Box Houses Children’s House Pine Wood Price: £1,054.00 (as of 19/01/2021 01:42 PST- Details)

Box Houses Made of Wood for Gardens, Children's House, Pine Wood, 16 mm - 3.8 m2, 180 x 220 cm

Features: Wall thickness 16 mm Auger measures 220 x 118 cm Height Wall 125/177 cm Total Height 228 cm Area 3.8 m.q. volume 6.5 m.q. roof area/gradient 7.0 m²/37.0 °; 31.0 ° roof and beads/strips floor 16 mm Measures ports 48 x 115 cm measures finetre fixed 35 x 35 cm Packages: 2.2 x 1.2 x 0.5 m Weight tot. 450 kg N.B. delivery: The product is delivered on bases. If it is not equipped with forklift exhaust Product To Find by the staff so sbancalare the neck and hand scenderlo General Characteristics of quality of our garden sheds & # x2022; walls of profiles with Chalet cut for corners resistant to the wind and the rain. & # x2022; Language (34 mm) Double with thick walls in on seal to ensure a more warm home. & # x2022; only roofs and solid axles of the floor, the majority of these elements have a thickness of 19 mm. & # x2022; Tip lining for the foundations robust and treated for a solid and durable construction. & # x2022; Strong heavy section purlins load for the roof, designed in function of the snow. & # x2022; protection against storms for days of wind: braces for the wind or threaded bars. & # x2022; A complete mounting kit (including the hood of the roof for houses on size) designed for the quick assembly. & # x2022; different ear pads have pre-installed the walls and elements of the roof, which facilitates and significantly speeds up installation of the house. & # x2022; the quality of our doors and windows is the best in its class: Wooden Door Frames, the low threshold of the door flap blanket of stainless steel, Windows turn-tilt, glass Real and wide steps. Each product is marked with separately with the type of doors and windows used in model. & # x2022; the packs of houses include detailed installation manual in several languages.

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