How To Secure Plastic Sheds?

Several people do not prefer buying plastic sheds because they think they are not adequately secured. On a windy day, every one of us has faced the tumbling of the plastic sheds. It becomes scary when the wind starts blowing at high speeds, and things start floating in the air. Often in these conditions, the shed gets partially damaged, or the stuff inside the shed breaks down. But this is not a problem to get scared off as there are multiple ways of securing the shed.

 Plastic sheds are mostly light in weight and need to be completely secured. Although they come with the screws that groove in the plastic of the shed. But still, sometimes, during heavy winds the plastic sheds are not reliable.

 These below-given measures can be taken to secure the plastic shed:

Weatherproofing the Shed     

The most significant damage is caused to the shed by the weather conditions. Most of the plastic sheds built quality is not too high, and they are very light in the weight. When the weather is windy, the plastic shed is not able to hold itself, and many times it goes away with the wind. So necessary measures are required to be taken to secure it from the rough weather conditions.


The plastic sheds can be secured with the help of cable wires and straps that go over the roof. Cover the shed with the ropes from one corner to another from the roof to the base and connect it with the anchors to give strength to the shed.

Choosing the Right Location for the Shed’s Installation 

The best place where the shed can be installed is somewhere that is visible from inside the house. Never install the shed that is clearly visible from the road. A shed that is visible from the road is an open invitation for many thieves and pranksters.


Also, one can place the plastic shed near a tree or boundary wall, that way it gets a shield from the heavy winds and rainfall. So before you install the shed, consider these conditions and then take the right decision for your shed.

Securing the Shed with Concrete Piers

The most efficient way to secure the shed is with the concrete piers. They do extremely well in adding strength to the shed. Also, they are quite inexpensive and do the work magnificently.

To add them to the shed, dig holes into the ground. Tamp a little gravel to the bottom of it. In order to fill it up, slide in a sonotube and then level it to the height required. Add concrete to the remaining space. Then place a galvanized anchor bracket inside before the concrete gets settled. Finally, align and level the brackets, and the shed is all secured, no stormy winds will be able to move it from its place.


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Take a look at the door hinges

Most of the plastic sheds these days already come with door latches and hinges. But these door locks are not of very great quality, and after a while, they might lose their strength. As the shed is always outdoors, so it is exposed to all kinds of weather because of which the door locks mostly made of metals get rusted. So you should maintain a regular check on the locks that if they get rusted, it can come to your notice and can be appropriately dealt with.


You can replace the screws of the locks with nuts and bolts. Screws are easy to be removed, and if anyone tries to break in, it will get easy for him. However, if you secure the shed with nuts and bolt, it becomes very tough to break them because of their strength.


Adding an Alarm

If you are keeping some valuable items in the shed, then it is more important to keep the proper security of the plastic shed. For that, you can add a basic alarm to the shed. There isn’t a need for adding a very high-security alarm. A basic alarm with motion sensors will do the needed job for you. If anyone tries to break in, they will never consider that an alarm is installed on the shed. And a simple alarm is good enough to scare them off. However, if you have not kept any valuable item inside the shed, then this option is not relevant for you. It will just add to your cost. The other ways listed are enough for the plastic shed to get good security.

Sensor lights light this solar light set are a good deterant coupled up with an alarm.

Get a High-Quality Lock for the Shed

This heavy duty padlock is ideal and extremey popular with a modest price tag.

Almost all of the plastic shed locks are very basic and can be easily broken up. So it will be very beneficial to add up a high-quality lock to the shed. If the items kept inside the shed are essential to you, then replace the standard basic lock with a good and high-quality lock. While replacing the lock, remember that you do not need a very fancy lock. Getting a fancy lock will make people curious about what is inside the shed that you are trying to protect. In that case, they will definitely try some or the other way to break into the shed.

A locking is an excellent way to increase security on a shed with a good pad lock.

Keep the Shed’s Doors Closed at all times

If your shed is installed in such a place that it is visible from outside the house, then remember to close the doors at all times. You don’t want people to peek in the shed constantly. Although most of the people will not have any bad intention, if the doors are regularly open, people will notice the things kept inside. Also, if anyone is really trying to break in, it will become easier for him to study the design and way to break into the shed.


So the above-given suggestions and methods will positively help you out to secure the plastic shed in your garden. Let it be the weather conditions that you are worried off or the threat of the thieves breaking in. These measures are going to help you out to keep you and your plastic shed safe and secure.

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