Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking Kits For Sale

Outdoor Cooking is all the rage in the summer, garden dining events from family get togethers or vivsiting friends.Scruptious charcoal grilled food for all to enjoy cooked on a variety of equipment for different flavours. From a simple table top charcoal barbecue for a few people to a larger coffee table BBQ grill that contains more space for cooking. Wood fired pizza ovens can offer a fantastic alternative to regular coal grill barbecues. Here is the different options available to cook your favourite food outside.

Types of Charcoal BBQs and Grills

Before buying a charcoal fired barbecue grill, consider the all-round use, and position you intend for cooking outdoors. Is a portable barbecue grill more suited to move around the garden or patio for convenience or maybe a fixed chiminea fire grill will suit your purpose more appropriately?

Smaller fire pit grills are perfect in the middle of a circled chair layout like a campfire to cook and enjoy tasty barbecue grilled food.

BBQ smoker grills add a different flavour to grilling food with appetising aroma that emulates Texan hickory outdoor banquets. Adding different wood chips to the smoker makes noticeable changes to the taste of the cooked food with amazing results.

Outdoor Wood Fired pizza Ovens

Great alternative to grilled and barbecue food is the extremely popular pizza. Outdoor pizza ovens bake a mean homemade pizza for any garden occasion for all to enjoy. These wood fired pizza baking ovens come in a simple round kettle variety to a portable steel oven with a chimnea.

Outdoor Cooking Tripods

Outdoor Cooking Tripods are a superb way to cook food ouside used widely with campers but also great in gardens. Hanging cooking tripods are veru cheap to buy consisting of 3 adjustsble poles that are atached at the top with a chain that hangs down with a hook on the end that is placed over a fire.

Pots, flat metal frying plates and grill plates can be hooked on end of the chain to cook what you desire.

From omeletes to fry ups are easily cooked on the frying flat metal plate and pot roasted beef or stews are simply done in the single bucket handled pots. All barbecue food is possible on the grill mesh plate.

The outdoor tripod cooker works well in gardens hanging over a fire bowl with legs to contain the fire.