Garden Secateurs

Garden Secateurs and Pruning Shears for Sale

Aston Sheds UK have a wide range of secateurs and pruning shears to choose from. From ratchet garden secateurs, bypass pruners for ladies, and many other great tools. There is something here for everyone! Our products are made with the highest quality materials so they will last you a long time. They’re also designed to be comfortable in your hand so that you can use them without any pain or discomfort.

You can find Anvil secateurs, Ratchet Garden Secateurs and the best pruning shears for sale to keep the bushes and plants trimmed up in your garden. Excellent bypass pruners for ladies to use with ease plus many other great garden secateurs even if your hands are weak.

Secateurs for arthritic hands

The joy of spring is in the air and one way to feel it too, is by taking care of your garden! You may not be able to use some tools. For example ratchet anvil secateurs or easy grip bypass shears might make life a little easier for those with arthritis as they are designed specifically for these occasions where strength isn’t always available right away.

Anvil secateurs

Anvil secateurs are the perfect tool for cutting up to inch thick branches and chopping up dead wood. The blade is made of metal which comes in contact with smooth surfaces, so it’s not too hard on plants when using them to cut finger-thick branches or solid pieces of solid wood! Cutting power comes from the blade forcing the cut down on the anvil which is a metal bottom jaw with a slot for the blade to fit in between. We have several anvil secateurs for sale and we highly recommend you investing in one for pruning small trees and large shrubs.

Ratchet Garden Secateurs

Ratchet Garden Secateurs are the perfect tool for anyone who has weak hands and has a lot of gardening work to do. These secateurs have a ratchet mechanism that multiplies your hand’s power by up to 5 times, so you don’t have to do all the work as the garden pruners do it for you. They’re also lightweight and ergonomic, making them easy on your hands and wrists.With these secateurs, there’s no need for heavy-duty gloves or bulky shears anymore! You can get back into gardening with ease thanks to this innovative product. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some new ratcheting garden secateurs today!