Fiskars Garden Tools Reviews

Fiskars Garden Tools Reviews

Fiskars garden tools reviews are impressive as i crawled through their range of different implement which is many.

Fuskars seem tool have a tool for every gardening job you are faced with. Seeing the ratings it is obvious fiskas garden tools are incredible popular.

The easiest way i can set out the different tools is to list the best sellers first followed by the top rated items.

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Fiskars Garden Tools Reviews Best Selling

Starting with the most popular garden tool from fiskars. The Xact Weed Puller is the top best selling weed removal tool on the market.

Extremely simple to use dragging up those relatively deep invasive plants with ease.

Saving wear and tear on your back the xact weed puller is operated standing up.

Fiskars Garden ToolsReviews :Weed Puller Xact

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Fiskars Weed Puller

Weed puller for weed control with a diameter of max. 4 cm.

For a sustainable and environmentally friendly weed control, Ideal for the extraction of dandelions, thistles, nettles and other root crops in loose soils, vegetable garden or garden
Traps the roots of the weeds between the claws of the weed puller (up to 10 cm underground).

Extracts the plant along with its roots thanks to a patented mechanism of claws.

With a little pressure on the handle the claws open and the weeds are released straight into a waiting wheelbarrow and off the lawn.
Work in an upright position: No strain on the muscles and shoulders thanks to the long handle, Practical non-slip handle for a better hold

Fiskars weedpuller Review

The Benefits ✅ 

Well made and a great idea for removing weeds.

Accurate grab and pull mechanism that is great for getting out weeds in the lawn.

Pumpaction weed release makes it simple to expel the weed from the grab into a bucket with having to bend over.

User friendly for both sexes that can operate the xact for longer with developing back strain.

The Downsides ❎ 

Seems expensive for a weed removal tool, but after using the xact weed puller is quick to realise it truly is value for money.

For some reason a junior can not recieve the delivered parcel unless accompanied by an adult.

🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 Great tool and arguably the best weed puller.


4,264 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars Garden tools reviews : Telescopic Tree Pruner Bypass

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Fiskars (115360) Tree Pruner Bypass UP82

Fiskars Garden Cutter UP82 is another great tree pruner with enough reach to go up vertical to approximately 3.5 meters.

Still cut very efficiently thanks to its extremely efficient Power Reel mechanism which makes the cutting even 12 times easier compared to standard mechanisms.

As a branch cutter this tool is on a level with its larger family members enjoying the same benefits such as an adjustable cutting angle up to 230.

A handy bypass cutting action for cutting fresh wood. This product can be used with extension pole.

Fiskars Telescopic tree Pruner Review

The Benefits ✅ 

Light enough for simple monoeverability to reach high branches.

Cuts soft branches up to 2 inches thick, but a lot less if it is a hardwood variety

Easy enough to use in a wheel chair which is great news for some disable people.

Superb for bushy bramble pruning getting deep into the brush without getting lacerated by thorns.

The Downsides ❎ 

Bit end has been known to pop off when using thepruner, however does not hamper the pruning capabilities.

🧡🧡🧡🧡💛 Great tool but has its limitations.


1,660 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars Hedge Shears

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Fiskars PowerGear X Hedge Shear HSX92, Non-stick coating, High quality steel blades,

Fiskars Hedge shears for trimming and carving hedges, shrubs and bushes.

For right-handed and left-handed users, Easy to use thanks to lightweight and robust plastic handles with impact-resistant stops.

Firm and comfortable grip thanks to ergonomic handles with structured non-slip coating.

Effortless operation thanks to cutting performance 3 times easier compared to standard mechanisms, Smooth and clean cutting thanks to non-stick coating on the cutting blade. 

Long life product, High quality steel blades, Easy sharpening of the cutting blade.

Diamond file sold separately in the maintenance kit (available under reference number 1001640), Finnish design. for,


1x Fiskars PowerGear X Hedge Shear HSX92, Length: 63 cm, Weight: 1.1 kg, Material: High quality steel/fibreglass reinforced plastic, Colour: Black/Orange, 1023631

Fiskars Hedge Shears Review

Benefits ✅ 

New model has metal gearing upgraded from the older model that was plastic and prone to break.

Great for light trimming sush as hedges, grass on other softer plants. It can not however deal with anything more subtantial.

As shears go it can contend with shearing it was designed for.

Downsides ❎ 

Fiskas shears should mot be used to cut back woody branches or growth. Great for trimming back hedges and cutting grass in awkward areas of the garden, ut nothing to stiff will break them.

❤❤❤🖤🤍 Not bad better than most but there are better.


425 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars garden tools Reviews : Anvil Lopper Power  gear

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Fiskars PowerGear X Lopper Anvil L LX99

Branch cutter for dry and hard wood, for pruning branches up to 5.5 cm in diameter.

Not suitable for cutting green and Fresh Wood such as live beds and roses, For right-and left-handed .

Easy to reach branches that are height thanks to lightweight aluminium extendable handle.

High safety thanks to handles with textured anti-slip coating, Clean and powerful cut: Non-stick coating on the blade for a smooth and clean cut.

The lower cutting blade is curved for optimal catch of the branch being cut.

Reduced effort and a cutting performance 3 times higher thanks to the SoftGrip covered handles.

Long life product, Stainless steel, Easy sharpening and replacement of the cutting blade.

Diamond file sold separately in the maintenance kit (available under the reference number: 1001640), Finnish design,.


1x Fiskars PowerGear X Lopper Anvil L LX99, Size L, Length: 80 cm, Weight: 1.36 kg, Material: Hardened steel, Colour: Black/Orange, 1020189

Fiskars Anvil Loppers Review

Benefits ✅ 

One of the best fiskars garden tools reviews, all uk customers love this Fiskars anvil lopper.

Easy to use and cuts through branches up to 2 inches thick with ease.

This is a very good product that consumers related to the fact they should have ditched the old set sooner and bought the fiskars loppers.

No Downsides to report in UK at this time

❤❤❤❤❤ If you need a lopper you can not go wrong with this one.


65 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars Garden tools Reviews : Telescopic Hedge Shears

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Fiskars SmartFit Hedge Shear HS86, Telescopic, Non-stick coating, High-quality steel blades

Telescopic hedge trimmer for shaping and pruning hedges, Bushes and small shrubs.

Suitable for right- and left-handed users.

Easy to use thanks to light, stable lever arms made of synthetic material with buffers that are easy on the inner handle.

Secure hold thanks to non-slip grip ends, Long reach thanks to telescopic handles, Total Length of hedge trimmer: 68 – 93 cm.

Weight: 1.25 kg, Smooth, clean cuts right down to the tips of the blades thanks to non-stick coating, High longevity.

High-quality steel blades, Easy sharpening of the cutting blade.

Diamond file available separately in the maintenance t (item no.: 1001640).

Finnish design, Contents:

1x Fiskars SmartFit Hedge Shear HS86, Length: 68 – 93 cm, Weight: 1.25 kg, Material: High-quality steel/plastic, Colour: Black/Orange, 1013565

Fiskars Telescopic Hedge Shears Review


Very sturdy cutters and the added advantage of being extendable is well loved by many.

Great tool for high hedgerows and has no problem cutting

Comfortable handles stops arms and shoulder jaring.

Downsides ❎

Do not try to cut through stems that are too thick.

🧡🧡🧡🧡🤍 Definately worth considering if you need a good hedge cutter.


127 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars Garden tools Reviews : Grass Scissors Servo System

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Fiskars Servo-System Grass Shear GS42, Anti-jam Servo-System mechanism,

Lawn shear for precise cutting of lawn edges.

For right- and left-handed users.

Patented anti-jam Servo-System mechanism for a perfect cut, 360° adjustable cutting angle for easy use in hard-to-reach areas .

Comfortable grip and easy to use thanks to the ergonomic handle design, Optimum safety thanks to the blade locking device .

Long life product thanks to stainless steel blades and fiberglass reinforced plastic handles, GS Safety Certification, Finnish design, Contents: 1x Fiskars Servo-System Grass Shear GS42.


(HxLxD): 12 x 34.4 x 4.2 cm, Weight: 310 g, Material: Steel/Plastic, Colour: Black/Orange, 1000589

Fiskars Grass Scissors Review

Benefits ✅ 

The fiskars lawn scissors have a great unbendable blades that cut straight.

Simple to use and are an excellent grass cutting tool for the home gardener.

Downsides ❎ 

Main blade screw bolt is fixed into plastic and creates a weak spot.

I would not recommend this set of garden scissors for professional gardeners however is ideal for the domestic chores of home gardening.


❤❤❤🤍🤍 Great for the casual gardener, but professionals can get more reliable grass scissors on the market


621 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars Bypass Garden Seceuters

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Fiskars PowerGear X Bypass Garden Shears with Roll Handle for fresh branches and twigs

Fiskas Seceuters Sharp and precise pruner with anti-shock handle for cutting fresh living growth.

For branches, rosebushes and ornamental plants up to 2 cm in diameter.

For right-handed people.

Hand size: small/medium, Easy to use thanks to EaseCut technology, Ergonomic handles for natural hand movement.

Lightweight, weather-resistant design with fiberglass reinforced plastic Fibre Comp.

High-quality workmanship: work effortlessly thanks to cutting performance 3 times higher than pruner without anti-shock handle, Smooth and clean cutting thanks to the non-stick coating on the upper blade.

Long life product, Precision stainless steel blade.

Easy sharpening and replacement of the cutting blade (available as part number 1026275).

Diamond file sold separately in the service kit (available under reference 1001640), Finnish design.

Contents: 1x Fiskars PowerGear X Pruner M Bypass PX92, Length: 21.5 cm, Weight: 235 g.

Material: Precision Steel Blade/Non-stick Coating, Fibre Comp Fiberglass Handles with Soft Grip, Colour: Black/Orange, 1023630

Fiskars Bypass Garden Shears review

Benefits ✅ 

The grip, the size, the sharpness of these good, fantstic for pruning shrubs and bushes.

Downsides ❎ 

Plastic coating on the mechanism wears down quite quickly and hinders the shears funtionality.

🧡🧡💚💛 Very popular, but over working these shears will damage them. ideal for smaller pruning jobs done ocassionally.


1,227 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars Pointed Garden Spade

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Fiskars Ergonomic Garden Spade Pointed, Length: 125 cm, High quality boron steel

Pointed-edge spade (Total length: 125 cm) to aerate and dig into hard, stony soils.

Also suitable for digging in grass and cutting roots, Suitable for users of all heights.

Ergonomic shape for easy use, Easy to work with and penetrate the soil thanks to sharp, pointed blade.

Optimal height offers a good working position without hurting the back thanks to the long handle.

Firm and comfortable grip.

Comfortable grip for hands thanks to the ergonomic angled shaft and the practical D-shaped handle suitable for all hand sizes for one- or two-handed handling.

Long life product thanks to high quality steel blade, Lightweight design for extended work and less fatigue.

Finnish design, Contents: 1x Fiskars Ergonomic Garden Spade Pointed, Length: 125 cm, Weight: 2 kg, Material: Boron steel.

Colour: Grey/Black, 1001568

Fiskars Pointed Garden Spade Review

Benefits ✅ 

 Its light and the ling handle makes it much easier to use. 

Fiskars pointed spade sliced through roots and was put under major pressure levering out the rootball. 

Fiskars pointed spade is worth every penny.

Solid product, good length and width ideal for some heavy duty digging, 

Downsides ❎ 

Only one mention of it bending and rendered useless.

🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 If it is a good reliable easy to use garden spade you should buy it!


1,574 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars Hatchet

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Fiskars Chopping Axe XS X7, Includes Storage and Carrying Case, Length: 35.5 cm, Non-Stick Coating, High Quality Steel Blade/Fibreglass Handle, Black/Orange, 1015618

Fiskars hatchet Axe Universal hatchet (total length: 35.5 cm) for splitting small logs, cutting branches up to 7 cm in diameter.

Making small wood for the fireplace, stove, barbecue or campfire.

Ideal for camping, hiking, bush craft, survival and outdoor activities.

Very sharp blade in hardened steel with high quality coating, Perfect balance between head and handle for maximum swing power.

Durable handle made of weather-resistant and impact-resistant fibreglass reinforced plastic, Handle moulded directly onto the tool head for greater safety.

Firm and comfortable grip thanks to innovative handle with textured non-slip coating and handle end with flared guard for optimum finger protection.

Made in Finland, Long life product, Easy blade sharpening with a sharpener (available as part number: 1000601).

Storage case included for safe transport, Contents: 1x Fiskars Chopping Axe XS X7.

Storage and Carrying Case Included.

Length: 35.5 cm, Weight: 640 g, Material: High Quality Steel/Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic.

Colour: Black/Orange, 1015618

Another excellent frishars garden tools reviews on the hatchet.

Fiskars Hatchet Review

Benefits ✅ 

Small enough to be portable and heavy enough to chop large pieces of timber.

Great tool for log burners to kindle wood and has no problem dealing with this even though it is hand held.

Downsides ❎ 

Protective case is for your own saftey and not the blade. it tends to make the blade blunt.

🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 Best of both worlds, making it unecessary for a large axe except for chopping and splitting very large logs. Buy it its perfect at most chopping requirements.


666 Customer Rating Score

Fiskars Hand Drill For Holes

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Fiskars Hand Drill, For Holes up to Ø 150 mm, Black/Orange, QuikDrill, M, 1000638

Hand auger for drilling Holes up to 15 cm (6”) diameter in the ground.

For planting flowers, plants and shrubs and for medium sized fence posts, Also suitable for soil and compost aeration.

Clean digging thanks to 2 sharp blades and helical tip, Does not get stuck on roots and small stones.

Work from a comfortable angle thanks to the long steel handle, For prolonged work and less fatigue, Graduated handle for constant control of digging depth.

Firm and comfortable grip thanks to elastomer coated handles, Can be used with Fiskars QuikDrill Replacement Blades 10 and 20 cm (Available as part numbers: 1000637 and 1000641) for different hole sizes.

15 cm (6 ”) replacement blade: ref. 1000639.

Long life product thanks to robust steel handle and fiberglass reinforced plastic handles.

Easy cleaning with water, Finnish design, Contents: 1x Fiskars QuikDrill Garden Drill M.

Size: M, Length: 110 cm.

Weight: 2.25 kg,

Material: Steel/Glass fibre reinforced plastic,

Colour: Black/Orange, 1000638

Fiskars hand Drill Review


Benefits ✅ 

Drills holes easily in soil and also heavy substrate like clay.

Stones in the soil present no problems providing they are not too big.

Ideal for making post holes in soil for fencing.

Downsides ❎ 

No issues as yet to report. The handrill is up there with the best fiskars garden tools reviews.

🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 Looking for a tool to create hole in the garden for fencing,  walk throughs and gate posts? this is worth buying. A useful garden tool.


Customer Rating Score

To Summarise

The fiskars garden tools reviews will help you choose wisely. I have stated all the pros and cons you can expect on each product.

You must take into account your personal useage.

If you are a regular or professional garden , maybe some of the products are not adequate, but for the hobby garden they will provide good perfance and are a value for money.

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