Bosch EasyRotak Cordless Lawnmower 36-550 36 Volt Price: £254.57 (as of 07/09/2022 03:10 PST- Details)

Bosch EasyRotak Cordless Lawnmower

36 Volt, 2x 2.0 Ah Battery Bosch EasyRotak Cordless Lawnmower 36-550. Simple to use handle with 5-stage lever to set grass length between 25 and 70 mm in 5 steps. Grass cutting height is easily adjustable. working comfortably: ErgoFlex handles’ ergonomic design promotes good working posture for all users. Grass combs produce neat results around roads, walls, fences, and edges. This lawnmower ensures quick and accurate cutting thanks to its 38 cm cutting width.

The lawn mower’s side grass combs enable precise cutting around walls and edges, keeping your lawn appearing tidy and well-kept. For varying grass lengths and tastes, the cutting height can be readily changed between 20 and 70 mm.


Bosch EasyRotak Cordless Lawnmower


Bosch EasyRotak Cordless Lawnmower 36-550 (36 Volt, 2 x Battery 2.0 Ah , Cutting Width: 37 cm, Lawns up to 550 m2, in Carton Packaging). The Bosch EasyRotak Cordless Lawnmower 36-550 is a powerful and convenient solution for maintaining your lawn. With its cordless design and 36-volt battery, this lawnmower offers freedom of movement and eliminates the hassle of dealing with cords. The included 2.0 Ah batteries provide ample runtime for mowing larger areas.

Featuring a 38 cm cutting width, this lawnmower ensures efficient and precise cutting. The grass combs on the sides of the mower allow for close trimming along walls and edges, leaving your lawn looking neat and well-groomed. The cutting height can be easily adjusted between 20 and 70 mm to suit different grass lengths and preferences.

Equipped with ErgoFlex handles, this lawnmower offers maximum comfort during operation. The handles can be adjusted to different positions, allowing for a natural and ergonomic grip. The lightweight design of the lawnmower further enhances maneuverability, making it easy to navigate around obstacles and tight spaces.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Bosch EasyRotak Cordless Lawnmower 36-550 are highly satisfied with its performance. They appreciate the cordless operation, which eliminates the need for extension cords and offers unrestricted movement. The cutting power and precision receive positive feedback, as the lawnmower delivers clean and even cuts. Customers also praise the battery life, stating that the included 2.0 Ah batteries provide sufficient runtime for their lawn sizes.


  • Cordless design for freedom of movement
  • Powerful 36-volt battery for reliable performance
  • Grass combs for close trimming along walls and edges
  • Adjustable cutting height for versatility
  • ErgoFlex handles for comfortable operation
  • Lightweight and maneuverable design



  • Some customers found the assembly process a bit complicated
  • The grass collection bag could be larger for extended mowing sessions


In summary,

The Bosch EasyRotak Cordless Lawnmower 36-550 is a versatile and efficient tool for maintaining your lawn. Its cordless design and powerful battery provide freedom of movement and reliable performance. The grass combs, adjustable cutting height, and ergonomic handles enhance the user experience. While the assembly process may require some effort, the overall performance and convenience of this lawnmower make it a great choice for keeping your lawn in pristine condition.

The Simple Garden Tools from Bosch – for small and medium-sized gardens
Simply adjust grass cutting height: merely use the take care of with five-step lever to set grass period between 25 and 70 mm in 5 stages
Relaxed work: Healthy working posture for all users because of ergonomically designed ErgoFlex handles
Simple-to-store: Collapse the handles, fold the grass bag flat and put it on best of the mower
Clean mowing: Grass combs deliver clean results along edges, driveways, fences and walls
Note: Back wheels are placed throughout the grassbox

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