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Protect your outdoor furniture from the elements with our range of outdoor furniture covers. Our range of covers are made to protect your garden furniture including stacking chairs, dining and sofa sets, swing chairs plus many more, keeping them clean and dry in all weathers. We have a cover for every style and budget, so you can find the perfect fit for your garden furnishings.

With our wide variety of colours, patterns and styles available on our website, we’ve got something that will suit any taste or need. Whether you want to keep your bench looking like new or just want some extra protection against rain showers – we’ve got a cover that will work for you!

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Best outdoor furniture covers for winter uk


Did you know that there are many different types of outdoor furniture covers for winter uk? Different materials and styles will have different benefits. It’s important to choose the right cover so that your furniture is protected from the harsh elements, while still looking good and not taking up extra space in your home. There are a few key factors to consider when choosing an outdoor furniture cover for winter uk: where you live, how much time you spend outdoors, what type of weather protection do you need (waterproof or UV resistant), does it need to be padded or insulated, etc.

Should you cover outdoor furniture In Winter?

Preparing for the cold and wet months for your garden furniture storage. Presuming you intend your furniture to last for an exceptionally long time and remain in good condition, it should be stored undercover in the bad weather months. However, clean thoroughly and fixed any part that have been damaged before covering your outdoor furniture up till the weather breaks. This ensures your furniture will last a long time and look its best. Also, be ready to use straight away when the fine weather arrives.

Can you leave rattan furniture outside all year round?

Synthetic rattan furniture can be left outdoors in all weather. So, leaving rattan out in the elements all year round. However, covering it over with PVC cover or storing it inside a garden shed will give it the best protection. Covers for garden furniture gives great protection from weathering.

Natural rattan should not be exposed to damp weather, The natural fibres offer little resistance to damp climate conditions and begin forming mould growth that can ruin natural wicker rattan.