Keter Brightwood Outdoor Storage Box Review

Keter Brightwood Outdoor Storage Box Review of The Waterproof deck Box

Keter brightwood outdoor storage box review will point out why this fabulous waterproof deck box is extremely popular.

If you are looking for the perfect place to store all your outdoor items, then look no further than the Keter Brightwood Outdoor Plastic Storage Box. It comes in two colours so you can pick the one which suits your exterior space the best.

Its large size means it suitable to store anything from cushions for your outdoor seating to accessories for a hot tub or even garden tools. The hard-wearing and durable plastic material it is made from, plus the clever design, will ensure all your items stored inside will remain totally dry too.

Not only that, the wood effect finish will blend perfectly with the natural surroundings of a garden environment

. You can place it anywhere from somewhere in the garden itself to a decking or patio area and even store away down the side of your house if you prefer. Regardless of where it goes, it will be a stylish and useful addition to your outdoor area.

The large lid benefits from soft-closing pistons so you do not need to worry about it slamming shut by accident.

Furthermore, if you want to keep your contents as secure as possible (perhaps you might be storing expensive tools!), there is a lockable function to keep everything safe.

It has a very sturdy composition which means you can also use this storage unit as a seat – it is multi-functional! It will be strong enough and large enough to seat two adults so if you are ever entertaining and do not quite have enough furniture, your problem is solved.

keter brightwood large opening lid

Material: Made of durable, weather-resistant and maintenance and fade-free plastic

 Colour: Anthracite grey, or brown, both with a wood-panelled style finish

Dimensions and storage capacity:

Assembled external dimTnsions: 145 x 69.7 x 60.3 cm (L x W x H)

Assembled internal dimensions: 138 x 59.6 x 55.2 cm (L x W x H)

454 litre capacity and it will keep all items dry and well-ventilated

This unit is a stunning and easy way to store all the items you want to in the garden. From cushions, to garden equipment, games to hot tub accessories – you can keep it all in here.

Ease of assembly

Easy to assemble – comes flat-packed

Is it strong and durable? Or good for the price:

This unit is very durable in terms of both strength and its appearance thanks to the use of weather-resistant and maintenance and fade-free plastic.


This is a really great looking, contemporary piece of furniture which will look stylish in any outdoor space. The choice of colours means you can get the perfect one for you and the fact it doubles as a seat is an added bonus.


Its modern style might not suit more traditional gardens

Reasons to buy Keter Brightwood

Great value for money, highly useful and versatile, assisted lid opening/closing and a huge storage capacity make this a great purchase.

And when you thought that wasn’t enough, it can also double as a seat for two adults too!


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