Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture For Sale

Rattan garden furniture is probably the most popular choice when choosing the desired effect and wearability for the perfect design for outdoors. Rattan wicker effect is projuced from very durable resin plastic moulded into a weaved effect that is very modern and stylish. Rattan effect has the advantantage of being weatherproof, lightweight and simple to assemble. of course it comes in many diffent styles designed for specific purposes that furniture provides. 

from gorgeous rattan sofa sets, corner sofa sets, dining sets, sun loungers, bistro sets and table and chairs to suit your budget and space you have available to accomodate your requirements. Check through the categories below to find what your looking for.

Rattan Garden Furniture Sofa Sets

Rattan garden sofa sets comes in a number of designs, from the cosy 2 seater cushioned sofa wirh 2 high back armchairs with a coffee table completing the 5 piece set. Alternatively there are large low back 3 seater sofa with an addition seat module that give the sofa an l shape and can be added to either front side of the sofa. These modular type sofa sets come with a matching coffee table.

Stylish metal frame sofa sets look superb on a patio. The aluminium frame is covered around the base and back of the chairs in rattan. Coming is several colour shades with a mathing coffee table in which some have a glass table top. Seating at least 4 people or more the metal aluminium frame is capable of being left outdoors all year round.

Rattan Garden Furniture Corner Sofa Sets

Rattan garden corner sofa sets are a stunning piece of outdoor furniture with large l shaped cushion sofas high back armchairs and stools included in the bigger sets along with a coffee table. Coming in different colour shades like grey, beige and black with models boasting contrasting cushions are a real eye catcher.

Remember rattan is weatherproof but, cushions may need to be covered or stored away is prolong wet and cold weather. To cover the rattan garden furniture when not in use is recommended, this protects the furniture from changable weather and keeps it clean and dry. cover are simply removed within minutes and your furniture is ready to use.