How To Paint A Wooden Shed

A majority of timber setups require some sort of protection. And painting your wooden shed will refresh and revive its appearance while protecting it from external elements such as UV rays, rainwater, etc. that causes splits, cracks, and dullness. So, it is important to ensure that you treat your wooden shed constantly to make sure it stays healthy-looking throughout its lifetime.

Painting the Wooden Shed By Yourself

If you are thinking about painting your wooden shed, then there is a right and simple way to do it. The whole process begins by acquiring the right suppose and using the right technique. So before we start with the painting process, let’s collect all the products you will need for the process –

  • Paintbrush of 1″, 2″, and 4″
  • 8” ladder
  • High pile rollers
  • Extension poles
  • High-grade mildew resistant exterior grade paint or stain
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking tape
  • Plant tie

Make sure you-ge -paint into-the nooks and crannys

Sealing all the ends of the timber is important to-stop absorbing moisture

UntitledUse-a stiff piece of cardboard to cover windows while you paint round the edges

Check for any repairs

Before you start painting your wooden shed, check whether it needs any repairs and replacement. It is not uncommon for wood to experience decay if you witness anything like that replace the decayed with healthy timber. This ensures your shed stays healthy for a longer time period.

Clean your shed

This is the step where you prepare your wooden shed. Use a stiff brush to dust off any dirt, cow web, or paint flakes. If you see the presence of algae, then dip your brush in a normal cleaner and scrub the algae off. Let the wood dry completcompletely.

Cover the necessary 

Use a dust sheet to cover surrounding surfaces and plants to protect them from any drips and splashes. Trim unwanted foliage to ensure that you have enough space to work. If you do not want to cut any plants, then use a plant tie to tie them back. Cover metal locks and window panels using masking tape and newspaper. Unscrew the handles and fittings so that you can pain underneath them and get a smooth finish.

Apply wood primer

Before you start with the pain, apply an oil-based primer. It will provide an extra layer of protection and allow the paint to spread evenly across the wooden surface. Allow the primer to get dry before painting.

It is time to start painting

Purchase paint that is fade-resistant, mildew resistance, durable, and coats easily. When choosing the color, opt for a hue that accentuates your yard and matches the surrounding. Mornings and evenings are a suitable time for painting. This is because, during noon, the sun is at its brightest, which is not an ideal condition for painting.


Apply a thick an even coat of paint along the wooden grains using timber brush or roller. Make sure you apply the paint in the same direction as the grain and don’t try to spread too far. Don’t overload the brush, or else it will drip on the ground. Clean up the wet edges before they start to dry. When you reach the end grains like post tops or shed corners, dab the brush on these areas and ensure that paint is soaked into the wood. Let your paint dry completely and, if necessary, apply another coat.


You can learn all about wooden shed painting from this helpful you tube video.

Important Painting Tips

Following are certain painting tips that will make your experience simple and more comfortable

Don’t be in a rush

 Don’t rush through the process, or else you would not get the results you are looking for. Be careful and deliberate while applying the cost of paint on the shed. You have to be extra careful when you are painting on the ends to ensure the end result is nothing short of perfect.

Paint the trim first

Start with painting the trim first and then go to the walls. Because when you paint the upper trims, the paint is likely to drip and blemish the walls. This means you will have to do touch-ups. Painting walls later will allow you to create less work for yourself.

Leave your pets inside

If you have any pets, make sure they stay inside the house or in their crate. Loose pets simply mean you are risking the happenings of mishaps.

How to Maintain your Wooden Sheds?

To ensure that your wooden shed lasts longer, then you have to provide it with the right care and maintenance. Below are some tips that will make your wooden shed look healthy and aesthetically pleasing for many years to come.

  1. Protection from water

 Wood and water are not enemies; however, prolonged exposure to water can create problems. Design your wooden sheds in a way that drops the water easily. Look out the accumulation of water at the corners. Ensure that there is a proper drainage system to minimize the contact of water.


  1. Check for mold and decay

 Decay and mold can be spotted in the cracks, holes, corners, and hinges of a wooden surface. If you don’t do periodic check-ups, it will become difficult to control the damage. Make sure to get your wooden shed checked once every 2 to 3 years. Check out this video to treat the mold all by yourself –


  1. Smooth Surfaces

 When your wooden shed has uneven surfaces, it makes it easier for dirt to accumulate. However, when the surface is smooth, you can easily clean out the shed with light dusting once in a while.

A wooden shed is an important part of the house, and it is your responsibility to take care of it. It is extremely low maintenance, and you only have to tend to it once in a couple of months. Painting your wooden shelf not only increases its life but also makes it look aesthetically pleasing and accentuate the overall exterior of your house. With the right tools and techniques in your hand, painting your wooden shed can become extremely easy.

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