Lifetime 60005 Shed 10×8 Review

Lifetime 60005 Shed 10×8 Review

.Lifetime 60005 Shed 10×8 Review this plastic summerhouse style garden storage shed taking a closer inspection finding out if this stunning resin outdoor shed is worth buying.

In the past, the only type of garden shed available was a timber structure that required either regular maintenance or ended up getting damp and potentially even spoiling the items which were supposed to be protected within it. Fortunately, today’s garden sheds have evolved a great deal and include units such as this outdoor storage solution from Lifetime.

Its larger size means it can house all manner of items from lawnmowers, barbecues, garden tools, DIY equipment, bikes, kayaks, furniture and cushions, amongst other items too such as games and animal feeds. There are shelves provided to ensure you can keep all your possessions neat and tidy

These will all be well-protected thanks to the extremely robust and hardwearing material it is made from – high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is steel reinforced for extra strength and not only is it stain resistant so will not require painting or other maintenance, it is also UV-protected which means it will not fade, degrade or crack over time. The floor also benefits from anti-slip and stain-resistant material that will not be susceptible to solvent, oils or any other type of spillages. Your Lifetime shed will still look great in years to come.

It has an extremely stylish look thanks to the unusual storm dust colour, wood effect on the panels and contrasting doors and roof. An apex roof, which is high-pitched and will therefore allow rain and snow to run off efficiently to further protect your shed’s belongings.

It benefits from a lot of natural light which comes from the skylights and shatter-proof polycarbonate windows. The double doors open extra wide to assist this but also to allow ease of access to everything stored within it. Furthermore, the interior will be well-ventilated thanks to screened vents which allow air in to circulate but which will keep pests out.

For additional security, the doors have a stainless-steel lockable function so you can keep everything safely inside.

Lifetime outdoor storage sheds are extremely durable, easy to assemble and look the part of a wooden shed without the additional need for maintenance. They are covered by a 10-year warranty to give you complete peace of mind that are as hardwearing as they claim to be!

Material: the wall panels are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is highly durable and weatherproof. They come in an attractive wood-effect finish to give a nice aesthetic to the shed. They are also UV-protected to prevent fading and cracking and are steel-reinforced for extra strength

Colour: storm dust, contrasting roof and doors, wood effect finish

Dimensions and storage capacity:

External dimensions of the 10ft x 8ft: 303.78 x 243.08 x 243.08 cm

Other lifetime Shed kits

15ft x 8ft: 457.2 x 243.84 x 243.84 cm

17.5ft x 8ft: 533 x 243 x 238 cm

Ease of assembly: very easy to build and has instructions included

 Lifetime 10×8 Plastic Shed

lifetime 60005 shed 10x8

Is Lifetime 60005 Shed strong and durable?

Or good for the price

The panels are made from steel reinforced HDPE construction and as such are very strong. It is also very durable and hardwearing; it will not become damaged by the elements thanks to UV protection. Will keep your items safe and ventilated. The shed will still look great in the future. Good value for money


192 lifetime 60005 Shed Customer Ratings Score

lifetime 10x8 plastic shed

Lifetime 10×8 Plastic Shed


  Lifetime 10x8Plastic Shed features: 2 large skylights, 4 small skylights, 1 rear shatter-proof polycarbonate window, 2 side windows, 2 screened vents, 1 peg strip, 2 90 in. x 9 in. shelves, 2 corner shelves, and a 10-year limited warranty. Floor and installation hardware included. Comes in 2 boxes. Lifetime 60005 Shed storage capacity  1.25 square ft. (494.5 cubic ft.)


stylish design, durable and very strong, low-maintenance but and made from weatherproof material. Will still look great in years to come.


ourse a large garden storage unit.the size may be too large for some spaces  

Reasons to buy Lifetime 60005 Shed

Easy to assemble, great design, strong, weatherproof.

Very versatile with several uses such as a waterproof workshop, garden summerhouse and of course a large garden storage unit.

Last for a very long time without any maintenance.

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