Garden String Lights

Garden String Lights for Sale

Aston Sheds UK have an amazing selection of Garden String Lights for Sale. Many to choose from like Outdoor String Lights LED Mains Powered,Waterproof Indoor Outdoor Garden Lights for Bistro, Terrace, Patio, Outside, Wedding and WarmWhite glow. Our Heavy Duty Festoon String Lights are perfect for all outdoor events. You can also find our great selection of LED String Lights that are waterproof and mains powered. So whatever your needs may be we’re sure to have the perfect garden string light set up just right for you! Browse through our wide variety of Garden String Light sets today so you can see which one is best suited for your needs! Once you’ve found the one that works best with your home or event space then click on it so you can get more information about it and purchase if desired! 

Outdoor led string fairy lights

Our plug-in lights string is the perfect choice! It’s waterproof and insulated, so it won’t get overheated. Plus, no assembly required – just plug in and go! You can easily build into the shapes you want; It can be hung on walls, patio, yard, fence or Christmas trees. Keeping low temperature even after many hours of use means it’s safe to touch after long periods of time. And because there are no tools required for installation or setup – this product is great for both children and adults alike!

You will never have to worry about tangled wires or trying to find a place in your house that has an outlet nearby again! This is a great way to add some holiday cheer without having any hassle at all! These lights are also waterproof and insulated so they won’t get overheated which means they’re completely safe around kids too! Get yours today before we sell out this year!

Outdoor bulb string lights mains powered

Whether you’re looking to add a little extra light in your garden or create an elegant atmosphere, outdoor bulb string lights are perfect. Festoon Lights come with lengths and shapes that make them versatile enough for any style from modern minimalist décor all the way up through vintage royal themed weddings! Hanging these can be done easily by using festoons as poles which makes putting it up quick-and easy too


In the world of energy efficient lighting, there are many options for both indoors and out. LEDs have been proven time after again as being more durable than traditional lightbulbs which means you can save money on repairs down the line! Not only will they last longer but also consume less power in comparison making them an excellent investment with little maintenance needed at all.
Mains powered lights require drivers; however some LED products come pre-built so connecting them directly to household current doesn’t pose much difficulty considering their low voltage design overall