How To Move Your Wooden Shed

Organizing and clearing your yard can be quite challenging. There are many possible solutions on how to do this, but nothing beats a classic wooden shed for keeping your things organized and neat. Installing a pre-made wooden shed in your yard is worth every penny because having one gets the job done.


However, there might come a time that the wooden shed needs to be moved. It’s either just moving across another area of your yard or you’ll entirely transfer to a different location. 

And when this day comes, you will be given 2 options; either leave the shed or move it.  Option 1 is definitely easier, but what if there’s a simple way to move your wooden shed? 

Choose or not to choose a wooden shed


Before you proceed you may want to take a moment to know the pros and cons of a wooden shed.


  • The classic design is reliable, versatile and looks good in any garden or yard
  • Wood is a natural insulator; it keeps the heat outside better than other materials. 
  • Wood is strong and solid
  • Size is flexible and easy to work with


  • Unfortunately, wood is most prone to pests and rots.
  • Installing takes more time
  • Wood naturally has more flaws as compared to manufactured shed materials

Yes You Can Move Your Wooden Shed

Of course, we’re not talking about dismantling the wooden shed and start over again in its new place. With some help, several basic tools, and a trailer, we can assure you that your shed can be moved without breaking anything.

Read This First Before Moving Your Wooden Shed
Before anything else, do some initial assessments. As the old adage goes, not all things are created equal and so are Wooden Sheds. There are factors involved such as dimensions, material state, and weight. In other words, you should evaluate your wooden shed’s movability.

Most probably though, your decision on what method to use in moving your shed can be categorized according to this list :

  • Use A Trailer When. You will transfer to a new home and your shed is more than 8 feet wide or long and the weight is more than 300 pounds. With some extra equipment in tow, using a trailer can be relatively cheap. 


    • Use A Truck Flatbed When. You will be moving to a new place and your wooden shed size is smaller than 8 feet. It also doesn’t require any special tools; if it weighs light, then just some helping hands are what you need.

      For flatbed rentals, get your best deals here


  • Disassemble When. Your shed is made of parts that can be knocked down. If this is the case, then you’re fortunate. Just disassemble the shed accordingly, transport the parts, then install it on a new location. If the manual or instructions aren’t available, just take note of the parts, hinges, braces, bolts, and nuts’ position when you reinstall the wooden shed. 

Moving Your Wooden Shed Across The Yard

Don’t worry, as we said earlier, moving your wooden shed is achievable. All you need are some basic tools and 4-5 people to assist you.

Now, all you have to is follow our reliable step by step procedure on how to move a wooden shed.

  • Clear Your Shed


The wooden shed itself already weighs a few hundred pounds, so it is recommended

that you empty it first before moving. You may also want to determine a safe and

secured area for your things first. As much as possible, place them away from the path

which you will go through when the shed starts moving.

  • Prepare The Tools And Materials Needed


After doing step 1, the next thing to do is gather the tools and materials you’re going to

need. Then ready the shed itself for moving because it’s not advisable lugging it across the yard without prior reinforcement. 


For added support, secure the studs with wooden braces. The door and window frames should be brace as well. This is especially when the windows are made of glass, a strong vibration could crack it and the frame may also be affected. 

If the wood shed’s flooring is made of a board, it may need to be strengthened too. A simple bracing intercrossing all the sides can do the trick. 

For tips on the materials and what type of tools you need, visit Protool Reviews website. 


  • Lift The Wooden Shed


You may now proceed to the succeeding step which is to lift the shed so that you can place pipes underneath it. Pipes shall serve as rollers while moving the shed. Lift the wooden shed one end at a time while placing the pipes.

If the weight of the shed seems manageable, nylon rope can serve as your lifter while the pipes are being placed. To do this, let a rope pass underneath the shed until it reaches the other end. With a companion, pull up the ropes together to lift while the others place the pipes. 


A larger shed though may require jacks to do the lifting while you position the rollers. 


  • Move And Roll The Shed


If you are done with the previous step, you can now proceed to move your shed by

rollers. can. For smaller wooden sheds, If you’re moving small storage shed, 4 inches

diameter scaffolding pipes are most ideal. 

Then you can manually roll it with a group of 4-5 people. Here’s a short video clip

uploaded by TheLodgerhd showing the lifting, rolling, and moving of shed. 


Moving Your Wooden Shed Across To Another Location

Transferring to a new home is very much possible, and this time, you’ll need a trailer or flatbed truck to move your shed. It may not sound easy, but our guide in moving your shed to another location will be useful. 

Just follow the 1st to 3rd steps of our Moving Your Wooden Shed Across The Yard, and you may proceed to the first thing to do here :

Load Your Shed

Positioning your shed on the trailer or flatbed is the most challenging part of this process. You need 3-4 people to assist in the loading of the wooden shed. If you happen to hire a mechanical flatbed, then the job will be easy

However, if you’re using a trailer attached to a truck, the simplest way to make the loading easier is by using a ramp :

  • Assign two people positioned on the front and back sides of the wooden shed.
  • With the help of a jack, hoist the side of the shed facing the truck. Assign more people on the backside to provide support during this procedure. 
  • Level the shed by the help of 4 people lifting it across the ramp. Once done, they can slowly move the shed towards the trailer. This requires strength and coordinated movements. 
  • After getting on the stable position, slowly let the shed down in the trailer bed.

For reference, here’s a video uploaded by Nice Guy when he loaded his wooden shed

  with a mechanical flatbed.

Final Reminders

You can effectively move your wooden without breaking anything. The key here is preparation. During the job, communication and coordination go a long way in making it easier.

Plan the route, load the wooden shed safely, transport, and appreciate the fact that you successfully transferred your storage to its new location. 

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