Tepro 1038 Wichita 15 Piece BBQ Smoker Grill Black Garden Barbecue

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Total grill surface in main chamber: 54 x 30 cm (WxD)
Main chamber steel lid with thermometer
Adjustable air supply


Style Name:Wichita

Product Description

BBQing has become a worldwide trend. The smoker "Wichita" is a real eye-catcher you can use to cook new and exciting dishes. This small Western-style smoker combines a variety of different cooking possibilities. Cook your food in the traditional BBQ-style directly over a hot bed of coals on the grill surface. Or cook your food to smoky perfection in the smoke of a wood fire. The grill's special smoker design makes this possible. In the smaller, lower lying smoking chamber, smoke builds from burning wood. This smoke rises and enters the cooking chamber where your food is located. A chimney feeds the smoke into the cooking chamber. In this way, your food is cooked slowly to smoky perfection at a low temperature of 80° to 130° C. This style of cooking is known as "smoking". Using the lid's built-in thermometer, you can easily monitor the cooking temperature. Smoked food cooks evenly on all sides and retains its juicy consistency. Try different types of wood for new and exciting flavors. You can control the flavor intensity of the smoke using the convenient vents. You don't need to a be a professional to achieve delicious smoked food results! Due to the low cooking temperature, the food cannot burn and hardly needs to be turned. The "Wichita" is the healthy way to cook, since smoking prevents grease or other liquids from dripping onto the coals which can produce harmful substances. In addition to smoking, you can also cook food in the cooking chamber using the indirect cooking method. Indirect grilling - where the food lies in a enclosed space, not directly above the flame - is the barbecue method of choice for gourmets and can be practiced easily with the "Wichita". The smoker leaves nothing to be desired - whether you're hosting a traditional BBQ or wish to make exciting smoked dishes. With its wheels, the grill can be easily set up wherever you need it - in your garden or on your patio. Serve the taste of the Wild West at your next garden party - delight your family and friends with the rustic flavor or smoked food from the "Wichita" BBQ!

Box Contains

1 x Smoker "WICHITA"
1 x Assembly Instructions

Total grill surface in main chamber: 54 x 30 cm (WxD)
Main chamber steel lid with thermometer
Adjustable air supply
Grill grate / plate - stainless steel

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