Garden Summerhouses

Wooden Garden Summerhouses for Sale

There are many methods to make your garden extra interesting relating to having fun with the outside. Among the best methods is to purchase a summer house house. This can be a very totally different constructing to a shed, which is historically used for storage functions and little else. A summerhouses home is a spot to chill out and to get pleasure from your garden. It will probably even be an excellent place to take pleasure in a romantic meal for 2 – the selection is yours! We’ve a variety of various shapes and sizes of summer season homes on the market together with: Dip Treated & Pressure Treated, Single Door or Double Door and Large Summertime Homes.

Best Contemporary Summerhouses

Looking for a lovely fresh trendy design for a modern garden? The contemproray summerhouses are the perfect answer. Sleek long windows allow plenty of natural light inside to show the decor & furnishings within. Coming in apex or pent roof designs plus several sizes finding the right one is simple in our displayed models. Opening the double or bifolding doors gives the resemblance of sitting in the garden in complete comfort.

These stlish and fashionable retreats open up an enjoyable array of events to your back garden from simple dining rooms to making it an amazingly comfortable cosy place to unwind.

Corner Summer house

Corner summerhouses are the pervect choice if you are limited to space. Fitting nicely into a corner of the garden like a glove with the 90 degree rear of the building, but the semi hexagon front containing double glazed doors give the ideal place to sit inside and enjoy the garden.

Choosing The Right Summerhouse For Your Garden

When it comes to selecting a summerhouse that is right for you consider the things you want to put inside and the amount of people it will cater for.