Lifetime 7×9 Shed Review

Lifetime 7×9 Shed Review


Lifetime 7×9 shed is a fabulous looking apex plastic garden storage, so is it any good and provide good value for money?

Spending time at home can be one of life’s true pleasures, but only if the environment is one we like and feel comfortable in.

This is the same for both indoor and outdoor pursuits with our garden being almost as important as the interior of the home. A garden, when done right, can be our haven of outdoor tranquillity, where we can escape and enjoy some fresh air, bird sounds and maybe even some sunshine.

But in order to get the most out of the space, you need to ensure it is in the sort of condition that makes it a pleasant area so you’ll need to complete some form of regular maintenance and to do that, you need tools. But where do you store them?

If you have a garage, they could go in there of course but they will take up a fair bit of room. And if you don’t have a garage, the chances are you won’t want them in your home.

But the thought of a shed might not be a good one if you are picturing the sheds of the past – small, wooden structures that in turn require a lot of maintenance themselves and can easily rot and decay, looking more of an eyesore than a handy addition.


So, today’s outdoor storage sheds are different. Made from plastic, they are highly durable, strong, weatherproof and fade-resistant. This means they require little to no maintenance and will still look great in years to come.

They also have heavy-duty steel trusses so are reinforced for extra strength which can come in handy in times of high winds or if there is a heavy downfall of snow! Further to that, the high-density polyethylene structure is non-slip too meaning it will be a safer environment for you to complete your tasks as needed.

The floor is protected against oil, solvents and stains so it will not get damaged over time. The high-pitched roof also effectively drains rain and snow and the double doors allow for ease of access, a lot of natural light (aided by the windows in situ) and are also lockable to give your items an extra level of protection.

lifetime 7 x 9 shed review

This particular model of plastic outdoor storage shed from Lifetime also has an extremely stylish finish in a ‘storm dust’ colour to suit a modern and stylish garden space, with wood panelling effect to look more natural.

It comes in a range of sizes so you can store anything you need to from lawnmowers to tools, gardening equipment, barbecues, outdoor furniture, cushions, garden games, animal feeds and even hot tub accessories. It’s perfectly versatile and will look great in your garden.

Lifetime 7×9 Shed Specifications

Material: high-density polyethylene that is fully weather proof so it will not degrade over time when subjected to the elements. Steel-reinforced structure for extra strength and non-slip material.

Colour: storm dust

Dimensions and storage capacity:

External Dimensions: 284.48 x 218.44 x 228.6 cm


Other sizes available:


7ft x 7ft: 215 x 77 x 52 cm

7ft x 12ft: 345.44 x 213.36 x 228.6 cm

8ft x 10ft: 233.6 x 294.6 x 243.8 cm

8ft x 12.5ft: 243.84 x 83.82 x 81.28 cm

8ft x 15ft: 457.2 x 243.84 x 243.84 cm

11ft x 21ft: 560.07 x 306.07 x 284.48 cm


Ease of assembly: easy to build with instructions included

 How To assemble a Lifetime Plastic Shed

lifetime 60252 shed

Is Lifetime 7×9 Shed strong and durable?

Or good for the price


HDPE structure that is reinforced makes it a very strong structure, plus the material is fully weatherproof and stain resistant meaning it will still look great on years to come.



175 Lifetime 7x9 Shed Customer Ratings Score

Lifetime 60252 shed 7x9.5

Lifetime 60252 shed 7×9.5

Lifetime 60252 Heavy Duty Plastic Outdoor ShedLifetime’s 7-foot wide Outdoor Storage Sheds have several innovative features, including a skylight that runs the entire length of the roof to maximize natural lighting. They also include single-hinged double doors that open nearly 180 degrees and lock closed, a slip-resistant polyethylene floor, and low-maintenance, steel-reinforced construction.


Stunning appearance, easy to assemble, will not fade or rot over time, low maintenance.

Lifetime shed in the rough cut range can be painted if required.

Extremely long lasting.


Colour may not suit all gardens.

Ground foundation must be perfectly level before assembly 

Reasons to buy Lifetime 7 x 9 shed


Stylish, good value, strong, durable and capable of lasting years. Hassle free no or low maintenance proves a cheap option in the long run.

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