Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Box

Extra Large Waterproof Garden Storage Boxes

Why you need an extra large waterproof storage box?

What are you storing in your basement, garage, attic or shed that’s worth an extra-large waterproof storage box? If you have a large toy collection, spare parts for your car, winter clothes and shoes to take up space when summer is over or just need more room for all those Christmas decorations – Extra Large Waterproof Storage Boxes can be the perfect solution.
Extra Large Waterproof Storage Boxes come in various sizes to meet any of your needs and with durable materials like plastic that will help protect anything you store inside of it from moisture damage. They also come with convenient built-in handles so they’re easy to carry anywhere.

Top Value for Money!

The Perfect Storage box Solution for You!

I’ve found the perfect solution for storing your garden tools and other items. The Starplast XXL Huge Plastic 634 ltr Garden Storage Box With Piston Opening Lid is just what you need to keep your lawn care equipment safe from the elements all year long. It can be used outdoors or indoors, making it ideal for any type of storage situation. You will never have to worry about rust again!

Starplast XXL Waterproof Plastic 634 L Garden Storage Box

Starplas XXL Sit-on Rattan Style Storage Box

The Starplast XXL Waterproof Plastic 634 L Garden Storage Box is the perfect solution to store all your outdoor essentials. Made from strong and durable plastic this box will not only keep your items safe and secure but it also features a piston opening lid for easy access. The rattan effect design makes this product blend in with any garden furniture.

This large size means that there’s plenty of room to store everything you need outside, without having to worry about running out of space! It’s also waterproof so if anything leaks or spills inside, it won’t ruin anything else stored in the box. You can even use it as an extra seat when needed!

Standard Features and benefits

Lockable lid to keep your items safe.
– Wheels and handles for easy moving.
– UV stabilized plastic so colors will not fade.
-Protects your furniture from spills and stains.
-Keeps bugs out of the house.

Emotional benefits:
-Give yourself some peace of mind when you’re away for a few hours.
-Enjoy sitting down on a clean surface again!

Starplas XXL Garden Storage Box Customer Ratings: 110 Score 8.2/10

Starplas Storage Box Best Features

-Sit-on lid for 3 adults
-UV stabilized plastic so colors will not fade
-Wheels and handles for easy moving
-Lockable lid
-Easily assembled-no tools needed

Starplas 634 L Garden Storage Box Reviews


Easy to put together…. certain parts click into place . Windbreaks fitted in and everything else, so garden a lot tidier as no room for a shed . This ideal. Will be able to use it to sit on too. Worth the price as easiest item I’ve ever put together.


Easy to put together and water proof, nice feel. However one corner has slightly raised but not enough to let water in. Easy to lock.



Large Storage Capacity

Extra large/long box; suitable for ‘longer’ parasols that are supplied with patio furniture. Simple to assemble, just follow the instructions exactly. Don’t make assumptions about what goes where. Excellent value.


cant comment on weatherproofness as it hasn’t rained yet !! I have a 2 sofa corner unit and 3 stools cushions plus 4 scatter cushions and they all fit in well.



This product is perfect! Looked a bit flimsy when unpacking, but once it was built (20mins) what a fantastic sturdy storage box. I can fit all my corner sofa cushions in and my folding picnic table. Had family round and it makes good extra seating! Brilliant! It is FULLY WATERPROOF. Tried and tested on the north east coast of Scotland, and boy do we get rain hahaha. Can’t rate this box highly enough. Excellent value for money

Rattan Effect Extra Large Deck Box Waterproof Storage

Do you have a deck? Do you need storage for your cushions, pool toys and garden tools? If so, then the Rattan Look Large Deck Box is what you need. The rattan design will look great with any patio furniture set. It has an easy access lid and comes with a convenient carrying handle for easy transport from place to place.
The Rattan Look Large Deck box can be used year round. In the winter it’s perfect for storing your cushions blankets and pillows when they’re not in use. During the summer months, it provides a cool spot to store all of your pool toys in order to keep them dry during those hot summer days!

Keter Java Extra Large Deck Box 230 Gallon

The Keter Java Extra Large Deck Box 230 Gallon is the perfect solution for storing your outdoor patio furniture cushions, outdoor toys, pool accessories and beach towels. It’s easy to assemble and can be put together with just a screwdriver in no time at all. This storage container will keep everything organized and out of sight so it doesn’t clutter up your space.

With this extra large deck box, you’ll never have to worry about where to store your items again! You can use it as an indoor storage option if you prefer not having things outside or need more room for other items like winter clothes or holiday decorations. If you’re looking for something durable that’s built to last, then this product is the one for you!

Standard Features and Benefits


– Store oversize items without taking up too much space.

Protects your belongings from the elements
– Keep your outdoor gear organized and ready to go.
Emotional benefits:

– You’ll always have a place for all of your things, no matter how big they are!

– You’ll always have a place for all of your things, no matter how big they are!

Check out more details and ORDER TODAY!    https://www.astonshedsuk.com/product/keter-java-xxl

Keter Java Extra Large Deck Box Customer Ratings: 961 Score 9/10

Keter Java Features

  • Extra-large storage box with 230 G/ 870 L capacity
  • Perfect for storing over-size items from garden tools and supplies to pool equipment and garden furniture accessories
  • Durable and sturdy resin build that provides all-weather resistance and UV protection, making the box virtually maintenance free
  • The surface won’t peel, rust, fade, or dent, ensuring this outdoor box looks like new for years to come
  • Opens and closes smoothly with the lid piston system
  • Easy to reposition thanks to built-in handles and lightweight build
  • Lockable lid for extra security (lock not included)

Keter Java 230 Gallon Deck Box Reviews


I struggled to find a box big enough for my cushions but this is perfect. Easy to assemble and fully waterproof.

Its amazing waterproof do easy to build robust does what it says on the tin and there is loads of room in it

Easy Assembly

Really easy to assemble and great size, fits all cushions for 2 seater settee, 2 armchairs and 6 dining chairs. Had some really heavy rain since we put it up and cushions are still dry. We do get a pool of water collecting on the lid so time will tell how weatherproof it is over the winter months but really pleased with it so far


Pleased with our purchase. Looks a good robust product. Some parts of construction definitely need 2 people. Went together following instructions – not like flat pack furniture. Time will tell about protection of cushions – I suspect it will keep out rain but still allow damp that could lead to mould it woul be a brave/foolish person who left expensive cushions out over winter.

Large Storage Capacity

I am able to store all of my outdoor cushions in this extra large deck box. It fits 8 sets of 2 patio chair cushions, 2 sets of lounge chair cushions and some decorative cushions. I love that the lid stays open on its own and has a soft close. It seems to be waterproof. We had heavy rain and everything inside the box stayed dry. The instructions for assembly were great and it hardly required any tools for the assembly. It looks great too. Delivery was earlier than promised. I highly recommend this box if you have lots of cushions to store.

Check out more details and ORDER TODAY!    https://www.astonshedsuk.com/product/keter-java-xxl