Top 4 Incredible Heavy Duty Plastic Garden Sheds That Kick Ass


Heavy duty plastic garden sheds ? no doubt that plastic sheds are durable and need next to no maintenance.

Why do you need to consider a more expensive heavy-duty plastic garden sheds?

Worrying thing is some are very light and can be blown around in heavy winds if no anchor pegs are incorporated. Were as others it is not a good idea to screw shelf brackets to the walls inside.


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“Whoopy do!” yes, they are affordable and waterproof, but seemingly flimsy construction. Containing bang you head on the way in low door heights that come smaller than a picture you looked at are a pain.

“Pick a heavy duty plastic garden shed”reasons you should

But now lets talk about real muscle in these heavy duty plastic garden sheds I have selected that really walk the walk.

Avoid that heart sinking feeling

Only two makes produce plastic sheds that smash the rest and prevent the heart sinking feeling of complete disappointment of expectation.

Getting something that meets your criteria and then some even though it cost more has the natural emotion of I am glad I paid extra for this.

Expectation and realisation very often result in disappointment

So I am going to relieve you of the embarrassing feeling of pretending to like your new shed to friends when in realty you wish you put you money to something much better.

Here’s some awesome Heavy-duty Plastic Sheds with attitude.

Lifetime 6402 8 x 12.5 ft


Hurry! on this low price it will almost surely rise soon on 12/02/2020

Apex double door plastic shed with fabulous appearance and real presence. Just oozes quality and stature at a glance. Built with duel layer of steel reinforced polycarbonate walls it surely backs up the tough reputation.

Double extra strong curve top door pattern has height along with Braun.

Check the feature on this brute

  • Attractive Appearance and Design; Customizable Shelving and Storage System
  • Dual-Wall High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Construction; Heavy-Duty Steel Trusses Provide Additional Roof Strength
  • High-Pitched Roof Allows for Quick Drainage of Rain and Snow; Lockable Steel-Reinforced Doors for Added Security
  • Low Maintenance Design; Slip-Resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Floor Protects Against Oil, Solvents, and Stains
  • Sturdy Steel-Reinforced Construction; UV Protected to Prevent Weather Damage

Awesome structure concept, evident is built to last with syriking appearance.

Take note of a couple attempting to install the Lifetime 6042

The Lifetime Company

Lifetime is a company based in the USA that began making basket balls. They are still well known for the production of basket balls in America. Recent years have expanded into garden storage and simple furniture.

Now are an established brand manufacturing garden sheds and garages. Producing high quality as standard and creating above average capacity for extra storage purpose.

Compared to keter and duramax, Lifetime are on a different level in this feild with heavy duty plastic duel panelling as standard. Capable of wiyhstanding majority all except the outrageous extremes of weather conditions in the US. Perfect for UK weather and climate. Exception heavy duty plastic sheds that are very unlikely to disappoint.


Wow you can see exactly what I mean. This heavy duty plastic shed will stand up to nearly anything thrown at it. Everlasting elegance with a dose of impregnability is a seducing factor.

  • Over 225 Customer Ratings UK & US (Score) 88% 88%

While i am on the subject of lifetime plastic storage sheds here is another couple that are well worth a look. Heavy duty as standard, but here is some very popular in the UK that many people find perfect.

Lifetime 6405 8 x 10 ft


The Lifetime 6405 looks similar in design to the 6402, but is smaller. Price tag is confusing as it is more expensive. There is no doubt built to an exceptional standard.

Seems a little expensive? Over 300 buyers will disagree who felt the need to rate this bulldog plastic shed. No counting the unknown customers that did not leave feedback that run so much higher.

Lifetime 6405 Features

  • Assembly of 1 plastic storage shed up to 7’x5′ in size per product instructions
  • Moving the storage shed to a new location is not included
  • Creating a hard landscaped base is not included
  • This Service may need to be rearranged if adverse weather is forecast to ensure your shed is assembled correctly
  • If additional works are required, additional costs may be incurred
  • Sturdy Steel-Reinforced Construction
  • Dual-Wall High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Construction
  • UV Protected to Prevent Weather Damage
  • High-Pitched Roof Allows for Quick Drainage of Rain and Snow
  • Slip-Resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Floor Protects Against Oil, Solvents, and Stains

Assembly Tips For A Lifetime Plastic Shed


Spectacular medium sized storage shed that looks fabulous in the garden. Very strong and the additional locking system you can apply makes up for a super secure shed.

Doors highest point of 6ft 3″ is far more higher than standard production plastic sheds with higher still inside the building. 

All added together it really is an ultimate garden shed were a few extra pounds kind of makes sense.

  • Over 406 Customer Ratings UK & US (Score) 86% 86%

Lifetime 60211 8 x 10 ft


Lifetime 60211 8 x 10ft plastic shed is another super looking specimen. Slightly different design having windows fitted in the doors. Coloured grey shade presenting a more subdued effect blending in perfectly in darker areas of a garden.

Of course heavy duty as standard with Lifetime building of considerable durability.

Glasing is shatterproof avoiding injury in any mishaps of breakages.

Super spacious interior with excellent storage capabilities’.


Lifetime 60211 features
  • Sturdy steel-reinforced construction
  • Dual-wall high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction
  • heavy-duty steel trusses provide additional roof strength
  • Low maintenance design
  • UV protected to prevent weather damage

Apart from a slight design difference with windows in the doors it has the same excellet heavy duty construction.

It boils down to what suits your preference. Siting the shed in between bushes and a fence maybe, this would be the ideal option. Windows placed at the front will not be shaded out like a window on the side panel.

Adding a good locking system will make this shed very secure. Being able to sleep easy while your cherished goods inside are safe.

  • Over 106 Customer Ratings UK & US (Score) 94% 94%

Suncast BMS8400 8 x 4 ft


Get things organised outside with ease. The sleek Suncast Tremont heavy duty Storage Shed provides an awesome solution to practically any storage need. Super strong design using steel-reinforced resin.

The shed is a simple to clean and maintain, yet strong enough to stand up to rain and snow.

Extra features include a pair of skylights, metal-reinforced shingle-style roof, pad-lockable metal lever handles, and two included shelves, which can be placed in eight possible locations. Shed measures 8 ft. x 4 ft. and offers 206 cu. ft. of storage capacity.

Suncast BMS8400 8 x 4 ft Features


  • The Suncast Tremont Five Model is constructed from a high quality blow molded steel reinforced durable wall resin.
  • The large capacity provides enough space to store large garden tools, lawn mowers, garden cushions and other garden accessories.The roof is made from metal reinforced shingle style roof panels which includes two skylights.
  • Pad-lockable metal handles ensure that the shed can be kept secure. (lock not included) The two corner shelves have been included that can be placed in 8 optional locations.
  • Size: Width: 8ft 4’ x Depth: 4ft 3’ x Height: 8ft 7’ Capacity: 206 Cubic foot


Good value for money. It has very strong resin panels with steel reinforcing. Extra height and steep roof run off. Plenty of storage space that size for size can not be bettered.

Strap locking system comes with the Suncast 8 x 4 ft all you need is a pad lock.

Great eye catching garden presence that needs just a simple clean for the majority of maintence. Great all round building.

See the manual of the Suncast BMS8400
  • Over 300 Customer Ratings UK & US (Score) 96% 96%

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DISCLAiMER is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, an affiliate Designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, )





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