 Per Year Replacing 100W
  • Chemical Free Pest Control for your Patio, Deck, or Cabin — Looks great in Coach Light and Outdoor Wall Lights
  • Light up your driveway or yard and bring safety to your home for just pennies a year!


See it in action


  • Produces almost zero heat
  • Economical
  • LED produces great illumination


  • A little bit expensive in its category
  • The yellow coating may fade over time

Best customer feedback

“I don’t know why it’s so hard to find 100W equivalent LED bug lights, but this is

the only one I’ve found. It’s not nearly as yellow as an incandescent bug light, or

the 40W equivalent LED bug lights I have, but it still attracts way fewer bugs than

a regular warm white LED bulb. Kind of pricey but that’s to be expected with

almost no competition. Overall I’m pleased with the purchase.”

Worst customer feedback

“These bulbs don’t last long. I purchased 8 of them and 1 of them has already burned out just a matter of a few months. Do not buy these. ***UPDATE*** I have had another one of these bulbs burn out. I converted my entire home over to LED bulbs and these are the only two who have burned out.”


107 customer rating score

KINGWILL Electric Camping Lights

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The KINGWILL Electric Mosquito Killer Camping Lights is an outdoor bug eliminator with

            a wide coverage. Don’t be fooled by this handy and portable lantern-style light as it is

one of the most effective in its category. This electric outdoor light utilizes UV to eliminate bugs and other insects.

Unlike other products in this category, it features a grid that doesn’t clog with the insects passing through it. Can be used on your garden or during campouts as it is easy to carry around.




  • PERFECT COMBINATION OF CAMPING LANTERN & BUG ZAPPER – Not only a mosquito zapper lamp, also an outdoor camping lamp. Features 365NM UVA LED bulb that attracts insects into the device, then getting them trapped and killed by the high-voltage charging metal grid. 3 brightness 1W LED in 3 lighting modes, perfectly combine with the high-efficiency electronic bug light. Can be used as lantern lights and night light.
  • USB CHARGING & 3 LIGHTING MODE & 3 LEVELS DIMMABLE– Built in 2200mAh large lithium battery and charging through the USB socket, fully charging just in 2-3 hours and can last up to 36 hours just in bug zapper mode. 3 modes of operation, fly killer only, light only, fly killer&light, which can be interchangeably switched. 3 different lighting brightness, 20%-50%-100% lights meet your personal preference.
  • IP66 WATERPROOF & CLEANED BY RUNNING TAP WATER – The flies zapper has a full-body waterproof function. Due to its highly waterproof body with IP66 rating, the electric fly zapper can be used in rainy days safely and cleaned by flowing water directly. No worry about rainy weather or wet environment. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, reading camping, picnics, hiking, fishing, emergency lighting, etc.
  • TOTALLY SAFE WITH PRACTICAL & USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN– Purely physically safe bug killer with light-sensing anti-mosquito technology. No chemicals are involved. Retractable hook can be laid flat and suspended when use. Silicone lampshade effectively protects the lamp beads from damage. Safe outer grid prevents people or pets from being electric shocked by unintentional touch.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE FOR YOUR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE– Sturdy Retractable Hook is perfect for hanging in anywhere you need, you can hang it up on a string or a tree branch, or put on table as a table light. This UV insect lamp is portable to carry and can be used for camping tent, hiking, fishing, mountaineering or indoor, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stair, a light source for late-at-night porch readings and so on.

See it in action


  • All-weather use and waterproof
  • Ergonomically designed to stand or hooked
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Portable and rechargeable


  • Some people may find it too small
  • Plasticky build

 Best customer feedback

“I love this little compact battery-operated insect killer!! It is great and you can carry it

everywhere! I especially like the light at the bottom! It has 3 different brightnesses so

great in the dark! I love how compact it is! You get the USB charger with it but no British

plug, but we have a USB extension lead so we plugged it in there to charge! I can’t wait

to take it camping with us in the summer! For now, we are using it in our conservatory

and it is working well!! Thank you.”

Worst customer feedback

“Very compact and fits in the palm of your hand. Three light settings for white light. The bug zapper/blue light can be used in isolation or together with the white light.

Simple full half-ring plastic ring allow easy attachment for suspension in a tent etc. Comes with a small cleaning brush.

Well designed and appears to have good build quality. Have not used in the field as yet so hence the four stars.

Used in my bedroom to keep the mossies from biting in the night. On the occasions when I see them around.

Does not seem to attract midges (UK) despite 3 nights of use in the bedroom had to manually find and squash them in my bedroom the next morning. Used with no other light source.

The only midge/mosquito whose life was ended by the ‘killer’ was when I directly placed the unit next to the insect and it had nowhere to go other than inside.

Disappointed, will be used as a normal light source from know on and only in a very confined area ie small tent.”


260 customer rating score

Bug Zapper Light, Mosquito Killer Light

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The bug zapper light is easy to use, once charged up just hang it anywhere. Outside its perfect for hanging underneath a parasol or a hook on a fence. You will hear the zapper eradicating any mosquito that fly into the light.

It can be used the same way in the home. No more nasty bites from pest insects in the summer, the bug zapper will take care of that for you.



  • 1: 3 in 1 Mosquito zapper: not just a powerful mosquito killer zapper, also can be used as a Camping lantern(2 brightness degree to choose), SOS light, and torch light. mufti-function meet all your need for inside and outside use
  • 2: Physics UV attracts and kill mosquito: switch to the mosquito killer lamp function, it will shine out the mosquito favourite ultraviolet(360-400nm), can attract mosquito within a 50m² area to approach the electric net and being killed. all physical, non toxic, safe to use for child and pregnant woman
  • 3: Waterproof: IP 67 waterproof design makes it suitable for outdoor using even in raining day. free to use, moreover, it can be washed after turn off , clean out become easier
  • 4: Rechargeable: built in 2200mAH rechargeable battery, it can be charge by USB connecting with the charging adaptor,car charger, PC charger or power bank, very convenient to take, 3 hours charging time, up to 12 hours working time at the function of mosquito zapper
  • 5: what you will get: 1x mosquito lamp. 1x USB cable, 1x clean brush, 1x user manual.

See the zapper overview


  • Small compact and lightweight
  • Ideal for back packers and camping trips
  • targets mosquito’s and gnats prolifically
  • Alternate light and zapper or just zapper function when you sleep
  • Decent hours of use before recharge
  • Rain proof



  • No use for large insects

Best customer feedback

This is a great little product. I brought this for using in our awning for when we are away on holiday, I set it up in my living room and it was amazing you could hear it zapping the little nats/mozzies,.

I used the lantern bit when warming my babies bottle in the night instead of putting the kitchen light on and sure was bright enough and not putting the light on did not disturb the baby to much whilst feeding her.

I would recommend this product to anyone wishing to have a multi-use product”

Worst customer feedback

Bought this for a trip to Borneo where we stayed at multiple locations, all within the rain Forrest. i was disappointed and surprised that in two weeks it only got on mosquito.
There were definitely more mosquito’s around”


134 customer rating score

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