Keter Oakland 757 Shed Reviews

Keter Oakland 757 Shed Reviews 


keter oakland 757 shed reviews how good is this popular plastic storage shed?

This stylish and modern plastic garden shed from Keter will be an excellent addition to your garden or any kind of outdoor space thanks to its superior build and manufacture quality. Its grey colour suits many current tastes and looks great in contemporary gardens but would also not look out of place in a more traditional area thanks to the wood-effect finish of the outer panels and Victorian-style window.

This slightly more compact heavy duty plastic storage shed lacks nothing in the way of sturdiness.

It is built with durable, maintenance and fade-free, weather-resistant plastic to create a tough outer shell.

The floor can support heavy weights too, meaning you can store your lawnmowers, ATVs, bikes and plenty of other garden equipment in it too. It even has a steel reinforced roof in the event that you might require it to support a heavy downfall of snow in a particularly bad winter.

Its wood-effect wall panels can be painted if you wish to change the colour of the shed to match your garden space.

They are also made of pre-cut tongue and groove material meaning you will not have any problems assembling this shed quickly and easily.Its also a tall enough structure that grown adults should be able to move about with ease within it.

Light floods the storage shed from the external window and skylight too so you not require torches or other types of lighting within it. It even has a stainless-steel locking system that you can add a padlock to in order to ensure your possessions are kept safe and sound at all times.

This fashionable and functional resin storage shed solution from Keter is incredible value for money. It is the perfect place to house all manner of items from your garden tools and equipment to games, furniture cushions, animal feed and even hot tub accessories.

The weather-resistant plastic will not only keep everything placed inside safe from the elements but will also mean you do not have to spend your precious spare time maintaining it to keep it in good condition either!

Material: maintenance and fade-free, weather-resistant plastic which is highly durable. Comes with a hard floor and steel-reinforced roof

Colour: grey, wood-panelled finish with a darker roof and doors. Wall panels can be painted

Dimensions and storage capacity:

7.5ft x 7ft model:

External dimensions: 350 x 229 x 254 cm (L x W x H)

Internal dimensions: 324 x 210 x 242 cm (L x W x H)

Ease of assembly: extremely easy to put together thanks to the wall panels being made of pre-cut tongue and groove plastic that allows for a quick build

Is Keter Oakland 757 strong and durable?

Or good for the price

This shed is very good value for money thanks to its exceptional build quality and durability, not to mention the ease of assembly. Strong enough to withstand the elements whilst supporting heavy items within it, it can also support up to 100kg of snow on its steel-reinforced roof.


54 Keter Oakland Shed Customer Ratings Score

keter oakland 7x7

Keter Oakland Shed 7.5 x 7ft

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft is ideal outdoor premium storage solution for garden tools and equipment, BBQ and accessories and bicycles
Elegant and easily paintable, weathered wooden exterior with wide double doors, x2 victorian-style windows and skylight
Heavy-duty floor, robust high ceiling with pre-cut tongue and groove panels for easy assembly


A very stylish and great looking shed that will not only protect all the stored items from the elements, it will also stand the test of time requiring very little maintenance


 Might be slightly too small to house everything you need it to

Reasons to buy keter Oakland 757 Shed


Great value for money, very easy to put together in quick time, will still look great in years to come, requires little to no maintenance  

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