How To Build Wooden Shed Doors

If you’re right now of building a wooden shed door from scratch, you came to the right place. This task is no simple job if you don’t know where to start. But if you have a step by step guide, it can be fairly easy. The method that we’re going to discuss only requires basic skills, some tools, and the most important thing, your determination.

Why Build When You Can Buy

Sure, you can always buy a prefabricated shed door, however, nothing beats the feeling of being proud whenever you go to your shed. Every time you open that shed, you can always tell yourself that you gave your time and effort in building that door.

If you choose to buy anyway, I can tell you now that it can be a little expensive. But then, every situation is one of kind, and the budget can be a factor too.

Before you decide, I compiled the advantages and disadvantages of buying vs building a shed door.

Making a single wooden shed door

  • Advantages Of Buying A Shed Door
  1. Time

Since the shed door is pre-built, you can save some time. All you have to do is just wait, and install once the item is delivered.

  1. Tools

Power tools are not necessary when installing, you just need a screwdriver. The delivery guys usually ensure your shed is level on its foundation. You may need a screwdriver to attach the door lock fastener or hasp.

  1. No Skills Required

                                    Carpentry skills not necessary, you just have to install the hinges and

lock fastener.

  1. Quality Designs

Pre-built shed doors have designs that may match your shed. 


  • Disadvantages Of Buying A Shed Door
  1. Cost

Although the prices vary, the better the quality of a shed door, the more expensive it could be.

  1. Limited Designs

While there are lots of door products to choose from, you are only limited to the standard design, and there may be no customization options as well. 


For the best shed door options, you may check out this site.



  • Advantages Of Building A Shed Door


  1. You Have Control Over Quality

You create the design, you choose the materials, and you decide up to the last detail.

  1. You Have Control Over Cost

                                    You get to decide on the budget, and you’ll have control where your

money will go. 

  1. Pride And Fulfillment

There’s is a certain satisfaction only building your own can provide. That rewarding feeling isn’t something that money can buy.

  1. Customization Options

You are only limited up to how far can your imagination goes. 

  1. You’ll Treasure It Even More

Since you built it yourself, the tendency is that you’ll take care of more than the store-bought shed door.


  • Disadvantages Of Building A Shed Door
  1. Time

If time is an issue, then building your own shed door is a disadvantage.

  1. Little Help From Your Friends
    To make your work faster, you may employ a helper or a little help from your friends will do.
  2. Tools
    Since this is a do it yourself project, you may need some new set of tools.


Time To Build Your Shed Door


By this time, you may have already decided to build a shed door instead of buying, and that is for a good reason. If done correctly, you can build a slick but durable door for your shed.


This guide is categorized into 3 major activities namely planning and preparing the materials, building, and installation.


  • Planning and Preparing The Materials

Measure and mark the door frame

Begin by measuring the door frame side to side and subtract about 0.47 inches on each value you got. This allowance is required for your door to open well. Take note of the width and length of the doorframe. Normally, shed doors are between 25-45 inches in width, and 5.5-7 feet in height.

Select and purchase your door material

You can opt to use either a T1-11 siding, plywood sheathing, or bead

boards to fabricate the door. For the best look, the key is in choosing a

material that matches the wooden shed’s siding.

For the frame

Buy 3 sets of 1 X 4 inches thick boards with the height of at least 1-2 feet longer than of your door’s. The 1-2 feet extra length will serve as the side frames of your door after cut out.

Buy 2 sets of 1 X 8 inches thick boards. These additional boards are to be used over your door as top and bottom frame. For your convenience, buy boards which has a length equal to the width of the door.

Constructing the Door

Outline your door on the wood panel

 Basing from your measurements done earlier, mark the wood paneling. 

Don’t forget so subtract at least 0.47 inches in marking the sides of the wood paneling. The line marking will serve as your guide in cutting the wood later.

It is recommended that you use a level so that the layout will be as accurate as possible.


Cut the first batch of wood

Using a saw, start cutting the wood by following the layout you did earlier. The cutting is recommended to be done on a flat edge for accuracy. If this is something challenging for you, you may opt to hire a worker that can do it.

Otherwise, continue cutting using a circular or miter saw. If you chose interlocking seamless beadboards as material, don’t forget to saw away the rough edges to ensure that the surface is even on all door sides.


The next step is to cut the 1 X 4 inches sized wood by using a handsaw or circular saw in accordance with the height or length of your door. Make 2 sets of cut out wood for the door’s each side. Set aside.

 For some good old cutting tips, check out this video from Ask The Builder.


A guide to building shed doors tutorial

  1. Glue the wood strips to both edges of the wooden door

Cover both the left and right edges of the wooden door with glue. Apply

enough amount of the adhesive based on the length of the 1×4 inches

cut-out boards. Then carefully lay down the boards on both edges of the wooden door before you start pressing them together.

How to build wooden double doors for a shed

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