Metal garden storage Sheds

Metal garden storage sheds require very little maintenance once installed, however, they may become rusty or show signs of corrosion

Most metal sheds are relatively easy to install, and many of the smaller size sheds can be relocated very easily as appose to a wooden shed which is difficult to dismantle and relocate once installed.

Majority of metal sheds look clean, but they are definitely not the best-looking sheds on the market.

They are very difficult to modify, and heavy-duty tools would most likely be needed to make any amendments. A wooden shed can easily be modified to the customers’ requirements and be a stunning addition to your garden.

Most metal sheds feel very flimsy, it looks and feels to be an inferior product to a wooden shed.


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Beware Cheap metal Sheds Can Be Flimsy

Although metal sheds are durable, they are still susceptible to rust and corrosion and once rust attacks it makes the metal shed an eyesore and can be difficult to remove once the rust starts to spread.

Is Ideal for you, as well as being the perfect storage solution for all types of gardening tools it also provides good security for any more expensive items.

Expert look

Our expert team has surfed for the best metal sheds available that are high in quality an ideally designed for the garden storage facility that is maintenance free.

Metal storage shed Overview

Standing up to bad weather and being relatively easy to assemble metal sheds can last for ages. Sliding door varieties are a great solution if access is restricted but there are plenty that contains opening doors, double and single opening. There are options for windows to allow adequate brightness inside if it is to be sited in a shaded area.

Two different roof designs are readily available, coming in the apex and pent which is usually the choice and preference of the purchaser.

I get asked what is the difference in storage area between a Pent or apex roof? The pent is a evenly distributed head Hight where as the apex is taller in the middle getting shorter towards the sides.

Before searching online have the main reason intended for the storage required. Also the budget allowance to purchase the metal shed. Options are extended the more money available.

Storage of wheelie bins will not need to be high on the security, but keeping pests away is the main reason and tidiness.

Cheaper metal storage will offer these values rather than spending on a more elaborate type.

Garden tools, lawnmowers and all other basic garden implements will require a bigger and more attractive steel shed. Security can be adequate to keep them safe.

Yardmaster Store all 6 x 4 ft

I will start with the Yardmaster Store all. The 6’ x 4’ pent with sliding door. It has enough space for bikes and garden tools.

It is weather proof having hot dipped galvanise steel that is coated in resin protect this store unit from all weather.

What you must appreciate with this storage shed that is a low budget model. Reading hundreds of customer reviews, obvious expectations are high with negative reviews and ideally should have spent more to an upgraded type. Saying this, a lot of customers gave excellent scores for this cheap metal storage.

It looks very tidy and is simple to install. Remember to anchor to a heavy base to prevent being turned over in high winds.

My verdict is it is worth a punt if you have a tight budget and just need simple storage.

Duramax Metal garden Storage 10 x 8 ft

Moving into the more standard versions of metal sheds. I have chosen Duramax brand. A good reason for this American company is they make superb storage. Not just a great storage maker, but cheap at the price.

Simple installation and well-illustrated instructions.

Importunately check the thickness of the steel sheets. Ideally a thickness of 0.3 mm is decent. Roof weight load is the next verification of strength. A load of 12lb per square foot and over is the aim.

Good to say Duramax reaches these demands and I would certainly recommend this model for choice in a metal storage shed.

Security Metal Sheds

When it comes to a real security shed more budget funds are necessary. I have three absolute top draw models I recommend.

Keeping things safe like motor bikes, quad bikes and expensive sit on lawnmowers.  Tradesman tools and gadgets are equally as safe.

The first one I am mentioning is a real eye catcher and stylish in every way.

The Duramax Palladium High Security 6 x 5 ft

This is a unique but magnificent secure metal unit.

Double galvanised steel sheets, fantastic locking system are just a few points to mention.

Duramax Palladium Metal Security Shed

Duramax Palladium Metal Security Shed

Upgraded steel framework and even air door hinges suggest the strength of the building.

These heavy building come in a few different sizes, so finding the storage to house the intended item is possible.

Air assisted hinges help the heavy doors open and close with easy smoothly

Palladium door hinges

Palladium door hinges

When assembled the Palladium shed is elevated off the ground. Water can easily pass underneath with no chance of any water getting inside. However, gaining access would be difficult with heavy items, cleverly Duramax provide a useful step to overcome this issue.

Biohort Metal Security Sheds

Secondly, I would recommend Biohort When it comes to security. This truly amazing look garden storage has got it all.

Biohort Metal security sheds

Biohort Metal security sheds Pure Class

Biohort metal garden storage sheds has increased stability and very strong, but an almost futuristic modern design.

Designed will full practicality in combination of shapely bordering sexy appearance. Completely free of problems and totally maintenance free.

Models include single and double door options.

The locking system has 3 way lever to securely lock doors to the maximum.

Like the Palladium, air hinges are employed for smooth opening & closing of the heavy doors.

Installation instructions are made very simple. Using illustrated pictures aiding and easy assembly experience.

I must say that this is more than just a metal shed and would recommend this superb looking storage facility to anyone. Considering once this is assembling the work is complete forever.

Biohort 8 x 12 ft Metal Shed

Titan Metal Sheds

The last of my recommended metal sheds for security is the Titan series.

titan metal security sheds

titan metal security sheds award winning and highly rated

Titan metal storage sheds are known to be impregnable were security is concerned. Gaining top recommendations from motor bike and cycle magazines such as “Bike” “Mountain biking UK” “Ride” “Cycling weekly” “Performance bikes and “Professional Security Magazine”. This verification on how secure the Titan really is.

Here are a few Titan metal sheds specifications

  • Unique patented design for ease of use and excellent security
  • 25-year panel guarantee
  • Fire resistant material
  • PVC coated galvanised steel construction
  • No maintenance required
  • Straight forward and easy assembly

Unique design makes the Titan range unmistakable. Providing ultimate security to the motor cycle world is not Titans only ambition. Many other uses such as, fishing take, golfing equipment are just a few of many reasons for the Tian storage to be employed.

If there is such thing as a shed CV the Titan has it all. Supply many countries around the world. Winning awards and the shear fact of the security it provides I can really recommend this product.

Titan 680 6 x 8ft

Titan 680 Precision engineered from modern PVC coated galvanised steel which is approximately 50% thicker.



Titan Metal Shed Installation

Totally weatherproof, apex roof. The shed comes as a self-assembly kit but there is a very helpful installation video to make this process very easy.
Other sizes are available if you are looking for something larger with 8’ x 6’ and 10’ 8’ also an option, all coming with Free delivery & 5 years Guarantee

Strong constructed garden building with galvanized steel making a very robust structure and a maintenance free even in high winds and heavy rain it keeps its stability.

The easy sliding doors create fantastic access and can be sited in a variety of places that a hinged door cannot be placed as the opening swing of the hinged door needs extra space to create a good access. The doors can be secured with a padlock (not included).

Foundation Kit that is included. This is laid on the ground and filled with material of your choice, our experience we would suggest concrete to give a flat, stable and most of all heavy substrate to keep the metal shed completely stable.

Waterproof and anti-corrosion. Life of the storage shed in dramatically increase by the galvanized steel preventing corrosion and waterproofing the facility.

Thinking Of Buying a Metal Shed?

So you have finally decided to provide a home for your household tools and equipment in your garden.

  • However, you are still unsure as to the material you should use to build the shed?
  • Are you are worried about the look but at the same time want to have something which is pleasing to the eyes?
  • So, is style your preference is a shed that is visibly pleasing?
  • Alternatively, is strength your demand and you need an enduring home for your tools and children’s toys that will stand the test of time?

Considering that the shed would store items that you intend to use it for.  Safekeeping your stuff for a long period of time.

It is befitting that you build a shed that is long-lasting and serves the purpose as well.

If you are looking for a safe lock up to keep things safe these store units. Hence, if you want to make a shed, metal is the material for security you should opt for.

Professionally fitted or Do-It-Yourself?

To have or the assembly done for you could be something you decide, letting experienced team install it correctly and basically doing everything for you. Alternatively, if you wanted to put it up yourself a flat packed off the shelf (so to speak) from a local stockist could be an option.

Most suppliers deliver the item in boxes and will require you to assemble the product. However, most of the metal sheds do come with a well laid out instruction guide to make this process simple. Before any assembly a base must be prepared to site your storage upon.

Anchoring Down Your metal shed

This part is extremely important with metal sheds. Not just the fact it has to be completely level, it also going to weigh down the building from being blown over. Concrete bases are the most suitable give enough weight to hold the shed stable. Once this is completed the shed must be bolted to the foundation to prevent disaster happening in a storm.

Wind Damaged Metal Shed

Wind Damaged Metal Shed

This process if you are not very confident with building a base, I would recommend sourcing a tradesman. The idea of this is to job the correct the first time and it is always the cheapest option in the long term.

Anchoring metal sheds to a heavy base is imperative. However, assembling metal sheds is quite simple. They do come with a lot of nuts and bolts so patience is key. Unpack boxes sorting out the different parts a fastenings in separate piles is a good start. Follow instructions carefully and it will be a painless process.

Checking Your Metal Shed Kit

If there is any parts missing contact the seller immediately so it can be sent out. Fortunately, it is rare occurrence, but it is known to happen.

Metal shed floors are sometimes sold with the shed, others are sold separately. The reason for this is some people prefer the shed anchored to the base and provides the floor. If you do require the floor it will be stated in the listing but does increase the price.

Looking Online For Metal sheds

Scouring across large selling websites with an expert look into some great deals that are on offer and a link to see for yourself with options to buy.

We have found some excellent products if you are looking for a metal garden storage facility that will not break the bank.

Finding several branded & unbranded names out of a huge selection that is on sale, here is the first fantastic metal shed that makes perfect lockable storage.

Yardmaster as I mentioned previously in this article are very cost-effective buildings. Having a good customer satisfaction to those who have bought one. I have sourced a model that is a very decent choice.

ardmaster apex metal shed

 Yardmaster Metal Shed

The Yardmaster Galvanised Shed offers super value for money.

The shed floor is not included but comes with an anchor kit and sliding lockable doors.

Excellent access to the inside provided by the double doors backs up the value the metal storage offers.

I recommend that full advantage of the anchor kit is taken to prevent high winds rolling it over.

Blending a metal shed into the natural surroundings is extremely difficult.

The Outsunny metal storage Garden Shed

Outsunny has made it possible with the brown finish on this attractive model.

Outsunny 8 x 6FT Metal Garden Shed Wood Effect Woodgrain Storage

Outsunny 8 x 6FT Metal Garden Shed Wood Effect Wood grain Storage

This Garden Shed from Outsunny is a good choice to blend into a natural backdrop. Modern &stylish solution to keep your garden and outdoors tidy and organised.  Outsunny Metal tool shed gives you maintain order. Whether for tools, gloves, rubber boots, hoses or the like. Made from strong and durable colour-coated steel-plate and Polypropylene components, it has a protective film on metal panels for long term use, and vents for airflow. The whole structure is painted to blend in with surroundings and can be used as a storage solution or as a work shed.

The Outsunny is a great option for garden storage maintaining affordability. This factor has contributed to the popularity of the very attractive metal garden shed.

A metal shed is a great secure unit:

A shed need to resist damage that comes with regular use. Unlike plastic or wood, metal can tolerate hostile conditions to a much greater extent.

Wood tends to rot and can crack in response to changeable weather.

Plastic is not as durable and cold weather can cause it to crack.

On the other hand, the first advantage of a metal shed is that it is durable enough to withstand the pressures of time and weather.

Metal tends to remain unaffected by weather extremes. High temperatures. Excessive sunlight, along with low temperatures and snow do not affect metal.

sturdy and will be able to withstand stormy weather and other unexpected natural disasters like fire and earthquakes.

Hence, if sturdy, durable, and tough are the features that you are looking for, a metal shed is the most suitable choice.

The pros and cons of a metal shed

Metal sheds are produced from thin metal sheets which are much lighter in weight than wood planks.

They have the significant advantage of being much lighter in weight than wood. This aspect of metal sheds allows them to not only easily transported but also will enable easier to assemble.

Another advantage of the lightweight of metal sheds is that they care easily disassembled too.

So, if you intend to take your shed down because you are selling your home, it won’t cause much of a hassle.

This is fine for handling purposes, but the lack of weight makes them vulnerable in high winds. Many cases of metal sheds being blown over or moved from place they meant to be.

Shed lifted by wind

This metal shed was nearly tipped over in high winds

Preventing this happening majority of metal garden shed kits come with anchoress to bolt the building to the base. Heavy base is essential such as concrete providing the necessary weight to stand still in high winds. If the kit you buy does not have an anchor kit you must purchase them to avoid a crisis.


Metal & plastic storage sheds do have an issue with condensation. Cardboard boxes and other material proawn to the damp will reveal the level of moisture build up inside. Obviously, this is not a good thing, but there is ways to prevent this happening. Try not to position your building in full sunshine. The heat inside will saw up an anything containing moisture will evaporate causing a sauna effect inside. This takes me to the next point, the addition of extra ventilation is a sure way to eradicate the problem.

Placing the air vents in the highest points inside and a few at the lowest points will create a good airflow. This allows for the condensation to escape plus regulate the internal temperature inside.

Durability of Metal Sheds

Metal sheds do not expand and contract in response to high and low temperatures like wooden sheds. So, one does not have to waste their energy repairing them now and then.

Also, they are not an attraction for insects, so your energies are not spent treating them with preservatives and pesticides.

The only problem that metal sheds faced, at least in the past, is the problem of rusting. Water and metal don’t mix well, and a few drops of rain can cause your shed to start rusting. This can happen if the steel coating is damaged or chipped in any way.

However, this is not a problem anymore. Metal sheds are nowadays coated in vinyl or are galvanised which prevents rusting.

You do not need to carry out this procedure yourself as the steel is treated before it used to make a metal product.

In case your metal shed is made from steel that is untreated, you can easily buy rust-resistant paint and coat your shed with it.

Much cheaper than wood.

A metal shed of the same size as a wooden shed would cost you almost half the price of the shed made of wood. Thus, you get double the durability with half the price.

Metal sheds are also attractive because they can be easily painted.

Wooden sheds can also be easily coated with preservative but with wood, the colour fades easily, and you have to paint it almost every year or so.

This is not the case with metal, as metal paint can withstand extreme weather to a greater extent than painted wood.

Hence, metal sheds need not be repainted as often as wooden sheds.

Considering all the benefits of metal sheds, we must shed light on the disadvantages of having a metal shed.

Metal Shed Cons

Metal’s main advantage is its toughness, but that is also one of its drawbacks.

Because the material is so durable, it is difficult to customise. A metal shed, and an ordinary person who has no experience of working with metal won’t be able to modify it.

Thus, if you feel you need to make a change to your shed, it won’t be as easy for you had your shed been made of wood.

Another disadvantage of a metal shed is that it is not as visually appealing as a wooden or plastic shed is. However, modern metal sheds are coated with vinyl which does supplement the appearance of a metal shed.

However, considering the durability, strength, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance & the light weight of metal sheds, one can do with a couple of disadvantages.

Bases for a metal shed

For your metal shed to last long and stand the test of time. It needs to have a solid, heavy foundation. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the weight, this is what the shed will be anchored to preventing it moving in windy weather.

The prepared base must be level because if it is not, the metal sheets on one side of the shed will bend.

What is a suitable base for a metal shed?

This question is one of the frequently asked.

The cheapest option is concrete slabs but must be laid completely level. Also bedded in with concrete to increase the overall weight.  Levelling is priority so shed base frame is in contact with the foundation all round. It will also be necessary for assembly, so things line up correctly. Bolting the shed down to the heavy concrete foundation will be easy, but important to prevent the wind blowing the shed across the garden.

You don’t want your shed to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The base can be built using metal, concrete or concrete slabs that are concreted down.

Concrete provides a solid, level and permanent support to your shed. In addition, giving the weight required to fully anchor the building.

Metal shed floor

A metal shed floor has fixings which enable you to fix your metal shed to it and the base to the concrete below. Steel shed anchored into a metal base that is in turn set into a concrete foundation is the most suitable.

metal shed floor

Typical metal frame for shed floor

Before you begin with the process to install your shed, make sure you have a drill machine, screwdriver, hammer, and safety gloves.


Installation Process

The first thing you need is to make sure that the metal shed has a secure and level base. For this, you need to select an area in your yard and pour concrete over it.

This is a time and energy consuming process but considering the benefits of having concrete as a base, it is worth it.

Once you have a level concrete base, you need to put your base metal frame at the appropriate spot.

Square The frame

You need first to ensure that your base frame is a proper square or rectangle and one of its sides is not shorter than the other.

Once you have done that, you need to drill into the concrete through the holes in the metal frame.

Anchoring Base Frame

Following that, you can screw your metal base frame into the concrete. When you are sure that your base is firmly secure, you can begin with the walls.

As for the walls, you can either fix each metal panel to the metal base one by one, or you can set two panels together and then fasten them to the metal base together.

None of these two ways has an advantage over the other when it comes to the time consumed.

However, if you screw together two metal panels first and fix them to the metal base, they are more stable than a single sheet fixed to the floor.

Thus, the easiest way is to screw together two metal sheets and bolt them to the metal base.

Then you can fix together the remaining two layers and bolt them to the base and then to the two sheets installed before.

Installing the roof:

Now that your walls are up and safely bolted to the floor, you can begin installing your roof.

If you intend your roof to have slanted metal sheets (as in of a triangular shape), you need to first install the triangular frames at the front and back of the shed.

These are called gables, and before you fasten the roof sheets to the walls, you need to attach the gables to the front and back wall of the shed.

Once that is done, you can lay the roof beams, supported by the front and back triangular metal frame.

After setting the roof beams, you can arrange the metal sheets that are supposed to form the roof of your metal shed.

You can then screw your roof panels into both the roof beams.

The gables so that the roof of your shed is firmly secured to the rest of the building.

A secure home for your tools:

If the steps mentioned in the previous two sections are correctly done, the metal frame.

Tools safely stored inside metal shed

Tools safely stored inside metal shed

Making sure it is steadily fastened to the floor, and the walls are tightly screwed to the metal frame.

Firmly attach roof panels  to the beams that are fixed ed to gables.

Screwed into the walls, your metal shed will be strong enough to withstand all kinds of pressures, human or natural.

You won’t have to worry about the roof caving in due to heavy snow, or the panels flying off due to a strong wind.

Being lightweight makes it simple to dismantle and carry away.

Tightly screw everything together.

All screws are drilled inside out and not the other way around in which case they could be unscrewed from the outside.

Taking note of these things will make your metal shed is a robust and heavy-duty structure.

Tough enough to resist strong winds, heavy snow and rain, and will also be able to deflect attempts to take it apart or break into it.

Metal/Steel Sheds In a nutshell.

Of course, there are many opinions available online and in the market.

  • Because they are:
  • cheap
  • light-weight
  • low-maintenance
  • easy to assemble and disassemble
  • not to forget the security it provides. 

In harsh weather conditions and hostile human action, metal sheds are the most optimum choice.

Especially if you are someone looking to give a home to their tools, equipment, and even bikes and tractors.

This coupled with the fact that metal sheets are galvanised or coated with vinyl. This ensures that one won’t have to worry about the age-old problem of rust.

Moreover, the fact that one can quickly paint a metal shed with a colour of their choice.

Paint on metal lasts much longer than wood or plastic makes a metal shed the ideal choice.

Thus, in order to provide an enduring, stable and secure home for your equipment.

You should choose to build a metal shed.

Follow the steps closely , mentioned above. You will ensure that you make a metal shed that stands tall for a long time to come.

View Some Ideal Metal Garden Storage Sheds

What is a suitable base for a metal shed?

Concrete slabs are the cheapest option, but laid completely level.  Te bottom of the structure must be in contact with the base all round were it  needs to be bolted down to secure plus preventing it from blowing over in high wind.

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