Duramax Plastic Sheds Reviews Top Sellers

    I ordered a 10′ x 8′ Duramax Platic Shed and it came in one box. This was a surprise as the size of the shed i expected two or even three boxes to arrive.

Giving it a lift test i realized quickly an extra pair of hands would be needed to move the item to were i need it.

Duramax Plastic Sheds Reviews Top Sellers



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This was evident that a two box package would make life easier for one person to carry.

This big box was heavy in fact 130kg not nice to move, butgood in another as the weight means strength.

Duramax (30214) 10 x 8 ft V2 Woodside Vinyl Shed-Ivory Brown.

duramax woodside 10 x 8

Vinyl Shed Installation

Installing the Duramax Woodside 10 x 8 a useful tip is to allow enough room all around to put it together. I needed a help in hand with the assembly and a friend offered his services which i personally know this is essential.

It took me and my friend just over a day to complete. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, just make sure that you avoid any errors in this process as too much time and energy will be wasted rectifying the mistakes. Half way through putting up the walls i noticed the amount of space available to me inside, this is great news.

The door height was another thing as it measured 5′ 10″ that i could walk in and out not needing to duck.

  • Ease of assembly 64% 64%

Here are some insights to the inside of the extremely well made Duramax Woodside



Steel reinforced roof and walls tested for a safe snow load of 20 lbs per square ft.


  • Structure Sturdiness 73% 73%

Roof Structure

The roof has a breaking strain of 20lb per sq ft and to make sure of being safe i lay a board across to even out my weight. This was fine as i lay across to reach out to places i needed to get.

Reading about Plastic Garden Sheds they often mentioned how light they was. This caused them to be moved in high winds. Well i don’t think this will happen with this Plastic Shed as it is heavy and feels rigid.

Quick Tip

Another good tip is to make sure the base it sits on is level. I could see potential problems if this was not the case. Everything needs to line up and when it comes to the roof it will get gaps appearing were water could find its way inside.


On seeing it up and ready to go i am delighted with this plastic shed and was well worth it. Now i am about to get a work bench and shelving fitted inside. Yeah love it!.

I would definitely recommend  the Woodside Model  and any other Duramax plastic shed for really good reasons.

Duramax are right on there game when it comes to making storage facilities. Being very strong and stable made with composite polycarbonate material standing up to the weather with ease.

Reasearching has resulted in real negative reviews being hard to find through the hundreds of people that have bought and left any feedback.

Installation Verdict

Coming to installation, instructions are easy to follow, but is definately a two persons job. Taking 2-4 hours to complete. I do not look at this as a bad thing. If only one person can fit these storage sheds, means they are lightweight and maybe flimsey. Heavier suggests that they are robust and hard wearing.

In comparisson to Keter who do make great storage, Duramax are a little cheaper and still provide excellent value for money.

Below i have listed some points that customer had to say.

  • Value For Money 82% 82%

  Best Review From Customers

   “Fantastic shed, instructions say two people and one day to build. I built it on my own (female, late 50’s, competent diy’er) … it took two days…instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Every part was clearly stamped with identifying number. Is only solid once roof structure is in place…so choose calm weather to instal. The build was easy, every part fitted exactly per instructions. The doors slotted onto the hinges and were in perfect alignment…very impressed. Believe my neighbour is now considering buying this shed. The only extra’s I had to fit was a weather bar to the bottom of the doors (I live in Scotland, we do get very heavy rainfall), I also removed the windows to properly silicon areliable seal. The shed is water tight, robust and very spacious”.

Worst Customer Review

   “I’m not at all happy with this item.The doors do not align correctly allowing rain to seep in.
After sealing rest of shed its pretty annoying to find floor soaking wet after any rainfall.
Also two large gauges on door did not realise as doors were last to be attached .upon consulting user manual it states to return damaged parts before you can get sent a replacement…..??? How ridiculous it would mean removal and leaving shed open to potential thieves.
There is a phone number but never a reply when phoning it.
I sent a letter via post as no e-mail address either .
As yet no reply three weeks later .
I wish now I had bought from local store for money paid £500 this really is poor service and quality .
So many parts no clear assembly institutions “.

  • Customer Satisfaction 16/01/2020 84% 84%


  • I liked the fact it was heavy and should hold its own in strong winds.
  • Instructions was easy to follow.
  • Installation if the instructions are followed correctly is easy.
  • The amount of space available inside was pleasantly surprising
  • Plenty of head height in the door opening.
  • 15 year warranty


  • think it could have come in two boxes rather than one to make carrying easier.
  • Needs two persons to assemble and allow at least a day to fit together.
  • Measures closer to 10′ 4″ x 7′ 8″.
  • Allow room to get all round the shed for assembly.

Duramax Woodside (30214) Expert View.

This model of Plastic Garden Storage is increasingly popular as many buying are out with the wood and in with the plastic option.

They do offer good value for many and buying sheds online taking the most credit for the increase in sales.

Many people do have an issue with the size and weight of the parcel delivered.

Judging by the average star ratings there are many people happy with there purchase.

A fault that is blamed onto the shed manufacture is that gaps can be present when fitting the roof.

This however is a massive sign the base is not level, so a perfect flat base is the cure prior to assembly.

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Duramax Woodside Score

Duramax StoreAll 8′ x 6′ Plastic Shed with Foundation Kit 

The Duramax StoreAll in my opinion is in the top bracket when it comes to average size garden sheds.

Plenty of brace support keeps the building very rigid.

Arrives in one large box, but thank heavens above not as heavy as the Woodside being a smaller shed.

Strong panels all round built out of resin polycarbonate, so no need to worry about any aftercare.

Lovely wide and tall opening double doors it would be no problem parking a ride on lawnmower inside to give you the idea.

Assembling the StoreAll.

I recommend emptying the box of all parts and laying them out. Keeping parts in separate piles to understand were they go prior.

Read through the instructions and check the parts.

As this model comes with the foundation kit this is the starting point.

Make sure the grond is extremely level and assembly will be relatively easy.

The Instructions.

The instructions are easy to follow, but in my experience an extra pair of hands will come in very useful . Not just that it will save a lot of time putting it together.

Checking each part with the code sticker on assembly is a good idea. It has been know that stickers end up on the wrong parts occasionally.

  • Ease Of Assembly 68% 68%

Taking a Closer Look


Duramax StoreAll inside structure 

Excellent steel reinfored panels throughout. Good bracing on the roof adds strength and increases the weight load it can hold.

Two front air vents to allow airflow and reduce condensation inside.

P.s: If condensation build up becomes an issue fit two more air vents in the adjacent gable at the highest point possible



The double doors on the StoreAll have excellent head height and a wide opening.

All panels are made from strong resin compound that stand up to all weather conditions

  • Wide & Tall Double Doors – Approx. dim. (W x H): 154 x 182 cm
  • All Weather Durable & Long Lasting Outdoor Storage Vinyl Solution
  • Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 243 x 155 x 219 cm
  • Includes Foundation Kit, 1 Fixed Window & Ventilation System
  • Maintenance Free Vinyl Storage Shed that it won’t rust, dent, rot or fade and is fire retardant
  • Features steel reinforced columns to provide strength and durability or easy mounting of tools or shelves
  • This aesthetically attractive design shed will compliment any backyard area and comes with a 15-year warranty

My structure rating is improved compared to the Woodside because the narrower size increases roof strength slightly.

  • Structure Sturdiness 75% 75%


Good value for money and a back up of a 15 year warranty Duramax have full confidence in the product.

Structurally excellent with a fully assembled shed being extremely sturdy.

Maintenance free having no problems with rot. Waterproof keeping contents dry.

Shopping for a medium size shed i have to say the storeall takes some beating.

  • Value For Money 83% 83%


  • Sturdy durable building
  • Level base ensures a simply assembly
  • Go metal reinforced panels trhroughout
  • Excellent door height and width
  • Value for money compared to similar size sheds
  • 15 year warranty


  • Do not attempt to assemble on an uneven base.
  • Condensation build up inside may require extra ventilation. 

  Best Review From Customers

This shed is great , once you have it erected…….but took 2 of us ages to put up because the instruction are as clear as mud
The print and diagram is very small , you need a magnifying glass.

Worst Customer Review

Bit of a nightmare to put together. All in all took us 3 days as we had to keep walking away before we fell out. Now it is up it looks fine and is doing the job it was meant to, holding my garden tools, kids beach stuff etc. We purchased it because it was going in a corner and the no painting made sense. It is up against a wall one side and a hedge at the bottom. Time will tell if we made the right decision but with hindsight I think I would have had a stronger wooden one.

Check AlL The Duramax StoreAll Reviews at Amazon CLICK HERE


Duramax StoreAll Score

Duramax StoreMate 6′ x 6′ Plastic Garden Shed with Plastic Floor

The Duramax StoreMate 6’ x 6’ is an ideal storage shed for back yards or patios. This attractive backyard storage shed features a complete solid reinforced vinyl floor that eliminates the need for building a foundation.

The storemate is acailable in a mid grey aswell as the ivory white model above. First thing that stood out to me is the large wide double doos for quite a small shed. Measuring 6 ft x 6 ft give you a good idea what i mean, as the door width goes from side to side.

The opening doors give the capacity to store items like grden furniture inside, this a big advantage over similar size sheds.

Pricing includes a vinyl floor as a complete package.

Keter produce an almost identicle model and you can see by clicking the link keter Gemeni Factor


 Metal reinforced panels throughout producing a stronge storage facility. Plenty of metal roof support braces adding more than adequate safe weight load of 20 lbs per square inch.

As with the quality of Duramax plastic sheds they manufacture structurally sound outdoor storage. Holding out with no problems all weather conditions found in the UK climate.

Locks are easily added to doors to keep items inside secure.


storemate duramax

Great opening doors allows access of large items easily.


Quite evident how sturdy the storemate is, good metal bracing inside.

  • Ease Of Assembly 66% 66%


Assembly is is a two person job. Holdinding parts in place and passing fixings to one another is the main factor.

Emptying the content of the package and laying them all out is key.

Making sure all the parts are present referning to the instruction pamphlet is the way to start.

Starting with the ground to were the shed is to be placed, make sure it is level prior to starting the installation.

Allowing about 2 ft space all round for easy access for attaching panels.

Rated as easy to assemble for 2 people.

Tools You Need To Assemble A Plastic Shed

1. Cordless Drill – Philips Head
2. Screwdriver – Philips Head (Cordless powered screwdriver is easier)
3. Carpenters Square
4. 8′ Step Ladder
5. Tape Measure
6. Hand Gloves
7. Waterproof Clear Silicon
8. Hammer or Rubber Mallet

  • Structure Sturdiness 67% 67%

Duramax Storemate Features :

  • Includes Heavy Duty Plastic Floor Kit
  • It comes with clear instructions for a hassle-free assembly
  • You will never need to treat or paint the structure
  • It will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade
  • Wide and Tall double doors (W 154 x H 180 cm), includes door handles with padlock eyes
  • Reinforced metal structure and roof truss support
  • Dual Air Ventilation System on Front Width for better air circulation inside the shed

Product features:

  • External Dimensions (L x W x H): 187 x 188 x 213 cm
  • Internal Dimensions (L x W x H): 176 x 176 x 208 cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Adobe and Grey


  • Excellent door height and width
  • Maintenance free
  • Super appearance
  • Value for money compared to similar plastic sheds
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Uneven base can cause the holes not to line up for srewing together.
  • Assembly in rare cases take a long time to assembly.

  Best Review From Customers

This seems to be,a good value shed but the gentleman I employed toI build it said the holes for the,screws were incorrect and gave him difficulty. He’s looked at previous reviews and someone had said the same thing and said it had taken him 10 hours TO builds the shed. For a product costing this much this is nitcgoid because once taken out of the packaging it would be difficult to repackage if one wanted to return it apart from the inconvenience. This is clearly a design fault and not good that the manufacturer is continuing to churn out more sheds with the same fault”

Worst Customer Review

The shed has a vinyl floor as well as a vinyl roof and side panels all effectively hung on a metal frame that is held together with screws”

See All Duramax Storemate Reviews at Amazon CLICK HERE

  • Customer Satisfaction 74% 74%


The first thing that stands out to me is the value for money aspect. The duramax stormate beats its rivals of similar sheds by far for the value it provides to the cost.

Purchasing customers have refered to assemble and compared them to a wooden shed. Main factor being you can screw together anywhere on a wooden shed.

Firstly you cannot compare the two as they have there own pros and cons. A wooden shed need regular upkeep, were as a plastic shed is maintenance free.

The big issue surrounding all shed installation issue is not preparing a level base foundation.

Advice about the foundation preparation

A foundation is easy to level if a wooden base frame is used. Jacking up the lower corner with frame leg supports untill everything is true. Attaching more leg supports throughout the base frame frame will stop any “bounce” in the center.

Boardinding over the frame when everything is level will provide the base you will need. This will make assembly much easier and less frustrating.

The storemate in general is a strong storage facility will good steel reinforcements throughout.

Super storage capacity able to get large items inside.

I person would purchase this model if i intended having a small shed in the garden.

Super buy!.

  • Value for Money 88% 88%


Duramax Storemate Score

Duramax StorePro 4′ x 6′ Plastic Shed

If you are looking for a small storage shed to place on a patio or in a small garden. But do not want to spent to much money look no further. The duramax storePro fits all the criteria for you.


Galvanised steel reinforced vinyl panels throughout the building. Forming a rigid shed that requires no maintenance. With a simply clean these sheds look as good asnew. Massive benefit with plastic sheds is they are waterproof.

Condensation build up is taken care of with two air vents one at the front and the other at the back. This creates a good air flow to carry away any condensation in the building.

it must be remembered that this product is plastic. Having said that, there are many steel reinforcing parts to it. it is not as solid as a wood shed but once assembled and in place and filled with a lawn mower and gardening tools etc. it is quite sturdy. Since it was placed in the garden several weeks ago we have had very high winds, quite a few thundery showers and recently we experience 36 hours of continual heavy rain and the interior has been completely dry. i recommend following the advice of using clear silicone on the roof fixings and around the window. This has undoubtedly helped in keeping the rain out.”


  • Ideal use at apartments or on patios and decks
  • You will never need to treat or paint the structure
  • Includes Heavy duty plastic floor kit and Ventilation System
  • Single 24 x 62 Inch (W x T) Door, includes door handles with padlock eyes
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel interior structure support
  • It will not rust, dent, rot, mildew or fade



Product features



  • External Dimensions (L x W x H): 117 x 173 x 190 cm
  • Internal Dimensions (L x W x H): 104 x 165 x 184 cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Ivory and Brown


  • Structure Sturdiness 71% 71%


“A few important things to say:
Assemble this shed on a flat and level surface.
Read the instructions carefully and check you have the right part at every stage.
The above became clear to me as at first the area i started to assemble it was not properly level. As soon as i moved to a level section, everything lined up and went together perfectly. i also mis-read a part number and it would not fit correctly. After a cup of tea and some head scratching i realised my mistake and swapped it for the right part. After all that, it was easy to assemble. I had valuable help to put it together and when it was finished we picked it up and placed it onto the previously prepared concrete slab. As you can see in the photo, it could not have been assembled on the slab as you will need access to all sides while assembling.”

  • Ease Of Assembly 72% 72%

Check All Duramax StorePro Reviews at Amazon CLICK HERE


i feel this shed has been value for money. The wood shed it replaced rotted away despite having wood protection applied to it regularly. Also the wood shed needed a new felt roof at regular intervals.
This shed will only need a wash down over the next few years and will have none of the problems associated with wood sheds. For those reasons, i have given it 5 Stars.
As you can see in the photo, the garden is a work in progress and me and my shed will be very busy over the next few months.


  • Shed needs to be anchored to the ground to prevent heavy winds moving the building.

  Best Review From Customers

“I was looking for a strong , maintenance free shed that would stand the wet weather and the test of time and this Dura ax shed ticked all the boxes. Very well packaged with no delivery damage at all, it was easy to unpack and the instructions were easy to follow and accurate. The only criticism I would have is that the instructions were not in a plastic sleeve and were a little damp when I removed them from the box.”

Worst Customer Review

“Bit of a nightmare to put together. All in all took us 3 days as we had to keep walking away before we fell out. Now it is up it looks fine and is doing the job it was meant to, holding my garden tools, kids beach stuff etc. We purchased it because it was going in a corner and the no painting made sense. It is up against a wall one side and a hedge at the bottom. Time will tell if we made the right decision but with hindsight I think I would have had a stronger wooden one.”

  • Customer satisfaction 76% 76%


It is essential that your base is levelbefore commencing assembly for all sheds. You cannot expect things to go well when you are fitting something completely square level onto an uneven surface.

This is a mistake most people do and results are disappointing.

Flat level base and assembly will go smoothly.

The duramax StorePro is simple to install. Two people should complete installation in a few hours.

This is a great little shed that looks good enough on a patio or decking area.

Nice and sturdy with good metal reinforced bracing inside keeps the structure level and square.

Door can be fitted with a locking system for security to keep contents inside safe.

The main catch for me me is the low price. Compare to many other sheds of this size it really is a snip.

  • Value For Money 91% 91%

See The Latest Price at Amazon CLICK HERE


Duramax StorePro Scores


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