Keter Cortina 9x7ft Plastic Tool Shed Evotech Price: £1,488.88 (as of 20/02/2024 03:19 PST- Details)

Keter Cortina 9x7ft Plastic Tool Shed Evotech

The Keter Cortina 9x7ft Shed is an epitome of modern design and functionality. Crafted with unique weather-resistant Evotech walls, it seamlessly blends the aesthetics of wood with remarkable durability. The wall and roof steel reinforcements, along with the natural rough wood look, add to its sturdiness. The sturdy double doors,

lockable for added security (lock not included), provide easy access to your stored items. An integrated ventilation grille ensures ample airflow, preventing moisture build-up.


Keter Cortina 9x7ft Plastic Tool Shed Garden Shed in Picket Effect


The Keter Cortina 9x7ft Plastic Tool Shed Evotech – a contemporary masterpiece designed to elevate your outdoor storage experience. This shed marries style and functionality, featuring unique, weather-resistant Evotech walls that seamlessly blend wood aesthetics with exceptional durability. The wall and roof steel reinforcements ensure structural robustness, while the natural rough wood look adds a touch of elegance.

With a sleek design highlighted by an angled roof above a band of windows, the Cortina 9x7ft Shed is a sight to behold. Its double-layered walls, crafted from innovative Evotech composite material, provide the allure of real wood coupled with the resilience of resin. This shed is built to withstand diverse weather conditions, remaining maintenance-free and impervious to rust, rot, or peeling.

Boasting features like lockable double doors, integrated ventilation grille, and a heavy-duty floor, the Cortina 9x7ft Shed excels in both security and convenience. The stainless steel locking system ensures added protection, while top and side windows provide natural light, and 2-sided vents maintain optimal airflow to prevent moisture buildup.

With a commitment to sustainability and innovative design, Keter's Cortina 9x7ft Shed is an exceptional addition to your outdoor space. It's not just a shed; it's an evolutionary design that captures the essence of wood while offering the benefits of resin. Crafted for easy assembly with household tools and built to last, this shed is the epitome of durability and functionality.

Whether you need a secure storage solution, a haven for garden tools, or a shelter for your riding mower, the Cortina 9x7ft Shed rises to the occasion. Its modern aesthetics, combined with its exceptional features and long-lasting construction, make it a standout choice for enhancing any garden or patio area. Discover the future of outdoor storage with the Keter Cortina 9x7ft Plastic Tool Shed Evotech.


  1. Innovative Evotech Design: Enjoy the aesthetic look and feel of real wood while benefiting from the durability of resin.
  2. Enhanced Security: The stainless steel locking system adds an extra layer of security to keep your belongings safe.
  3. Ventilation & Natural Light: Top and side windows provide natural light, while 2-sided vents ensure proper airflow, safeguarding your stored items from moisture.
  4. Everyday Sustainability: Keter is committed to a circular economy, utilizing recycled content and recyclable design.
  5. Easy to Build: Keter products are designed for easy assembly with household tools, ensuring a hassle-free setup.
  6. Long-Lasting: Made from weatherproof, fade-free resin, the shed stands the test of time in any garden or patio area.



  • Innovative Evotech walls combine wood aesthetics with high resistance, providing a natural rough wood look.
  • Steel reinforcements enhance the shed's durability and strength.
  • Integrated ventilation grille prevents moisture buildup.
  • Lockable double doors ensure security and convenience.
  • Easy installation with tongue and groove panels.
  • Weather and UV resistant, low maintenance design.
  • Heavy-duty floor and roof load capacity up to 150 kg/m².



  • Lock for the double doors not included.


Customers Verdict:

Customers highly praise the Keter Cortina 9x7ft Shed for its exceptional design, durability, and easy assembly. The innovative Evotech walls that replicate the look and feel of wood while ensuring the benefits of resin have received positive feedback.

The shed's weather and UV resistance, along with its sturdy build, provide users with a reliable storage solution. The inclusion of ventilation features and ample natural light adds to its functionality, making it an ideal choice for various storage needs.


The Keter Cortina 9x7ft Shed exemplifies modern outdoor storage solutions with its innovative Evotech design. Offering the charm of wood aesthetics combined with the strength of resin, this shed is a versatile and durable choice. Its secure locking system, ventilation features, and ample natural light make it an efficient and practical storage solution.

Whether for garden tools, equipment, or other items, the Cortina 9x7ft Shed delivers exceptional functionality while enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor space. With Keter's commitment to sustainability, easy assembly, and long-lasting design, this shed is a valuable addition to any garden or patio area.



- Distinctive, weather-resistant Evotech walls - combines Picket aesthetics with a prime resistance - wall and roof steel reinforcements - natural rough Picket glance - robust double door - lockable (lock now not included) - mild strip - integrated ventilation grille - low repairs - weather and UV resistant - simple installation way to tongue and groove panels - metal reinforcement - incl. base plate - heavy duty floor - roof load max. 150 kg/m²

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