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Garden Storage Units For Gardens

Garden storage units for outdoor use. Wether you need adequate wheelie bin storage or a secure place to store a bike or two there is a range of options ideal for the job.

Small shelved storage cabinets for garden tools and waterproof patio storage boxes with lids that store away furniture cushions keeping them clean and dry. An extra large outdoor storage box can store at lot of items and keep everything nice and tidy.

Cheap Wooden And Plastic Garden Storage For Sale

These nifty garden storage options add a subtle bit of sophistication to your garden. Conceal away ugly bins inside storage units keeping them safe and dry . Ideal for storing garden tools, bikes and garden furniture cushions and accessories. Kiddies toys are easily packed away in our garden storage solutions maintaining tidinessthroughout the back garden. Whether or not you need wooden to mix in stylishly to your garden, or hard wearing robust plastic or maybe a secure metal storage cabinet. We’ve got all of it. What’s extra, with free supply, see for those who can’t discover what you’re searching for in the present day

Patio Storage Boxes

Patio storage boxes made from durable rattan, wood and metal. Top brands low prices. Great for storing outdoor furniture cushions and other garden items safe and dry. Purpos built storage boxes with the lid to become a bench seat which is a super idea for extra seating too.

Very popular keter patio storage units are a good recommended product that provides good value for money.

Garden Vertical Cupboards

Garden Vertical Storage Cupboards are super for storing long handled tools, hose pipe accessories and many other small gardening tools. Keep everything tidy and organised in your garden.

Triple Wheelie Bin Storage

Triple wheelie bin storage are great way of keeping trash bins separated for recycling. Our range of wheelie bin storage includes triple, double and single capacity keeping your bins out of sight in the garden or driveway. Made from plastic, metal or wood you will find the one you need.

Outdoor Storage Cabinets

Outdoor storage cabinets are a l ow priced storage option for outdoor use. Ecconomical was to keep small tools, garden spray chemicals, gloves and other forms of garden essentials. Keep thing safe and organised in your garden or patio

New In Bicycle Storage Sheds

Latest Wheelie Bin Storage

Wheelie bin storage is a neat way to store hideous bins out of view. In summertime bin odours can be a real stench, storing them inside a shut tight unit prevent unpleasant smells spoiling your day in the garden.

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Outdoor Storage Cabinets New Arrivals

Wooden Garden Storage UK

Our wooden garden storage items are perfect for these individuals who wish to match their storage unit with their garden shed. We provide wooden garden storage items with tongue and grooved cladding that are perfect for storing all of your DIY tools.

Our wooden storage items have stable sheet roofs and flooring. Our wooden storage items with double braced doorways make ideally suited bike sheds, defending your bikes from the weather and from opportunist thieves. We’ve garden storage choices to suit a variety of requirements and conditions. Our wooden storage items are available in a spread of sizes. All our wooden stores are made from quality materials purposely to do the job of general storage for outdoor use.

Best Wheelie Bun Storage Hideaways

Take a look at our choice of wheelie bin hideaways so as to add a classy touch to your garden. Everyone knows that wheelie bins could be ugly and smelly, so what efficient solution to hold them than in our plastic or wooden bin hideaways?

Top Selling Plastic Garden Storage

The most popular form is the plastic stores that we have available. Best sellers that is evident they really do tick all the boxes when it comes to keeping things safe and dry. As with all plastic sheds and storage they are durable, maintenance free and waterproof. We have a selection of top brands such as Keter, Suncast and duramax plus other quality storage solution leading suppliers for you to choose from. Capable of storing wheelie bins, Bicycles and garden tools and accessories yhey provide the perfect choice. With they stylish sleek appearance are great on a decking surface and just as effective and a patio.

Waterproof Outdoor Storage Boxes

Organise your patio, deck and garden in style with this stunning, an outdoor waterproof deck box by Keter. The reason being it is made from polypropylene resin plastic.

Keter deck boxes can withstand all weather conditions without peelingroof, denting, rusting or otherwise becoming damaged. They come in various sizes enabling the storage of everything from patio furniture cushions to garden tools, lawn supplies and more.

As a bonus, it is robust enough to comfortably seat 2 adults, so it doubles as an eye-catching garden bench as well.

Extremely popular garden storage units like keter Rockwood and Brightwood are high in demand for the value they offer.

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Waterproof Outdoor vertical cabinets

If space is restricted, turn to this narrow waterproof vertical storage cabinets from Keter and Lifetime to store outdoor essentials that need protection from bad weather.

It is constructed with heavy duty resin and assembles effortlessly to prevent pest and moisture incursion. Simply add up to four sold shelves and secure into position on the notches fashioned into the back and side walls of the storage cupboard.

The double door handles come together on the front so you can attach a padlock (not included) for additional security.

Garden storage utility units include low line cupboards, high line cupboards with shelves and plastic vertical outdoor storage cabinets that are very compact and very useful organising clutter outside.