Greenhouse & Potting Sheds

Greenhouses and Potting Sheds for Sale

A wide array of garden greenhouses and potting shed greenhouses for sale, together with wooden greenhouses, lean-to and polycarbonate greenhouses, Polythene greenhouses, mini greenhouses and aluminium greenhouses propagation and establishing new plants. Now out there at ASTONSHEDSUK. With the requirements and dedication & high quality you may count on, our number of greenhouses consists of top quality merchandise in a formidable array of design shapes and sizes. If you’re pondering of rising only a few plants and flowers, or in case you are planning to domesticate your individual fruit and greens, yow will discover the proper greenhouse from our assortment beneath.

Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Polycarbonate Greenhouses are the prefered choice with the modern gardener. The lightweight and very strong polycarbonate glazed panels makes assembly a lot easier than conventional glass and can stand up to knocks that would shatter glass. Framework is either aluminium or a durable resin that provides a strong construction and is rust resistant. Sliding doors are the norm with opening roof windows for ventilation.

The polycarbonate glazed panels come in transparent or an opaque finish. The downside of polycarbonate is it is easy to scratch, so cleaning them only with a sponge or soft cloth material is advised. Abrasive cleaning materials should be avoided as intense scratch marks on the panels look unsightly.

Wooden Greenhouses

Wooden greenhouses is the original material that was used in making greenhouses. With good quality wood protective solvents and waxes they can look stunning in the garden especially full of plants.

Wooden greenhouses can be walk in models or for limited spaces the mini wooden greenhouses are perfect. All opening doors and windows are operated by hinges that are simply replaced if they begin to seize up. Wooden greenhouses are still very popular even though they require maintenance for them to last a long time. But when these greenhouses are well kept can outshine other greenhouses on apearance alone.

Polythene Greenhouses

Polythene Greenhoses are a cheap and simply way to provide the warm conditions needed to grow many plants for seed.

Perfect for beginners who want to try there growing on a budget to start with. A eay assembly metal frame is put together and anchored to the ground. In between the frame there are shelves that are attached to forn 3 or 4 tiers. Then attatching a PVC polythene cover over the top which is reinforced and UV resistant creates the shelter.

The doorway is zipped on and unzipped can be rolled up and held with velcro straps. Many professional growers use polythene greenhouses to increase there growing area for large amounts of plants

Polytunnel Greenhouses

The polytunnel greenhouses are constructed with galvanized steel arched framework and are hermetically coated with clear plastic. The polytunnel greenhouse tunnels are generally built directly on a base, and the well prepared site. It is also easier to disassemble and move to a new site and reassemble. The galvanized steel will last 20 years or more, and the polyethylene cover will generally need to be replaced every 6 to 10 years.

Polytonnel greenhouses are perfect for large quantities of plants such as vegetables, fruits and flowering plants. Melons and other exotic fruits that need a lot of space thrive well in a polytunnel greenhouse.

Aluminium Frame Greenhouses

Aluminium frame greenhouses are a great choice as the rust proof metal frame last for years with no maintenance. The well know brand Palram produce many types of greenhousesof high standard prodominantly using aluminium frame in the construction of there greehouses.

glazing used with metal frame greenhouses was glass panels but has quickly changed to the more durable polycarbonate glazing.

The polycarbonate greenhouses mostly use aluminium framework that you will see more of in that catergory.

Mini Greenhouses

PVC mini greenhouses are cheap and simple to put together. These metal frame stand freely that are covered with a PVC polythene covering. Zipped openings to gain access. Perfect for balconies or small patios are able to germinate seeds, grow herbs and small plants. The mini greenhouses come with tiers or shelves usually 3 tiers and 4 tier gmini greenhouses. Sometimes gardeners use the mini greenhouses as a coldframe to aclimatize young plants before being planted outdoors.

Potting Shed Greenhouses

Potting shed greenhouses are excellent for all green-fingered gardeners. These wooden potting sheds have large windows for optimum daylight.

Unlike a standard greenhouse the back and sides are covered in creating a sheltered space for the gardener to work. Repotting,  planting seeds and tending to potted plants off a shelf possitioned at a comfortable height makes these gardening jobs a lot easier.

The potting shed greenhouses are capable of germinating seeds and also provide extra storage for garden tools.

Coldfame Greenhouses

Coldframe greenhouses are used for new plants that are ready to come out of the greenhouse that need aclimatuzing to life outdoors. Adjustments in the temperature from the warm enviroment of a greenhouse to the cooler outdoors is accomplishished inside the coldframe. Lifting the opening lid through the day and closing through the night to begin with until the lid can be left open all through day and night hardens the young plants.

The coldrame greenhouses come in polycarbonate and wood material with hinged lids that fully open to make access simple. Germination of hardier seeds can be achieved to grow them large enough to be planted in the garden.

Greenhouse Heaters

Greenhouse heaters are import when growing plants through the early months of the years to give them a head start. The f a parafin heater or a more modern electric heater will rise the temperature inside the greenhouse to activate growth, widely used for tomatostomatoes, peppers and basket plants.

Delicate plants that cannot survive the frosts of winter can be brought into the greenhouse for protection with additional warmth from a greenhouse heater will ensure there survival.