Livivo Garden Storage Box Review

Livivo Garden Storage Box Revoew


Livivo garden storage box review finds if this deck box storage is worth buying for your keeping outdoor items tidy and organised.

If you need a storage solution for your garden, this fantastic looking unit from Livivo will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space, as it is multi-functional and hard-wearing. It also has a slatted wood effect finish to look as natural as possible – and it does a good job! It comes in two styles of the same size – a standard version and ‘The Bench’ which is darker in colour.

Its 270-litre storage size means you can keep all your essentials safe and secure away from all the elements including wind and rain. Not only that, you will keep them safe from any pests as this storage container is fully sealed to keep any sort of creature or debris out.

It is made of hard wearing and durable plastic which is not only water resistant, it is also weather proof and UV resistant and is sealed at all points. It will stand the test of time and look great in any garden area whether it be on the decking or patio, in a leafy corner or down the side of your property tucked neatly away. It allows you to keep the items you need handy right there and accessible, from cushions for outdoor furniture, to garden games, tools and equipment, BBQ items, pet toys and even hot tub accessories – it really is multi-functional.

The 270 litre storage box is not only highly useful, it is also very easy to assemble so there will not be any difficulty in that area! You will not even require any tools thanks to its clever design and it will be ready in just minutes.

Integrated moulded handles make it easy to move from place to place so you can have it wherever you want it to get easy access to what you need.

livivo plastic garden storage box

Material: hard wearing and durable plastic which is water resistant, weather proof and UV resistant, with a slatted wood-effect finish

Colour: standard model is light grey with a brown lid. Bench model is dark brown with a dark lid  

Dimensions and storage capacity:

Outer: W:109cm x D:51.3cm x H:54.7cm

Inner: W:104.7cm x D: 49cm x H: 53.1cm

270-litre capacity for storage. This is the perfect size to hold all your garden essentials from cushions to tools, games, to pet toys, wellies to hot tub accessories.

Ease of assembly: easy to assemble, no tools required with instructions provided

Is it strong and durable? Or good for the price:

Very hardwearing thanks to the weather-resistant and durable plastic that also will not fade.


278 Livivo Garden Storage Box Customer Ratings Score

Plastic Deck Box Storage 270L Weatherproof Livivo

Deck Box Storage 270L Weatherproof Livivo

LIVIVO GARDEN STORAGE – Plastic Deck Box is formed in hard wearing and durable plastic which is water resistant, weather proof and UV resistant, with a slatted wood-effect finish. Fully sealed design protects against insects and other pests

EXTRA STORAGE – Ideal as a storage solution for garden tools and furniture or cushions, wellingtons and other outdoor gear, garden games and toys, pet supplies, outdoor catering like BBQ etc – the large capacity can hold a large amount of items


This patio storage box is a great size, comes in two colours to suit your garden style, is incredibly easy to build and also to move about thanks to moulded handles. It will hold all manner of items and keep them completely dry and free from pests thanks to the fully sealed unit.  


Does not have pistons for assisted lid opening and closing

Reasons to buy Livivo Garden Storage Box

it looks great thanks to its wood-effect finish and great colour choices. Versatile and big enough to hold the many different items you need handy. Incredible value for money at a low cost.

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