Polytunnel Greenhouses

Polytunnel Greenhouses for Sale

See this fabulous range of PVC covered polytunnel greenhouses for sale, also known as a dome greenhouse. If you’re looking for a way to grow your own produce year round, then look no further than our range of polytunnels. Polytunnel greenhouses are the perfect solution if you want to get ahead in the gardening game and ensure that your crops are protected from harsh weather conditions. They provide shelter from wind, rain and snow as well as keeping out those pesky insects which can ruin all your hard work! Also, they allow for much better air circulation so plants don’t become stagnant or over-heated during summer months.

 Are Polytunnels better than greenhouses?

Polytunnels and greenhouses are both fantastic for growing your favorite fruits, vegetables or flowers! Polytnernel’s have a few advantages over traditional greenhouse systems. They can provide greater yields because they’re not limited by the size of space available like in most buildings with this design; there is no need to invest time upfront when you might only be using them occasionally – just bring all supplies inside at one point during construction phase which means less costs overall since everything has already been purchased earlier rather than having different materials scattered around outside where potential thieves may find them if left unsecured while being used outdoors anyway (ahem..yikes!). The best part? These structures require very little maintenance once up.

Are Polytunnels cheaper than greenhouses?

Polytunnels are a good investment for those who want the flexibility of growing produce all year round. Poly tunnels don’t require as much space and can be taken down easily if you’re not using it, while greenhouses often need more permanent structures that won’t move with your needs – like an apartment or home that has only one garden spot available.
The price difference between these two types may also make sense because poly tunnel setup costs tend to hover around 1/3rd less than greenhouse setups; however this varies depending on how many hours workers must put into installation (poly tents average 10 man-hours per job).

Do polytunnelgreenhouses greenhouse need full sun?

A polytunnel greenhouse must be placed so as to make full use of the sunlight on offer. This means it cannot be positioned anywhere that does not offer enough light each day, and avoid placing a poly tunnel where there is shade from surrounding trees or buildings because this will reduce its productivity by robbing essential heat energy needed for growing fruits and vegetables all year round
Do Poly Tunnels Need Full Sun? A) Yes! In order for your planted area inside of them -which can grow produce such as tomatoes during summertime—to thrive at peak efficiency you need plenty if sunshine throughout most hours in June through October (when these types of crops are grown). If possible try locating roof-mounted solar panels which collect

Is a polytunnel greenhouse worth buying?

Seed saving If you’re after the best possible chance of extending your seed-saving efforts, then this is an investment that will more than pay off. It allows growers to safely overwinter delicate biennials such as carrots, parsley and beetroot so they can successfully flower during warmer climes without risking extinction due lack of nutrients or moisture; all thanks in part because these particular vegetables require warmth at maturity for pollen production which only occurs under tropical conditions!