Duramax ECO 8 x 6 Metal Garden Shed Green

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Duramax ECO 8 x 6  Metal Garden Shed

Duramax ECO 8 x 6  Metal Garden Shed For ‘consumers’ on a budget,’ Duramax Eco Line is the best option because it doesn’t sacrifice strength or interior space.
The Duramax design and engineering features combined with conventional, gable-roof architecture create the ECO Metal Sheds, the best option for cost-effective outdoor storage. Storage and organisation of products, such as lawn and garden equipment, are made simple by the ECO shelters. They are available in various size combinations to satisfy any home’s increased demand for storage space.


Duramax ECO 8 x 6  Metal Garden Shed


The Duramax ECO 8 x 6 Metal Garden Shed is a reliable and spacious storage solution for your outdoor essentials. Whether you need to store garden tools, equipment, or other belongings, this metal shed offers secure and weather-resistant storage. With its sturdy construction, ample space, and low-maintenance design, it combines functionality and durability.

Crafted with high-quality galvanized steel, this garden shed is built to withstand various weather conditions and provide long-lasting protection. The steel panels are reinforced with a protective coating, making them resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV damage. The shed features a robust frame and double doors for easy access to your stored items.

The Duramax ECO 8 x 6 Metal Garden Shed offers ample storage space for your gardening tools, equipment, and other belongings. The spacious interior allows for organizing and storing items of different sizes. The high gable roof provides extra headroom, making it comfortable to move around inside the shed. Additionally, the shed features vents to ensure proper airflow and reduce condensation.

This metal garden shed is designed with convenience in mind. The sliding double doors allow for easy access and can be padlocked for added security. The low-maintenance design eliminates the need for painting or treating the shed, saving you time and effort. The shed is also quick and easy to assemble with the included instructions and hardware.

Customers Verdict

Customers who have purchased the Duramax ECO 8 x 6 Metal Garden Shed appreciate its durability, spaciousness, and ease of assembly. They find the shed sturdy and reliable for storing their outdoor items. The ample storage space and high gable roof receive positive feedback for accommodating various belongings. The low-maintenance design is also praised for its convenience.


  1. Durable galvanized steel construction for long-lasting use.
  2. Ample storage space for gardening tools and equipment.
  3. High gable roof provides extra headroom.
  4. Sliding double doors for easy access and added security.
  5. Low-maintenance design eliminates the need for painting.


  1. Some customers found the assembly process slightly time-consuming.
  2. The shed may require additional anchoring in windy conditions.


In summary,

The Duramax ECO 8 x 6 Metal Garden Shed is a reliable and spacious storage solution for your outdoor items. With its durable construction, ample storage space, and low-maintenance design, it provides secure and weather-resistant storage. Customers appreciate its durability and ease of assembly. While the assembly process may require some time and additional anchoring is recommended for windy conditions, the overall quality and features of this metal garden shed make it a recommended choice for efficient outdoor storage.


The Duramax ECO Line is ideal for cost-conscious ‘consumers’ without compromising durability and space. The traditional, gable-roof styling combined with the Duramax design and engineering features to make the ECO Metal Sheds which tops in economical outdoor storage.

The ECO 8’ x 6’ Metal Garden Shed is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel for durable corrosion protection and enhanced longevity while its groove walls provide greater strength. All of the ECO Metal Sheds’ walls are reinforced with steel roof truss and wall columns for added durability.

All painted parts have a double baked-on enamel paint finish that will keep this garden shed serviceable and attractive for years. The panels are ready to be assembled with precut holes and materials while its compact packaging makes it easy to be transported..

The ECO Sheds are rust & maintenance free, weatherproof and are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. The shed features wide sliding double doors which are pad-lockable, entry & exit ramp and ventilation system on both sides for better air circulation inside the shed.

The ECO Shed 8’ x 6’ makes it easy to store and organize items, such as lawn and garden equipment.. The ECO Metal Garden Sheds come in different size configurations so to accommodate additional needed storage space of any home..

Box Contains:. 1. Panels & Doors. 2. Metal Structures. 3. Air Vents. 4. Lockable Door Handle . 5. Anchor F1 Kit. 6. Accessory Kit . 7. Assembly Instruction Manual. Tools Required . 1. Cordless Drill - Philips Head. 2. Screwdriver - Philips Head. 3. Carpenters Square. 4. 8' Step Ladder. 5. Tape Measure. 6. Hand Gloves.

0.33mm Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel for Durable Corrosion Protection
Strong Metal Roof Truss & Structure that can carry 12 lbs/sq. ft. of Snow
Gable Roof Design with Air Vents on both sides for Better Air Ventilation
All-weather Durable Metal Garden Shed that Provides Rust-free & Great Dent Resistance
External Dimensions (WxDxH): 262 x 182 x 191 cm; Internal Dimensions (WxDxH): 248 x 162 x 186 cm
Wide Double Sliding Doors with Padlock Eyes (padlock not included)
Impervious to Wood Eating Insects

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