Lifetime Vs Suncast Sheds Comparison

Lifetime vs Suncast. If you rent or own a home with a yard, then you are likely to have landscaping and gardening equipment. You might also have kids’ bicycles, sporting goods, and equipment, which you would like to store. In such cases, having a shed becomes necessary. Sheds are used for various purposes like:

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  • Storage of garden equipment like the lawnmower
  • Miscellaneous storage
  • Keeping garden supplies like gardening tools, seeds, and containers.
  • Storing harmful substances like herbicides, pesticides, and petrol or fuel.
  • A tiny house separated from the main home.
  • Sheds can be used as an art studio, greenhouse, child’s playhouse, etc.

Traditionally, people have been using wooden sheds. But they are difficult to maintain since they need constant repainting, splintering, and maintenance. Additionally, in the case of severe rains, they completely fail. People also use metal sheds, however, they are prone to scratches and also require repainting.

But, plastic sheds solve all the problems. Once they are installed, they do not require to be painted, scraped, or fixed after installation. Companies are using high-quality plastic material to build sheds so that they can withstand even the strongest of winds and rain.

Amongst those companies are Lifetime Sheds and Suncast Sheds. If you are planning to get a plastic shed, this article will help you determine which company to choose.

Lifetime Sheds


The Lifetime Sheds come with double-lined shed wall panels along with steel reinforcements as well as roof trusses. The designs are almost the same for all the variants, although they come in different sizes


Lifetime Sheds use top-notch plastic material Polyethylene for building their sheds, which is why they feel sturdy and not flimsy. They also have steel reinforcements to enhance their strength and durability.


There are sizes as small as 3×6 to as large as 11×21. Size is a very important factor while choosing a shed because if the shed is too large, it will make your area look packed and heavy. At Lifetime Sheds, you will find sheds of all sizes, so no matter how big or small your backyard is; you can have the luxury of keeping a shed.


Just like their name, Lifetime Sheds last a lifetime, despite being made of plastic. The building material used is same for all the variants and is highly durable. In fact it is so durable that it can take anything nature throws its way.  

Because their roof is supported with steel trusses, so it can take multiple inches of snow. Its angled design does not let rainwater collect even for a second. All of the sheds are UV protected and therefore, they would not lose their looks or fade due to sun exposure.


You will notice that all of the Lifetime Sheds look the same. It is because the company does not want to use different materials for different designs. All the sheds feature a skylight in the roof to let sunlight enter and a double door for easy entrance.

The designing is such that even the smallest shed appears to be spacious. The sheds are appealing to the eyes and will suit all types of gardens.


Lifetime Shed Review

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Suncast Sheds

Suncast Sheds are operating for more than 25 years now. Their sheds are build using best-quality plastic material called resin and employ blow molded technology where the resin sheets are made into a multi-layered skin.


Resin is a robust material and can withstand accidental damage as well as natural punishments such as rain, snow, harsh sunlight, etc. One needs not to worry about the build quality and the material used.


Suncast Sheds offer sizes from 3×7 to 8×16, enabling you to choose the right-sized shed for your garden. They also offer sheds that resemble cabinets, which would be perfect for those who need a small area to store a few tools.


Suncast Sheds can stand the test of time, extreme weather conditions, and accidents due to its sturdy material. They do not feel flimsy at all and are designed to last a lifetime. They also come with UV protection to withstand harsh sun and not fade in color.

Polypropylene resin is resistant to rust, decay, and rot, and do not require to be re-varnished or repainted. It is also weatherproof. Cleaning this material is extremely easy as you just need to use a brush, a mild cleaning solution, and water.


Suncast Sheds are made to be practical and last long. They have two roof styles, one if high apex style roof while the other one is a shallow type of roof. They have double doors with fantastic handles.

Some of the models have windows while some do not. All of the designs are almost the same with little differences. The design will, however, suit every environment.


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Lifetime V/S Suncast: Which Is Better?

Lifetime Sheds and Suncast Sheds are highly durable plastic sheds, which can withstand extreme weather conditions. They do not require much maintenance after their installation and will stay as it is for the longest time. You will not to repaint or re-varnish them after you have installed the sheds.

Both of these sheds have a similar design with pyramid-like roof, double doors, and sturdy handles. While Lifetime Sheds offer sheds as huge as 11×21, Suncast Sheds maximum size in 8×16. Their minimum sizes are almost similar to Lifetime Sheds offering 3×6 size and Suncast Sheds manufacturing a minimum of 3×7 sized sheds. For those of you who have compact backyard or garden, an extra foot can make a huge difference.

Assembling both of these sheds is fairly easy as they come accurately cut. However, some people find it difficult to assemble plastic sheds. Moreover, you would need help to build the shed.

While assembling, you will need to take care that the ground is flat and all the parts align together, so that the doors are not lopsided and close properly. Additionally, plastic expands in excessive heat and contracts in cold temperatures. So, there may be gaps in the panels allowing water, shed, or insects to get in the shed.

Lifetime Sheds and Suncast Sheds offer similar products with small differences. What you choose depends entirely on your needs and budget.

One thing i will say Sunast builds there sheds slighly taller than lifetime. Also has a higher gable in return giving more storage capacity.

This is the only reason i would put the Suncast shed just in front of lifetime.

Even still hardly anything between them.

  • Suncast Sheds Score 92% 92%
  • Lifetime Sheds Score 90% 90%

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