Best Plastic Sheds Reviews UK

Best Plastic Shed Reviews

Plastic sheds are available in all styles and sizes, and so, there’s really the right one for everyone. This, in fact, makes the sheds one of the most flexible storage places you can ever have for your house. Moreover, getting a shed for your garden or terrace is also practical because all you need is to invest in it once and install it. These are basically zero maintenance, and a good one can last you for years.

However, the thing is that there are too many choices you get when you start searching for the sheds. Zeroing in on the right one for your needs might feel a bit tricky.

But, not anymore! Here’s a detailed guide on the best plastic sheds available in the market. Read on to make the right choice.

Keter Plastic Storage Sheds Sheds

Keter’ storage sheds are durable and provide a variety of options to store anything from tools, furniture, or even your car. They come in six different colours and have many features such as double doors for easy entry. You can customize the size of the shed to fit your needs and all Keter products are backed by a 10-year warranty. Read on to find out more about the benefits of owning one today!

Keter also offers some other great outdoor storage solutions like their gardening carts that come with an attachable wheelbarrow, their large plastic bins that stack inside each other so you can maximize space when not in use, or their high-quality lawn furniture which is made from recycled polymers and wood fibres. Check them out here

Keter Factor Shed 8×11

Keter’s Factor 8×11 shed doubles as a perfect potting area or outdoor work station. With 550 cu. ft of storage space, it offers plenty of room for all your tools and garden accessories. Use the convenient shelving to store all your gardening supplies and this compact and lightweight shed will become your little sanctuary in the gardens!

Offering a sturdy, attractive look that blends perfectly with the natural surroundings of your property, this shed is designed to store all your outdoor tools and equipment. The closed style offers an even more secure option for storing items that may be prone to theft. Plus, you can customize it by adding shelving or other storage pieces as needed!

Don’t let unruly piles of gardening supplies take up valuable space in your garage any longer. Wouldn’t it feel satisfying to put these things in their own place? We guarantee that you’ll love how much better you feel when looking at the tidy lawn from inside the house knowing everything has its place and won’t get lost among all those shoes (who knew sheds were such great organizers)! Choose our Factor 8

Keter Factor Garden Shed 8×11

  • Ideal outdoor storage solution for all garden tools and equipment, garden furniture including BBQ’s, bicycles and DIY tools
  • Elegant wood affect exterior with double doors, plus ventilation grills and high ceilings for air circulation
  • Heavy duty floor panel with integral window and skylight for natural lighting
  • Made out of a durable, weather-resistant plastic with steel reinforcement
  • Assembled external dimensions: 331.5 x 256.6 x 243 cm (L x W x H); internal dimensions: 311.5 x 236.5 x 238.5 cm (L x W x H)
  • 39 Customer Reviews Rating Score 88% 88%

Things to consider when buying plastic sheds

Buying the right plastic shed involves a lot of factors. And, regardless of what you might think, it is not all about the budget and the size (though, they play important roles too!). Given below are the top factors you need to consider before buying a plastic shed:

  1. The first thing that needs your attention is the choice of material used in the construction, and whether it is weather-resistant or weatherproof.
  2. The plastic sheds come in a wide variety of sizes. The size that you need depends on your purpose of buying it. So, you can do with a smaller shed for garden tools while a bigger shed is needed for making it your workshop.
  3. The added features like padlocks and bolts on the doors or windows and skylights are useful additions to the plastic sheds.
  4. The large sheds usually need a bit of help from the second person for assembling. But, it must not be too difficult to figure out by one person.
  5. In terms of budget, you need to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. So, for instance, you should expect a few add-on features in the comparatively expensive sheds.

Top 5 best plastic sheds to watch out for

So, now you know the things you need to watch out for when buying plastic sheds. It is time to take a look at the top five products in this category that deserve your attention.

  1. Lifetime 60252 Outdoor Storage Shed


  • High-density polyethylene construction
  • Prevention of weather damage due to UV Protection
  • The pitched roof allows for quick drainage of snow and rain
  • Skylight on the roof for natural lighting


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to put together and set up

This is one of the best plastic sheds out there thanks to its highly durable construction. Steel-reinforced and high-density polyethylene construction make the shed sturdy. The skylight runs along the entire length of the roof, so there’s enough natural light. Along with an attractive design, the shed is spacious enough, as well.

  1. Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed


  • Made of fade and maintenance-free plastic and steel reinforcement
  • Woodgrain effect on the double hinged doors
  • A skylight and a side window for natural light
  • Two brackets and shelves for added storage space


  • The doors do not shut properly at times
  • Needs sturdier walls and panels

This one is a medium-sized storage shed that is fit to store your tools, equipment, bicycles, ladders, and the likes. The side window and the skylight make the interiors really bright. The shelves and brackets are very useful additions because you get more storage space

Keter Manor Pent Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed


  • Floor panel to keep things dirt-free and dry
  • A window and in-built ventilation for natural light
  • Padlock hasp and a single door for security
  • Attractive and functional design


  • Difficulty in assembling the parts
  • The floor panel is not sturdy enough

This Keter Manor Pent Plastic storage shed can really help you organize your things in the spacious interiors. With the strong padlock, you are assured that your things are safe inside. There are enough ventilation and natural light brought in the shed through the window and the ventilation flaps.

  1. Starplast High Store Heavy Duty Plastic Shed


  • Spacious interiors of the 6 ft. tall shed
  • Simple to assemble, no screws needed
  • Lockable doors for added security to storage
  • Weatherproofed and durable construction


  • Presence of no shelves inside

What makes the Starplast so highly recommended as a plastic storage shed is a fact that it is super-easy to assemble. It all just clicks into place without needing any screws. On top of that, the doors are lockable, and the material used for construction is durable and sturdy. It is ideal for storing your tools, toys, garden equipment, cushions, and more.

  1. Keter Store-It-Out Max Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed


  • Weather-resistant and durable design

  • Having a foot bolt and the main door bolt

  • Elegant wood paneling on the shed

  • Requires no maintenance and shows no fading


  • Presence of no pre-drilled holes for screws
  • Construction is fragile

The best thing about this plastic storage shed is the fact that it is weather resistant and comes with strong door bolts. So, you can stay assured that your belongings are safely locked up inside. Assembling it is rather simple, and you can do it on your own without needing much help.

F & Qs

These are the most frequently asked questions on plastic sheds.

  1. Do plastic sheds tend to warp?

Plastic sheds do not warp easily because water does not affect this material as easily as it does others. It also does not fade easily.

  1. Are the plastic sheds better than the wooden ones?

The vinyl type of material used for plastic sheds makes them lighter, durable, and stronger than wooden sheds. However, wooden ones can handle more weight hanging from the walls.

3- How long does plastic sheds last?

Plastic sheds can easily last you at least twenty years and even a lifetime if you don’t abuse it.

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