Buying a Garden Shed? Read this first.

Buying a garden shed seems easy enough, this unfortunately is not true so i have some points you should know when you are shopping for a wooden shed.

Explaining differences in prices and the reason why. Treating wood to prevent weathering plus wood thicknes to look out for if you are looking for a good wooden shed.

Checking out building your own shed and wheter it is worth it.

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A question I can not be answer in a few short sentences. Garden sheds come in a multitude of varieties and sizes. Different quality’s and options to take into account to give an accurate price.

Below i have broken this answer into several pieces to allow you to get the right information based on the purposes for you garden shed. If i have done this correctly you can then decide and price the shed that suits you the most

How much does it cost to build a garden shed?

This question regularly pondered. So people who know woodworking and prepared to give building one yourself. Here are a few costings at today’s prices as a good guild.

Building a small 6 x 4′ storage shed would average out at a cost of £600.00. You would achieve a shed that looks similar to the very common garden sheds that are frequently seen in peoples gardens.

Alternatively if you was looking for a tradesmen to build it for you this can increase the cost significantly. You can expect to be charged on a daily rate of anything between £150-£200 per day. And a small shed like a 6×4′ could be regarded as extremely expensive.

Self installing shed kits are much cheaper. Sheds manufactured by large companies that can source the materials at an incredibly lower price when they buy large volumes at a tine.

Keeping the Shed price down.

Trying to cut costs by using some reclaimed materials is a good idea. It is hard work to remove anything unwanted like nails and other alien ironmongery to make it usable.

Spending time building a shed with reclaimed materials can produce fantastic results.Building a shed this way is hard work and takes time.

Self installing shed kits are much cheaper. Sheds manufactured by large companies that can source the materials at an incredibly lower price when they buy large volumes at a tine.

Buying a Garden Shed at a Shed suppliers.

As a rule different materials used buy shed sellers and manufacturers have an effect on the overhaul price. For example: a wooden shed can be made with overlap cladding which is cheaper than tongue and groove.

OSB board is another cheaper material used on shed roof and floor. A while back it was graded in two selections . Grade two i believe was the cheapest but was ill equiped for outdoor use. Many people would not touch OSB board or never bought a wooden shed if OSB was used.

Nowadays thankfully, improvements have been made in processing OSB using much more resin compound. I was suprise seeing the difference in the board as they seem much stronger plus are weather ressit enough to not hax=ve to worry especial if you water seal them too.

Short List Wooden Shed Suppliers:

Waltons Sheds: They produce budget friendly sheds as well as mid range Price tags. Making decent sheds, summer houses and storage units for gardens. They are in the top 10 sellers in the country. Can be found on some of the massive shopping sites.

Professional installation

f you have bought a shed or thinking about purchasing a garden shed online here is something to consider.

Check for installation if it comes included, this can be free in certain circumstances. With this in mind you can price check. so making sure that the installation has been added to the cost of the shed.

If so this might reflect on the quality of the wooden garden shed. If it begins to sound a bit on the cheap side. Bearing in mind that providing a free fitting service. This costs the seller money, usually two men on an hourly rate. That can take anything between 1-3 hours to finish the assembly. A lot of reputable sellers will give assembly as an extra if you want it to be installed professionally.

The price will vary due to the size of the building. Pre made sheds of about 6 x 4′ can be anything from £ to fit. Rising to over £200 for much larger garden sheds.

Helpful Garden Shed Installation Tutorials

Installing a Wooden Garden Storage Shed

Installing a Plastic Keter Garden Shed

Installing a Metal Storage Shed


Metal & plastic Sheds

Other options are available for consideration for an outdoor storage shed. They are the cheaper by size in a metal shed. Models can start from £200.00. These do however make good secure tool stores. But they need a strong heavy base to begin with to prevent high winds blowing them over.

Even though they retail at lower prices, they do however are made for self assembly. Easy to follow instructions and tools required guide can be relatively easy to construct.

Plastic garden sheds on the other hand can be a dearer option. However they are maintenance free only needing a clean to keep them looking nice.

Small garden plastic sheds can start from £300 or even less and come in apex or pent roof options .

You need to assemble but are easy to do. The section are very light and easy to manage, but they too need a heavy base to prevent toppling in high winds.

There are some strong larger plastic sheds available that are very secure and have some shelving inside, these can seem expensive but will provide a log lasting low if any maintenance for years.

How much does it cost to put up a big shed?

The cost of putting up a big shed if you was considering a self assemble shed kit can vary according on the supplier.

Recently i have researched this to find an average price of between £150-£200 not uncommon. The more robust varieties sway around the £200 region.

Thicker materials used in the build that makes the shed very heavy. This commands a dearer installation fee due to the extra time completing the installation.

A super well built 10 ft x 6 ft wooden garden shed made with the more popular tongue and groove. It is dip treated, so it will need a water sealer application applied as soon as possible. Power sheds are relatively new in the wooden shed industry. There sheds are rated very highly with customers who have purchased one these online. Offering excellent value for the money

Power Pent 10 x 6ft



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What is the best shed to buy?

When it comes to the best garden shed to buy it is completely down to the expectations of the use and appearance.

Here is some aspects that maybe your priority.

  • Secure unit to keep items safe.
  • Budget storage to house a few tools and keep simple garden equipment.
  • A maintenance free simple storage shed that is not too expensive.
  • A large storage shed that blends in with the surroundings creating an attractive feature.

Metal Storage Sheds.

The best secure storage is a metal shed. The hinged door variety that can be securely locked up is ideal for this purpose.

Metal storage does not blend in as well as wooden or plastic sheds alternatively are more secure.

Also it is relatively cheap to buy which adds to the popularity of this garden storage unit.


Wooden Tool Stores

Storage shed for basic garden tools like shovels, rakes and hoes can be easily put away in the one of numerous wooden variety’s available.

Cheap to buy, easy to paint. Can look superb in a small garden.

In other words can enhance an otherwise dull space into a feature. This makes a small wooden store high on any list for this purpose.

If you never get the time to check your shed. Any maintenance necessary or being able to do any kind of upkeep.

Plastic Garden Sheds.

So to avoid inconvenience there is only one option. A plastic or vinyl shed is the answer, or except a clean they are totally maintenance free. On the downside they do not blend in well with the natural look of a garden.

This in mind they to can be attractive in there own right. Different paints are available to make them into a unique feature creating something very eye catching.

As regards to security with a plastic shed, so do come with great locking systems. There particular kinds tend to be more expensive.

Over all they are usually cheaper than wooden s=garden sheds in size comparison. But at the same time a little dearer than there metal counterparts.

Large Wooden Garden Sheds.

Top of the popularity list due to the fact they are more eye catching than any other. Offering great storage area and coming in an abundant of sizes.

However wooden sheds definitely need maintenance. . To keep these wooden sheds at there best you need to fix any issues straight away.

Apply a good quality wood protective treatment. r. Damp timber produce’s mould growth. A result of just leaving your shed unprotected to the elements of the weather.

Repair leaks immediately. Wood is a natural material and the biggest enemy is rain and strong sunshine. All these cause a lot of movement in the timber through swelling and shrinking. Therefore doing this prevents timber absorbing excess moisture.

I would use products like Barrettene and other similar treatments.Because you can easily be applied simply by painting it on. I find this simply to apply and gets great results

So down to the plus points. They can look amazing when care has been taken. You will be able to find a wooden shed to fit to majority of sizes you require. In the natural surroundings of the garden can really make a statement. Prices can vary a little but a good quality 12 x 8′ will cost between £850-£1000 to buy.

This in fact is considerably cheaper than building one yourself.

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