Keter Rockwood Review Jumbo Patio Box

Keter Rockwood Review Anthracite Jumbo Patio Deck Box

Keter Rockwood Review and features of this awesome large capacity water proof storage box.

This extra-large outdoor storage container will be an excellent addition to your outdoor space, storing all your essentials in an easy-to-reach, dry and secure unit. Its ‘jumbo’ size means it can hold an enormous 570 litres’ worth of items – perfect for all the cushions for your outdoor seating area, garden games and so much more besides.

Its wide wood-panelled effect finish gives it a natural look so it will blend perfectly into its external surroundings and looks great quality and will be durable too – a huge bonus! It can be used to store all manner of items and will not look out of place in any section, whether that be on your decking, in a leafy corner or down the side of your house.

It has a wide wood-panelled natural look to blend with exterior surroundings and the finish looks premium; an advantage given its affordable cost. It would not look out of place in any area of your outdoor space, from the leafy corner of a well-established floral section to down the side of the house or even in close reach on a deck or patio area.

This storage box for your garden is made from durable resin and is extremely well-built to ensure no leaks will allow water to damage the contents.

The large lid benefits from soft-close pistons so you do not need to worry about accidentally dropping it and causing a loud bang!

There is a clasp which can house a padlock too if you want to keep your items super secure.

Its sturdy weight of 22kg and strong structure means it can hold the weight of 2 adults seated so it can even double as extra furniture if you are entertaining multiple people!




Anthracite Grey, wood-panelled finish

Keter Rockwood Dimensions and storage capacity:

155 x 72.4 x 64.4 cm

570 litre capacity and will keep all items dry and ventilated

This storage unit is a fantastic way to store all the items you need to in your garden including any cushions, equipment, animal or bird feed and it can even be used to keep your pool and hot tub accessories handy.

 Ease of assembly: straightforward to assemble

 How To assemble Keter Rockwood

keter rockwood water proof deck box

Is it strong and durable? Or good for the price:

It’s an extremely durable storage unit that will last years making it good value for money in the long run.

It is string enough to use as an extra seat and the clever design and resin composition will ensure the items stored within are kept in good condition.


306 Customer Ratings Score

reter rockwood review

Patio Jumbo Storage Box Keter Rockwood

Patio storage box 570 litres the largest capacity garden storage box available, waterproof and strong enough to use as seating.

The lid uses and slow close piston and has a catch for a lock (not included) if required. 570L capacity storage for, garden equipment, cushions, animal / bird feed.



Extra-large unit to be versatile enough to house a multitude of items that you want to keep hand. Soft-closing lockable lid, stylish wood effect finish and can also double as an extra seat if required.


the anthracite colour may not match all garden accessories and it may be too large for some spaces – make sure you measure yours!

Reasons to buy Keter Rockwood

Iit looks great and will store everything you need. And when you don’t need to store anything, you can use it as a piece of furniture too!

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