Egg Hanging Chairs

Egg Hanging Chairs

Egg Hanging Chairs are simply one of the most fun and comfortable ways to chill out in the sunshine. Freestanding egg swing chairs will gently sway you to a peaceful state of mind to let stress evaporate. The ultimate calming solution that looks fabulous on a patio or in the garden.

Cheap Hangpng Egg Chairs For Sale

Got to be the best way to relax reading a book gently swaying on a hanging egg chair. Suspended egg shaped cage like chair filled with cushions is without doubt the way to reduce stress. Not just comfortable relaxing experience but such a great feature on the patio. See our fantastic hangng egg swing chairs that are value for money.

Hanging Egg Chairs With Stand

All hanging egg chairs come complete with stands and can be quickly assembled so the finished article is ready for use. Being suitable for indoor and outdoor use will make a beautiful novelty stylish seat that is extemely relaxing

Hanging Egg Chairs With Stand

Hanging Egg Chairs

These feature chairs do not have to be just for summer. Often being used indoors throughout the colder months and are a perfect bedroom seat. The gorgeous egg chair can be used practically anywhere.


Hangimg Egg Chairs We Recommend

Amazonas Globo

Gorgeous egg suspended outdoor chair designed for the outdoors, this artistically unusual handmade hanging chair is truly beautiful. Reassembling a sculptured ornament it has the benefit of being very comfy and exceptionally strong.

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Hanging Egg Chairs

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Hanging Cocoon Egg Swing Chair 

Our PE rattan swing chair has been designed with style and comfort in mind. Made from high quality PE rattan and powder coated heavy duty tubular steel, it offers superior strength and longevity. This is a swing guaranteed to impress year in year out. The rattan will not fade, crack or deteriorate and is very easy to clean while the cushions are deep filled maximising comfort.

Double Rattan Hanging Egg Chair 

This  Rose Rattan Hanging Chair is must have piece of furniture for your garden this summer. With the beautiful hand crafted open weave design the Rose chair is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.The Rose Hanging chair comes with a luxurious padded base cushion




Dawsons Living Vienna Hanging Egg Chair –  Hanging Stand – Black

  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: The hanging egg chair is padded out with a moveable head and seating cushion, giving you perfect room to really lay back and relax in the swing chair. The hanging seating basket, when hung up, is the perfect height to get in and out of, making using the chair a pleasure.
  • STYLISH DESIGN: The hanging hammock chair is not only designed with your comfort in mind, the clean design is right on chair making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. As a garden chair it is suitable for both the middle of your garden as well as on your patio or decking. The pleasing design and style of weave is sure to bring your garden to life.
  • DURABILITY: The chair is sure to be long lasting. With the basket being made from UV proof wicker and the rust resistant metal frame. Giving you a chair, which is virtually weatherproof.



Hanging Swing Egg Chairs with stand


Hanging swing Egg Chairs with a stand is a real item of interest. Not only is memorising appearance, but unbelievably comfortable. The hanging basket or cage resembling an egg shape lined out with beautiful thick padded cushions is a sure way to give maximum comfort and relaxation. This incredible form of seating for patio, decking or lawned garden is an experience that can’t be ruled out.

Free standing egg hanging chairs with a rattan weave basket are just as significant indoors too. Extremely popular in bedrooms and lounges alike. Cushions tailor made in different colours and patterns are readily available.

Sway gently on a swinging egg chair and you will relax to an extent of falling into a state of tranquillity often resulting in a nap, happy days.



Double Hanging Garden Chair


Double hanging garden chair equals double fun. Having a freestanding double swing chair is one of the harmonious ways to sit outside with your partner on a beautiful summers day. With irisistible alluring appearance the small investment is worth every penny. Ultimately, extraordinarally comfortable seating for two enhanced with thick padded wrap around cushions takes all stress away for an amazing day.

Cocoon shaped cage covered in woven rattan adds glamour as an extra to the best form of seating on a patio or garden. A double cocoon chair is the perfect way any couple should try and they will not be disappointed.

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