Keter Factor 8×11 Shed Reviews

Keter Factor 8×11 Shed Reviews Why is it So Popular?


Keter factor 8×11 shed is part of a family of various size garden storage solutions made by keter.

They are very popular in the UK, Europe and the USA so here is why!

A garden shed is an absolute necessity in most outdoor spaces thanks to just how useful it can be. But long gone are the days where the choice was limited to a wooden structure that would require lots of maintenance in order to keep it looking barely presentable. Instead, manufacturer’s such as Keter have created an incredible range of plastic sheds that are not only functional, they look great too.

This particular model is beige in colour which means it is neutral enough to blend into almost any exterior space in a harmonious way.

The panels have an elegant wood effect which adds a luxury feel to its appearance – this is extra beneficial given the fantastic price of the product.

The wall panels are made of premium durable, weather-resistant, fade-proof plastic with steel reinforcement to give the added support you require for all the items you want to store.

It is perfect for housing anything you want to keep outdoors and handy within your garden, from lawnmowers and other tools, to furniture cushions, barbecues, bikes, games and even hot tub accessories. It has attractive double doors which allow for ease of access to all your items and when fully open, allow a huge amount of natural light in so you can see what you are doing!

This shed structure also benefits from an integral window and skylight for yet more natural lighting and has ventilation grills and high ceilings for air circulation to keep all your items in the best condition. The waterproof nature of the plastic exterior means that everything kept within it will be kept dry and away from the elements.

This 8×11 plastic shed will be very easy to put together, includes shelves within it to keep your space tidy and even comes with the ability to lock it shut with a padlock if you require some extra security for more expensive items.

Material: maintenance, weather-resistant and fade-free plastic which is extremely durable. It is steel reinforced for extra strength

Colour: beige, wood-panelled finish with a black roof and darker double doors.

Dimensions and storage capacity:

External dimensions: 331.5 x 256.6 x 243 cm (L x W x H)

Internal dimensions: 311.5 x 236.5 x 238.5 cm (L x W x H)

Ease of assembly: very easy to build so can be completed easily at home

 Keter factor 8×11 Shed Assembly

keter factor 8x11 shed good storage space inside

Is Keter Factor 8×11 Shed strong and durable?

Or good for the price

The steel reinforced structure is extremely hardwearing meaning it can support the weight of heavier items you want to store within it such as lawnmowers and other garden tools and equipment. It is fantastic quality and a great size for the money.


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keter factor 8x11 shed

Keter Factor Plastic Shed 8 x 11 ft

The Keter Factor 8×11 Plastic Outdoor Storage shed is ideal outdoor storage solution for all garden tools and equipment, garden furniture including BBQ’s, bicycles and DIY tools
Elegant wood affect exterior with double doors, plus ventilation grills and high ceilings for air circulation
Heavy duty floor panel with integral window and skylight for natural lighting


This shed is incredibly stylish and will look fantastic in all gardens and outdoor spaces. Its weather-proof structure will ensure your items are protected from the elements and it will require little maintenance over the years.


The larger size might be too big for some gardens – please measure correctly!  

Reasons to buy Keter Factor 8×11 Shed


 fantastic value for money, looks great with the wood-effect panels and is easy to build. Strong structure and lockable doors provide good security for your possessions.

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