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Nowadays, as time is passing by the popularity of greenhouses to grow plants and trees during the winter is also growing at a rampant pace. But, also until recently most of the people are opting for polycarbonate greenhouses as a wonderful substitute to the glass sheets for covering the entire of the green house. With that said, given below are a few advantages that polycarbonate greenhouses get you during the entire session of your winter plantation.

Factors worth considering while buying a polycarbonate greenhouse

Well, buying the perfect greenhouse for yourself is not as easy as it may sound. There are a few worthwhile factors which have to be kept in mind while buying the finest quality polycarbonate house for yourself. Some of them being the.

1. Insulation Properties

While purchasing a polycarbonate house, you must always make sure that the polycarbonate sheets which the entire green house is comprised of is able to retain as much heat as it can unlike the glass panes which are brittle enough to break easily and are not insulative enough to keep your trees adequately warm.

And in that case, the twin wall polycarbonate panels are the best option to opt for. Because, these panels provide an extra amount of strength to the panels for the twin wall construction it possesses and the encapsulation it provides to create some extra spaces help in spreading the light equally in the entire greenhouse and protect the plants from harmful UV radiations as well.

2. Snow Load Capacity

This again contributes as one of the most essential factors in choosing a polycarbonate green house. Because, there are places which witness frequent snow falls and even at times blizzards. In those cases, the angular polycarbonate green houses can be the finest option to go with. Its overall layout is quite impressive, it does not allow much snow to impinge the overall structure of the house as compared to the curved sides ones.

Top 4 polycarbonate greenhouses on offer

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Large Walk-in Garden Growhouse


This particular product is apt for growing different types of fruits and vegetables aplenty for it provides a reasonable amount of space and a gets you a strong aluminum frame which is painted in either silver or green  in order to give it a ritzy appearance. It consists of a sliding door and a large roof vent that will let air enter inside during peak summers


  • Sturdy frame made out of rust proof aluminum
  • Provision of sliding door that prevents strong winds from accessing and thereby increasing the usable space.
  • Completely glass free and made out of 4 millimeter UV twin wall polycarbonate panels that provides wonderful heat retention.


  • Susceptible to damage due to natural calamities
  • Sensitive to dirt and dust attraction

  Best Review From Customers

I decided to build a concrete and Brick foundation and screwed the base to it and it looks well. To do this I had to cut the legs off flush with the base.
I found the instructions OK, i looked at the whole book before i started and did not have any issues with building the greenhouse itself, i had to loosen bolts is sections to get things lined up several times then nipped them all up once aligned – I used a cordless driver with a socket attachment which saved me loads of time i think.
The hardest parts were the window and the door to build. ! The standard bolts (top ones) are too long for the window to close fully as they bind against the frame so i shortened 2 bolts and it works perfectly… I need to look at the catch though as it is a bit cheap and not very good.
The diagram for the door is poor, i put the Poly in reversed so had to dismantle it to reverse it, for the UV effect ??
My biggest issue with the whole greenhouse is that there is approx a 1 cm gap either side of the door from top to bottom…. and i am sure it is built correctly…?? I need to fill the gap somehow
Overall i am really happy with this greenhouse

UPDATE Oct 2017
I have had this built for about 4 months now and the greenhouse looks OK but it is a total nightmare.
The Polycarb panes bend in the wind and come out of the guides at the sidesof each pane…you can either dismantle the whole roof to get them back in which takes a few hours, of flex them back in which creases them a little…
I am totally cheesed off with this greenhouse after 4 months, my next step is going to be to silicone round every pane…. if they still come out then it will be in the skip.
The nuts and bolts are very low grade stainless steel so they rust badly….i replaced the lot with aliminium
Only buy this if you live somewhere which gets zero wind… no where
I dread to think what it is going to look like after the winter

Worst Customer Review

For a start ill tell everyone not to waste their mone £260 down the drain its very difficult to erect and when it has been built it’s very flimsy plus the door keeps jumping out of the runners so all in all just gotta make the most of it

FIDOOVIVIA Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse


This specific product doesn’t get you the provision of auto assembly and you have to assemble it all by yourself while being in the companion of someone else. When it comes to the weight of the product, it weighs around 29 kgs and is made out of aluminum frame and a sturdy polyethylene plate sizing to 1.0mm and 4mm respectively.


  • Provision of reasonable amount of space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Unique design


  • Over usage can lead to health issues
  • No provision of auto assembly service

 Deuba Lean to Greenhouse


This particular greenhouse contains anodized aluminum as well as heat insulating chamber bridge discs that can be placed easily on every of its walls. The gutter that it contains directs the rain downwards in a lateral position towards the greenhouse and you will able to collect them with adequate containers of your choice. Last but not the least, the foldable, practical window ascertains sufficient air circulation inside the greenhouse.


  • Provision of roof/door opening that provides plenty of ventilation to prevail inside
  • Completely UV resistant and shock proof
  • Provision of foldable practical air window that ensures adequate amount of ventilation


  • The door can only be mounted on one side and not on the other
  • Susceptible to shatters

Plantpak 70200425 Grow House


WThis greenhouse is extremely beneficial in terms of protecting your plants from different types of damages caused due to different types of natural calamities, storage of plants and their propagation. If you are unable to arrange a full-sized green house for your garden, then this is the perfect option to opt for. It contains 2 doors accompanied by 3 individual shelves. Also, there are two individual opening leads which allows a reasonable amount of ventilation to prevail through and when one is open the other one remains closed automatically.


–          Provision of a hinged design with locking which will let you open and tilt the roof to any possible position in accordance your choice in order  ensure adequate ventilation

–          Protects your plants from various damages that is caused by different types of natural calamities

–          Very easy to assemble

–          Provision of double door that let plants enter inside and comes with varying types of adjustable shelves


  • Sensitive to abrasive cleaning agents
  • Extremely sensitive to different types of chemical products

  Best Review From Customers

I’m generally pleased with this. It took me about 30 minutes to construct by myself (if you have a power screwdriver the job will be *much* easier, otherwise I recommend a drill to make additional guide holes). It’s not the best quality wood or paint job, but decent enough and the components fit together well. The magnetic closure on the doors is a welcome touch, and the roof opens and closes very effectively. It feels pretty spacious for a compact greenhouse and I’m confident it will do the job I want it to do.

Worst Customer Review

I wood but it doesn’t state which wood, from the weight – or lack of it – I think it must be made from balsa! As for the paint I think this is where the phrase ‘a lick of paint’ comes from. I’ve had to paint mine as I can’t see it coming through 6 months of winter with the little paint that’s on it. Luckily I had half a tin of Little Greene exterior emulsion left over from my shed. I haven’t assembled it yet and hoping it will be easy but whilst painting it realised 2 of the dowels had got broken off in transit, found them in the packaging. Might put draught excluder around the doors as there are gaps which if it’s a hard winter will compromise the protection I think. I’m putting casters on mine so it will raise it off the floor and I can move it to catch the most sun through the winter. A nice looking little greenhouse although expensive for what it is.


  1. Does a polycarbonate greenhouse need to be secured to the ground?

Well, it’s actually yes. You never know when exactly can a natural calamity occur or may be a sudden gust of wind turn up your polycarbonate greenhouse and disperse it into several portions. Hence, you must always anchor or secure your greenhouse to the ground.

  1. Why should I buy a polycarbonate greenhouse?

Glasses are brittle and break much more easily as compared to other substances. And if you choose to buy a polycarbonate greenhouse, it has the chance to get broken or shattered quite often than you could expect. And on the contrary, polycarbonate greenhouses are shatter proof, damage proof to natural disasters and also does not break easily. So, you must always choose to buy a polycarbonate greenhouse over the outdated glass made ones.





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