Best Plastic Garden Sheds for the Money

Best Plastic Garden Sheds that offer great value

Best plastic garden sheds for the money might not be the elegant wooden structures that compliment other furniture pieces of your house but plastic ones that offer several benefits.

They should be easy to set up and easy to maintain after they are installed. In the case of plastic sheds, you do not need to have the knowledge of woodworking for assembling metallic or wooden sheds.

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What Makes The Best Plastic Garden Sheds For The Money?

This is because best plastic garden sheds can be assembled easily without using any professional help.

They are also easier to clean and do not require a lot of care. Moreover, they do not require to be painted again and extreme weather conditions, pests, or rust do not affect plastic sheds.

While purchasing a plastic shed, you must keep something in mind. First of all, it should fit the space well and have sufficient storage.

Next, it should be sturdy enough to withstand heavy winds and extreme temperatures. Another thing to keep in mind is how easily it can be cleaned.

If you do not want to invest time in searching for the ideal plastic shed, consider purchasing any of the sheds mentioned below.

  1. Duramax (30214-1) 10 x 8 Feet V2 Wood Side Vinyl Shed

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This Duramax Woodside model is made using all weather, durable, maintenance free, and long lasting, which means it would not dent, rot, rust, or need to be repainted.

Due to its massive size of the duramax woodside v12  and double doors, even tall people can walk in easily and access tools and equipment kept inside. To keep your belongings safe, the door features a lockable handle.

Duramax are amongst the best plastic garden sheds on the market that give good value for a modest price.

The Woodside vinyl shed also has three windows for letting natural light come in. You can also use this space as an activity or hobby rooms.

This also means that you can store a lot of things in this shed without worrying about them getting damaged.


  • Has three shatterproof windows
  • Highly durable
  • Color does not fade away
  • Has tall and wide doors
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Can be used for several purposes


  • Tricky to assemble for inexperienced DIY people


226 customer rating score

  1. Lifetime 7 x 7ft Heavy Duty Plastic Shed

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The 7×7 plastic garden shed is manufactured from HDPE or high-density polyethylene with heavy duty and powder coated steel reinforcements, which makes it a highly durable and sturdy plastic shed.

This heavy duty plastic shed has two screened vents and a large skylight with an opening window. The height of this shed also stands tall.

Additionally, the shed is all-weather proof and would not be damaged due to rain, heat, cold, insects, or dents.

Another notable feature is its internal floor that further offers protection to equipment kept inside. Moreover, the shed is designed in such a way that the roof provides efficient water drainage. Overall, this shed is a great investment.

Lifetime plastic sheds are built with heavy duty materials. The storage space inside with a slightly higher internal space offers good storage capacity. Easy to assemble puts lifetime plastic storage in the top bracket.

Making some of the best plastic garden sheds around that may seem a little pricey, but the classic saying, you getwhat you pay for!


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain resistant
  • 10 year warranty
  • UV protected
  • Sturdy and tall
  • Easy to assemble


  • Assembling is time-consuming
  • No user manual included
  • Locking system could be better


76 customer rating score

  1. Keter Scala Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, 6 x 5 Feet

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Keter Scala 6×5 Large Resin  Shed

Ideal outdoor storage solution for all garden tools and equipment, BBQ’s, bicycles and DIY tool
Authentic wood- effect with Rustic look panels
Floor panel with two fixed windows, built in ventilation and metal hinges. Lockable for added security

 This easy to build shed, coupled with resin advantages, makes the Scala shed the perfect solution for all your outdoor storage needs.

Keter Scala 6×8 plastic Garden Shed

Keter Scala 6x8

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Keter Scala 6×8 Shed Modular polypropylene shed suitable as storage closet, ideal for all spaces.

An attractive and robust plastic garden shed, is available in 2.3M² and 3.8M². The Colosseum is perfect to bring some beauty into your garden. Its wood effect is very natural and adds a decorative touch to your garden. It does not take anything away from the shelter’s robust qualities. Features of 2.3m² size, Width: 185 cm. Depth – 152 cm. Height: 226cm.
Features of 3.8m² size, Width: 186 cm. Depth – 237 cm.

This shed is fully weather resistant and is highly durable. Although the size is small, there are two windows fit to let natural light come in. The shed also has a proper ventilation window for good air circulation.

For keeping the things stored dry and safe, there is a floor panel attached. T

he plastic shed also has a great locking system so one does not have to worry about the safety of the things kept inside such as DIY tools, bicycles, BBQ, and garden tools.

Moreover, the shed is designed to give a wooden effect and rustic look.


  • Comes with a floor panel
  • Has two windows
  • Features a great ventilation system
  • The wooden texture used is of superb quality
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions


  • Assembling is time-consuming
  • No user manual included
  • Locking system could be better


135 customer rating score

  1. Keter Factor 4×6 Plastic Shed

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Keter Factor 4×6 Plastic Garden Shed is ideal outdoor storage solution for all garden tools and equipment, BBQ’s, bicycles and DIY tools
Elegant wood affect exterior with double doors, plus ventilation grills for air circulation
Heavy duty floor panel with integral window giving natural lighting. High enough ceiling for an adult to move around with ease

This gorgeous shed is weather-resistant, strong, and comes with a heavy-duty flooring.

This keter shed has windows so that sunlight can enter and brighten up the room. Also, this shed is high enough to allow you to put in and take out things without any trouble. You can also keep smaller items in the shed on dedicated shelves provided.

This shed features a sturdy lock that offers high security.

Also, the double doors allow the user to easily store and take out the things kept inside.

Overall, this shed is a great deal for its price, and would definitely serve the purpose for years without wearing out.


  • Has two shelves for keeping small things
  • Comes with a floor panel
  • Has double doors
  • Offers high security


  • Difficult to assemble
  • No user manual included
  • Quality


1088 customer rating score

  1. Duramax DuraMate 8×6 Plastic Garden Shed

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Duramax Woodbridge 8×6 Vinyl Shed is a long lasting garden storage solution.

With 208 cubic feet and made of durable vinyl, it will solve all your storage needs.

This is your best choice for storing garden tools, exercise equipment, bikes, auto repair tools and much more, the possibilities are endless!

With their 60” double doors it is wide enough to easily store big items and high enough for tall people

Duramax Woodbridge 10×5 Vinyl Shed

Duramax woodbridge 10x5 vinyl shed

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10×5 Garden Shed Plastic Duramax Woodbridge vinyl shed is designed to fit in small. Narrow space adjacent to a house, between houses, along a fence, or even in a garage.

The wall panels are made from long-lasting and easy to maintain vinyl.

This tall walk-in shed feature tall and wide double door and wall columns which are reinforced with a solid metal structure that gives strength and allows you to hang shelves or garden tools.

This Duramax Duramate shed comes with a 15-year warranty period. However, you might not need it because the shed is made of durable vinyl material and is designed to last for years.

The shed is also very spacious with 208 cubic feet and tall enough to accommodate tall people. You can easily store large equipment, tools, bicycles and anything you wish due to its 60-inch wide double doors.

For a great plastic shed, durability and protection are crucial, and this shed can withstand heavy rains, winds, heat, and cold.

Furthermore, you can use it with confidence throughout the year due to its ability to face every type of weather. The roof of this shed is reinforced with a solid metal structure as well.

Additionally, you will never need to repaint this shed even after years of use. For cleaning, you would only require water, clothing, and a mild cleaner.

Furthermore, any of the metal structures used in this shed will not corrode or rust with time.


  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain resistant
  • 15 year warranty


  • Can feel flimsy
  • Assembling it is time-consuming


34 customer rating score

Top 5 Plastic Sheds Best Sellers Daily Update


Plastic sheds offer extra storage, especially for the equipment that you would not like to store in your house.

If you have a garden, you would need a space to store the gardening tools and equipment and a shed would be perfect for it. You can also store bicycles or use the space for other purposes.

Which shed you buy depends on the space available as well as your purpose.

However, you can choose any of the plastic sheds mentioned in the list above, as all of them are durable, all-weather resistant, easy to maintain, and worth their prices.

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