Keter or Duramax Plastic Sheds Comparison

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A shed is a small room used for studio, storage, or office, and is usually located in a side yard or backyard of a residential property. Sheds can be small or big, simple or elaborate, a DIY project or store-bought.  Sheds are used for several purposes such as:

  • Storage of equipment like the lawnmower
  • Storing garden supplies like seeds, containers, and tools
  • Miscellaneous storage
  • A house or studio separated from the main house.
  • Some people also use shed as art studio, child’s playhouse, greenhouse, etc.

In this article, we are comparing Keter and Duramax sheds to help you decide which one would suit you more.

Keter Sheds

The Keter Factor Model are Extremely popular. Being a relatively small shed are appealing to all seeking storage for there garden

Keter Sheds have been recognized internationally due to their top quality plastic garden sheds with cost-effective prices. Their sheds are so popular as they come with ample storage, are well ventilated and lit, and have a solid base.


The Keter Sheds come in distinct sizes ranging from 4×6, 6×3, 6×5, and 6×6 to 8×6 and so on. So, whether you are searching for a shed to keep your garden tools or you are looking to build a home slightly away from your home, the various sizes will cater to all your needs.

Before you choose the size of your shed, consider the complete area of your garden. There should be ample space to walk around the building so that you are able to clean all sides when required.


Keter Sheds are made of a hard plastic material known as resin. Because they are made of plastic, they do not get affected by rain. Keter Sheds are all-weather proof, which implies that all the items kept inside will be dry despite extreme weather conditions. Keter Sheds have heavy-duty floors, which means they can withstand strong winds as well.

Another benefit of Keter Sheds is that they do not need to be painted time and again since the color is not painted but mixed with their build material.


Keter products are build using heavy-duty plastic, which can be molded into distinct designs. All of the designs offered by Keter Sheds are appealing to the eyes, evergreen, and have muted colors. Some of the designs even allow you to paint them as per your preference.

People have had a hard time picking out negative things about Keter Sheds designs. Usually, they find it difficult to select one because of their beautiful designs.


A functional and effective garden shed should keep everything dry and safe inside. Despite weather conditions, a garden shed should be sufficiently strong to face strong winds to keep the items stored in it dust-free and clean.

Keter Sheds offer all of these while providing ample space for storage.

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Duramax Sheds

Duramax Woodbridge is one of the larger models with good storage area. It is very popular along with the Woodside model.

Duramax Sheds are built using plastic, metal, and combination. The reason they are so popular is that they come in all sizes and shapes, are build using high-quality material, and are affordable. Due to the presence of metal, they are more durable and sturdy.


Sheds come in every size you could think of. From 4×3 to 15×8, they come in all the sizes. The sheds are known to have a good height so the majority of the people would not find it difficult to move into the shed.

So, if you want to store only your garden equipment or you want to use the shed to keep bicycles, tools, etc., Duramax Sheds are a perfect solution

See Duramax 6′ x 6′ comparison with Keter and how they went head to head.


Duramax Sheds come both in plastic and steel material. Metal and plastic sheds are chosen by those people who do not want to spend a lot of them but want good quality storage sheds.

Duramax uses vinyl to build their plastic sheds, which can withstand extreme weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rainfall, and snowfall, just like their steel sheds. Steel sheds require repainting and maintenance.

In the material as well, Duramax Sheds offer different quality based on your preference. For steel sheds, you can buy metal eco, metal classic, metal palladium premier, metal top sheds, etc. while for vinyl sheds, you can choose from vinyl premier, vinyl value line, and vinyl classic. Plastic sheds are easier to maintain as compared to steel sheds.


Because Duramax Sheds are made using high-quality plastic and galvanized steel, they are highly durable. The sheds are built while keeping extreme weather conditions. So, no matter how strong is the wind or rainfall, it would not damage the things you have stored inside the shed.

Duramax vinyl sheds do not require to be repainted and unlike wooden sheds, they do not need to be polished, splintered, etc.


There are various designs offered by Duramax Sheds. There is 4×8 sidemate vinyl lean-to shed, which is not a stand-alone shed. This means that this shed needs to be attached to a bigger building. This saves a lot of space and serves as a good choice for those who do have limited space.

There are other sheds as well that cater to the needs of every individual. Whether you like the traditional look, a modern and unique look, or a mix of both, Duramax Sheds provides all the options.

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Keter V/S Duramax: Which Is Better?

Keter Sheds as well as Duramax Sheds deliver what they promise – durable, cost-effective, and all-weather sheds. While it is difficult to compare between the two, the main aspect of distinction is the material used. Keter Sheds use high-quality resin plastic material, whereas, Duramax Sheds use top-notch vinyl plastic and galvanized steel.

Additionally, Duramax Sheds are considered to be safer than Keter Sheds since they lack windows and are sturdier. Although, not all models offered by Keter Sheds and Duramax Sheds come with an effective locking system. So, you must consider the locking system before buying any of them if you want added security.

Duramax Sheds let you choose from unlimited sizes, however, the sizes offered by Keter Sheds are limited. While most of the sizes are common, chances are, Duramax Sheds will offer you the exact size you want.

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