Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed Rough Cut Review

Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed Review


Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed rough cut is good robust plastic storage shed for gardens, a popular choice for many people but is this 10×8 plastic shed any good?

A garden or indeed any outdoor space usually requires some form of maintenance from time to time and this usually needs tools. Storing them can be the challenge with many people not wanting to take up a lot of space in a garage or wherever and as such, they require an outdoor storage facility such as a shed.

Depending on the size of your equipment, Lifetime has an impressive range of sheds which include this stunning one in the larger size of 10ft x 8ft to ensure it can house all manner of items you want to store. It looks great too in the desert sand colour with contrasting roof and doors.

This larger structure is incredibly strong and robust with the panels made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material. They are weatherproof to protect all items on the inside from the elements but further to that, they are UV-protected too.

This means that the panels will not degrade over time, will not fade or crack to look in poor condition or to weaken overall. Instead, this shed will still look great in years to come.

The high-density polyethylene construct is also reinforced with steel as are the doors for added security. The high-pitched apex roof allows for efficient drainage of rain and snow so there is a lower risk of them penetrating and damaging whatever is inside.

The material is stain resistant so will not require painting – and this includes the floor too. It is resistant to spillages of many kinds including oils and solvents. This makes it the perfect place to house all your items including heavier ones such as lawnmowers, garden tools, DIY equipment, barbecues, furniture and cushions and more besides such as a garden games and hot tub accessories. If you want to keep it all safe, the doors can be locked securely shut.

The doors open extra wide for ease of access but this also floods the space with natural light, aided by multiple skylights and built-in shatter-proof polycarbonate windows. The shed also benefits from screened vents to allow air to circulate and ventilate the items stored within it – the screens prevent pests from entering too.

lifetime 60211 10x8 shed
lifetime Plastic sheds is available in a range of sizes and styles so you can get the one which suits your needs the best.
Material: high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction that is hardwearing, low-maintenance and weatherproof. It won’t fade or crack and is steel-reinforced for additional strength

Colour: desert sand with a wood effect finish, with a contrasting roof and doors

Dimensions and storage capacity:

External dimensions of the 10ft x 8ft: 294.64 x 233.68 x 243.84 cm

Other sizes

15ft x 8ft: 457.2 x 243.84 x 243.84 cm

17.5ft x 8ft: 533 x 243 x 238 cm

Ease of assembly: easy thanks to clever design and instructions are included

 Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed 60211
lifetime 10 x 8ft shed

Is Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed 60211 strong and durable?


Or good for the price


The shed is made of HDPE panels which are steel reinforced so it is extra strong.

The material won’t be compromised by the weather either and requires little maintenance. Impressive, large sheds.

Heavy duty anti slip floor



191 Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed Customer Ratings Score

lifetime 10 x 8ft shed

Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed


Lifetime 10 x 8ft shed 60211 ft 71 square ft. (491 cubic ft.) – the lifetime storage shed is an 8 ft. X 10 ft. Roof brown brushed shed with textured vertical siding, 1 window, slider latch, 1 ridge skylight, screened vents, 1 90 in. X 9 in. Shelf, 4 corner trims, shutters, 6 wall hooks, wood grain floor.


Contemporary and stylish design, very strong, secure, easy access, low-maintenance, good ventilation, lockable


The desert sand colour might not be right in your garden

Reasons to buy Lifetime 10 x 8ft shed 60211


Stylish design, durable, excellent, build quality, easy to assemble, will still look great in years to come, low-maintenance.

Plenty of height so no worries about bumping your head inside the shed for the average size man.

Great value for many as these sheds can last a lifetime.

Some consider a lifetime shed as a good alternative to Keter, but in my opinion lifetime is a better choice.

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