Duramax SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed Price:  £462.42 (as of 20/02/2024 03:19 PST- Details)

Duramax SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed with Floor Kit

Duramax SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed: Your Ultimate Outdoor Storage Solution

When it comes to optimizing your outdoor storage, the Duramax SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed emerges as a brilliant choice. With its innovative design and a plethora of features, this shed offers exceptional value to homeowners seeking efficient storage solutions. Let’s delve into the compelling reasons that make the SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed an outstanding addition to your property.


Duramax SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed with Floor Kit


The Duramax SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed – a remarkable solution designed to maximize your outdoor storage potential. This innovative shed is expertly crafted to lean securely against the side of your home, utilizing often-overlooked space and providing an impressive storage capacity of 154 cubic feet within the confines of your narrow side area.

Unmatched Practicality: The SideMate 4 x 8ft Lean To Shed is ingeniously engineered for straightforward assembly alongside your residence. Its reversible 30-inch wide side door, complete with padlock-compatible door handles, ensures effortless access from either side.

Crafted from enduring, weather-resistant vinyl, this shed offers a stalwart shield against the elements, ensuring the safety of your stored belongings.

Built to Endure: Featuring a reinforced metal structure and roof truss support capable of bearing a snow load of up to 20 lbs/sq ft, the Duramax SideMate Lean To Shed is the epitome of durability. The package includes a foundation kit and ventilation system, enhancing its functionality and creating an optimal environment for your stored items, no matter the season.

Reasons to Buy:

Space Maximization: Crafted with ingenious precision, the SideMate 4 x 8ft shed is tailor-made to lean seamlessly against the side of your dwelling, effectively utilizing often-overlooked space.

Generous Storage: Despite its sleek profile, this shed delivers a capacious 154 cubic feet of storage, accommodating all your outdoor essentials with ease.

Flexible Door Placement: Showcasing a wide 30-inch reversible side door, you possess the freedom to position the entrance on either side, adapting to your convenience.

Unyielding Durability: Constructed from enduring vinyl, this shed triumphs over diverse weather conditions, ensuring years of maintenance-free resilience.

Robust Architecture: The fortified metal framework and roof truss support are engineered to withstand substantial snow loads of up to 20 lbs/sq ft, instilling confidence in its structural integrity.

All-Weather Resilience: Immune to rust, dent, rot, mildew, and fading, the SideMate 4 x 8ft Lean To Shed is a testament to longevity, prepared to endure the rigors of time.

Effortless Assembly: Equipped with a comprehensive foundation kit and ventilation system, assembling this shed unfolds as a seamless endeavor.

Warranty Assurance: Underpinned by a substantial 15-year warranty, Duramax ensures your investment is safeguarded while delivering impeccable customer support.

Features to Benefits:

The SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed presents a compact footprint teeming with expansive storage potential. Its enduring vinyl composition guarantees not only enduring life but also imparts impervious weather protection, preserving your possessions in pristine condition.

The versatile door orientation and inclusive foundation kit simplify installation, while the reinforced framework guarantees unwavering robustness. With the added assurance of a commendable 15-year warranty, Duramax exemplifies their dedication to excellence and customer gratification.


  • Smart space-efficient design
  • Ample and versatile storage
  • Enduring vinyl construction
  • Sturdy metal framework
  • Resilience against the elements
  • Straightforward assembly
  • 15-year warranty


  • Limited color choices


Customers' Verdict:

Customers rave about the SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed for its space optimization, durability, and user-friendly assembly. The weatherproof design and comprehensive warranty further bolster its allure, earning it accolades as a preferred choice among homeowners.


The Duramax SideMate 4 x 8ft Plastic Lean To Shed embodies practicality and efficiency, seamlessly blending durability, adaptability, and ease of setup. Its weather-resistant constitution, fortified framework, and capacious storage culminate in an exceptional investment to elevate your outdoor milieu.

Supported by a 15-year warranty and glowing customer endorsements, this shed promises a steadfast and effective solution to all your storage requisites.


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