Best Metal Garden Sheds 6×4

Metal Garden Sheds 6×4 the Cheaper Storage Option

metal Garden Sheds 6×4 are a good choice of storage on some important fronts.

The ability to be placed into small gardens and not take up too much valuable space. Sliding doors on most metal sheds do not need the space to open them like the swing of an hinged door.

Garden sheds made from metal come in gavanised or powder coating finish and even coated with a vinyl liquid for added protection against the weather.

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Steel sheet that covers the whole of a metal shed can be a big factor in the quality. Thickness do differ from brand to brand. Thicker the steel more robust is the garden metal shed.

Metal garden sheds are maintenance freehowever, any leaves and other debris should be brushed off the roof and in the roof eaves channel.

A collection of debris left through winter in wet and cold periods will start to find a way to start rust appearing with time.

Now for the problem with a metal shed.

They can be a nightmare to assemble, ressembling a kit of nuts bolts and self tapping screws as well as different L metal frame pieces is just part of a big pile of steel.

Most companies recommend that you need reasonable DIY experience to attempt this daunting chore.

But i will tell you a few really simple steps to follow to avoid assembling a metal without any disasters and get it up in a shorter time with no swearing.

Metal Shed Assembly Tips

Choose the area in the garden you want your shed and mark out the area to the size of the storage you intend on purchasing.

This is good idea to do before making a purchase of a metal shed kit.

Prepare the ground so is flat level. The more true to level is a must for easy assembly.

Foundation can be concrete, slabs or decking are all good solid ground bases to work off.

Now get you metal garden shed kit, first thing is open it up and get the instructions. Read through carefully and have a cup of tea.

If you have a large flat board of a big table hanging about this will help.

Open the components and lay the in piles of the same components. You can then see all the different pieces and they are nice and seperated.

Compare the diffent components to the instructions so you have a rough idea were they are used.

Starting with the base line start pieces the first steps togeter. This will stat with the floor if you item comes with one.

When you come to the uprights, fastnen them to the base frame but do not tighten fully. You need a little play so othe components that are to be attached is easy to get the holes to line up.

Warning: Metal sheds need to be anchored to the ground to prevent them being blown over.

Anchor kits are available and do not break the bank on price.

This process can be done after assembly or when everything is almost finished.


Floor Board

Easier that fixing a metal garden shed to concrete you can use a framed then boarded wooden base.

Floor board that is the best to use on top of your base frame is OSB (oriental Strand Board) comosite board 12 or 18 mm.

Following the instruction manual you will need a floor covering as most metal shed kits do not provide this essential piece.

Some metal sheds are directly anchored to a concrete base, but as a rule a floor panel is needed.

OSB board needs to be for exterior use. This resin and wood composite board is very strong and can tolerate water for short periods without any problems. Sheet size is usually 8×4 so a 6×4 shed base needs only one.

The OSB board is realitively cheap and the 18 mm thick board is the perfect choice as the strength is far greater than the 12 mm.

Once all the metal framework is up, following the instructions then go round and tighten up all the nuts and bolts.

You should either have to attach the cladding at this point or fix up the roof frame.

If the roof is next do the same process and do not tighten the nuts and leave them finger tight.

After up and square tighten the nuts down all round.

Fixing on the cladding and any strips is the simple part now your build is square and you should finish the assembly in good time.

Duramax ECO 6×4 Metal Pent Shed Galvanised Green

Duramax ECO sheds are perfect for those looking to save money without sacrificing durability and space. With a roof degree of 60 degrees that eases water runoff, this shed is spacious enough to store most garden tools, and has large double-entry doors for the bigger items. Its engineering features makes the ECO Metal Sheds tops in the economical market!

If you’re looking for an affordable metal shed with all the bells and whistles, then look no further than Duramax ECO sheds. They come in 6×4 or 8×6 sizes so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly! And don’t forget about our free delivery service – we’ll bring it right to your doorstep at no extra cost! Get yours today before they sell out!

Duramax ECO 6×4 Metal Pent Shed Galvanised Green

Long lasting backyard storage solution; Pent Roof Style Roof with 60° that eases water run off
Wide & Tall Double Sliding Doors; Strong Lockable Door Handles
Dual Air Vents for Better Air Ventilation

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Tidyard 6×4 Metal Shed with Sliding Doors Anthracite

This metal storage shed will be perfect for storing a wide variety of tools and equipment.
The double sliding doors in the front allow easy entry and exit.
The galvanised steel construction, along with a zinc-coated finish, makes it durable and strong, so it won’t corrode or be affected by extreme weather.

The Tidyard 6×4 Metal Shed is made from galvanized steel which has been coated to protect against corrosion caused by rain or snow. It also features 2 vents on the front that provide excellent ventilation as well as an anti-corrosion coating to prevent rusting over time. With its large size you can store all your tools and equipment inside without worrying about them getting wet or dirty outside!
Desire: You’ll never have to worry about your expensive gardening equipment being ruined again when you invest in this great quality shed today!

Order now before they’re gone!

Tidyard 6×4 Metal Shed with Sliding Doors Anthracite

This metal storage shed will be perfect for storing a wide variety of tools and equipment. This storage shed has 2 vents in the front, ensuring excellent ventilation.
The double sliding doors in the front allow easy entry and exit.
The galvanised steel construction, along with a zinc-coated finish, makes it durable and strong, so it won’t corrode or be affected by extreme weather.

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Check out my shortlist of metal garden sheds 6×4 that provide great value for money.


My Top 6 6×4 Metal Garden Sheds

Metal Storage Shed 6×4 Duramax Eco


Check the latest price CLICK HERE

Duramax eco metal garden sheds 6×4 are a safe bet provide good standards and a inexpensive price.

ADGO Wooden Bench with Storage Space

ADGO Wooden Bench with Storage Space for Home and Garden.

Made from Solid Spruce Wood, Brown Coloured Practical 2-in-1 Garden Bench . Virtually a 2-in-1 bench.

The seat is also a wooden box, for example for cushions at home or tools in the garden. Very practical and useful in any home, garden or patio.

The ADGO Wooden Bench with Storage Space provides comfortable seating for storing garden tools, children’s toys, clothes or shoes.

Perfect for home, garden or daycare centre.

Made from olive pine wood. It is characterised by high quality, durability and above all safety. The bench is impregnated and painted. Weatherproof

When it comes to metal garden sheds 6×4 as well has other common sized outdoor storage sheds Duramax are hard to beat.

Good quality compared to the price duramax provide a best value in there range of metal sheds.

The Eco-Metal Series is an ideal metal shed for cost conscious “consumers” without compromising durability and space.  All Eco-Metal Series walls are reinforced with steel roof truss and wall columns for more durability.  These metal sheds come in different size configurations to accommodate additional needed storage space of any home.

  • Value For Money 82% 82%
  • Sturdiness 76% 76%
  • Easy to Assemble 66% 66%

Duramax eco 6×4 is the ideal option for small garden areas were you intend having a practical storage shed for your garden essentials. The stand out point is the quality combined with a pleasently low price tag.

Metal Garden Sheds 6×4 consist of Steel sheeting is well protected against all weather conditions and unlikely to require any maintenance for years.

Fantastic value for money, but some people find the metal garden sheds 6×4 duramax eco tricky to assemble.

A great tip for assembling any metal shed, firstly, make sure the base is perfectly level.

Secondly, when fastening the panels and framework together DO NOT tighten them up. This will allow you to easily line up all the holes to fastnen them together much easier.

After all put in place go round afterwards and tighten them all up.

This process will save time and much frustation.

Other good example of the Durmax metal Sheds are avilable


64 Customer Rating Score

6×4 Pent Metal Shed Tec Take

Metal Shed with Foundation 6x4

Check the latest price CLICK HERE

Metal Garden Sheds 6×4 by Tec Take Garden Tool Storage.

Valuable storage room including protected space! There is space for lots of tools, garden equipment and garden furniture in the Steel Garden shed.

  • The garden shed offers protection against wind and weather, against dirt and dust // You can attach a padlock to the slide door as a theft protection // Total dimensions: (WxDxH): 213 x 130 x 173 cm // Inner dimensions (WxDxH): 200 x 115 x 169 cm // Weight: approx. 52 kg // Cubic metre (storage area): approx. 4 m³
  • Thanks to the material properties of the lacquered, galvanised steel sheet, it is very durable and maintenance-free. The metal base guarantees a secure stand // If needed, you can also insert a floor.
  • The slide door allows convenient access and saves space for more storage // Door opening (HxW): approx. 150 x 96 cm
  • A multi-facetted and on top of that visually timeless storage alternative for your garden.
  • Value For Money 70% 70%
  • Sturdiness 66% 66%
  • Easy to Assemble 52% 52%

The tec take pent metal 6×4 looks absolutly fine and is not overpriced. However, the main issue is to do with the assembly.

Clearly the instruction manual is not very easy to read. On top of this customers find it very difficult to put together.

I know a lot of people struggle assembling metal and plastic sheds and there are a few simple thing that have to be do  before and through the assembly process. Please click here to read more.


300 Customer Rating Score

6×4 Metal Garden Shed With Base-Dirty Pro Tools


Check the latest price CLICK HERE

This Metal Shed 6X4 With Base Electro galvanised metal shed provides a strong secure storage solution at a very favourable price.

Produced in a double-baked-on enamel finish for durability. The shed has 2 doors which have deep runners that make them run smoothly.

* A base is provided to ensure the shed sits on an even surface The base is a galvanised steel framework that sits inside the shed as main photo 2

(please note base boards not included, you will need to purchase ply boards for the floor and put ontop of the base framework)

The purpose of this base structure is to keep the goods inside the shed off the ground,. you always have the option not to use the base framework and set up shed directly onto the ground.

* The dimensions are taken from the outside , so the inside size of the shed is 6″ smaller (1/2 foot smaller in width and depth)

* Please note the goods may be subject to minor marking due to being flat packed in a box.

* Any item that is very damaged or missing, we as the seller reserve the right to replace the damaged or missing part. We will do this upon photographic evidence

* Please note unless the shed is set up in a very well sheltered garden, it will need to be anchored down.(anchor bolts not included)

* Care has been taken in terms of measurement and dimensions are an approximate, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the dimension information.

* Dimensions: External: Front Height 1800 x Width 1800 x Depth 1200mm, ,, taken from roof overlap, (internal dimensions are 300mm less) – door is on the 6ft side -Weight 48 kgs over 2 boxes


20 Customer Rating Score

6×4 Apex Metal Garden Shed-BillyOh


Check the latest price CLICK HERE

Apex Metal Garden Shed 6×4

This garden unit is constructed using hot-dipped galvanised steel, roll-formed with deep ribs for extra strength. This kind of construction ensures that the steel won’t become brittle and break which is common with inexpensive plastic sheds.

As metal is renowned for being a strong and durable material, it provides this shed with structural rigidity as well as important protection from the elements.

Windowless Design For Maximum Security

A windowless design provides this garden unit with a safe and secure unit where you can safely store away all your garden items and creates privacy if you intend to use the shed as a workshop.

Inside a sliding double door which is pad-lockable, provides maximum security as well as saving on valuable storage space.

won’t suffer from damage from pests or wind-torn roof felt.

Stress-Free and Easy Installation

The BillyOh Partner Apex Metal Garden Shed 6×4 comes with a comprehensive manual that makes assembling the shed as easy as possible.

Fixings are also included for a stress-free installation and also saves money you would spend on hiring someone to build it for you! This fantastic low cost shed doesn’t compromise on quality.


9 Customer Ratings score

6×4 Metal Garden Shed with Sliding Doors


Check the latest price CLICK HERE

This 6x4ft metal shed is a bargain. I have included it in the shortlist because of the low price price tag but also a decent write up on the quality.

Very similar to the Yardmaster StoreAll which is popular mainly off the cheap price.

Unlike the Yardmaster that had some pretty bad reviews especially when it came to the assembly process.

This shed from furniture uk shop is a little unknown product but has a good review.

This alone for me caught my attention as the yardmaster of same size did not have any top review out of the hundreds of customers that wrote one.

Metal Garden Shed 6×4 Pent Roof

Small metal shed is the perfect storage for garden tools and the sliding doors allow access for bicycles being a good metal garden bike storage to keep them safe and dry.


Metal Garden Apex Roof Shed
Colour: Green with cream features
Material: corrugated color steel panel and color steel frame
PLEASE NOTE: Must be DIY competent for assembly, approx assembly time 3-5 hours for at less 2 people depending on the model size (some tools required)
Sliding double doors with a door size of 80cm(W) x167.5cm(H). Easily lockable and secured with a padlock (not included)
all steel sheds are ideal for space limited applications or on caravan parks where non-combustible sheds are mandatory
(These sheds are ideal for space limited applications, such as gardens, woodside, farms and where you would like to keep the place tidy and store all of your garden tools.)

Fully protect your garden equipment.
Good ventilation from the front gables.
Strong and generous door openings.
Low Maintenance and Long lasting design.
FREE ground anchoring kit included


12 Customer Ratings score

The metal garden sheds 6×4 are great for small garden with limited space.

The 5 i have chosen are very credible and worthy to be added to this arcle.

they will provide good storage facility for years to come!

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