Duramax StoreAll 8′ x 6′ Plastic Garden Shed

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Wide & Tall Double Doors – Approx. dim. (W x H): 154 x 182 cm
All Weather Durable & Long Lasting Outdoor Storage Vinyl Solution
Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 243 x 155 x 219 cm


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Size Name:8 x 6 ft

Duramax StoreAll 8′ x 6′ Plastic Garden Shed with Foundation Kit & Fixed Window – Ivory & Brown – 15 Years Warranty

Product Description

Duramax StoreAll a 8’-wide format that is a perfect size for most backyard or patios as an extra storage space. The shed is built to last with the toughest all-weather durable vinyl resin,.

It will not rust, dent, rot or mildew. The assembly is quick and simple, and the wall columns are reinforced with solid metal to provide strength and durability and is easy to mount shelves or tools holder.

The shed offers 340 cubic feet of storage space. The Duramax StoreAll is a 71”-tall walk-in shed and has wide double doors. The deep brown shingle roof helps to keep the water or snow slide better off the sidings.

Box Contains:
1. Panels & Columns
2. Metal Structures
3. Foundation Kit
3. 1 Fixed Window
4. Accessory Kit
5. Ventilation Kit
5. Assembly Instruction Manual

Tools Required:
1. Cordless Drill - Philips Head
2. Screwdriver - Philips Head
3. Carpenters Square
4. 8' Step Ladder
5. Tape Measure
6. Hand Gloves
7. Waterproof Clear Silicon
8. Hammer or Rubber Mallet

Wide & Tall Double Doors - Approx. dim. (W x H): 154 x 182 cm
All Weather Durable & Long Lasting Outdoor Storage Vinyl Solution
Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 243 x 155 x 219 cm
Includes Foundation Kit, 1 Fixed Window & Ventilation System
Maintenance Free Vinyl Storage Shed that it won't rust, dent, rot or fade and is fire retardant
Features steel reinforced columns to provide strength and durability or easy mounting of tools or shelves

Love this shed, although some joke its a large wendy house until they see the inside! It's so much better than a rotting, old, spider infected shed that it replaced, I picked this up as at bargin price when there was little reviews available for it and for the money in the low £400's this was an absolute bargain even at £500 it is worth it when you see all the space inside. I spent a total of 2 long days with my Dad to clear out an old shed, take it apart and to the tip before moving and expanding the existing base and building this. Overall it was very straight forward and if it wasn't for tiredness no mistakes would have been made. I have now kitted it out full of shelving units and huge 2.8m x 0.6m work bench that could have been 0.2m longer. Negatives Delivered in one box, at over 130kg it really needs a trolley or several people to move it. Two boxes would make life soo much easier. Size is closer to 10.4ft by 7.8ft if you put in internal floor panels the total size internally is 2338mm x 3129mm. Need to have access all the way round when building the shed. Positives Fantastic price when it was in the low £400's was annoyed when it dropped to £380 but with no reviews its a lot for people to commit. It's heavy in a good way quite steady, no chance it is going to blow away or collapse easily. Frame and walls was rigid by itself so can leave it half built without the roof once the top bracing on the walls are up. Space is huge on the in side, doors are plenty big enough no ducking at 5ft 10". Roof supports 20lbs per square foot, using a board across the roof I'm able to spread my weight I'm able to lay across the roof with no issues of it collapsing. Things that may help others Plan for it to take 1 1/2 days with 2 people doing it. Plan ahead of time how your going to the base of the shed or if leaving it. I would have put wooden floor panels down with the frame if I did it again which would of really helped the rigidity of the base and would have stopped it shifting a bit while building and kept everything at right angles. Anchoring isn't needed but recommend to at least at the doors. Side Window panel can be moved if wished no difference between the panels Expect it to take longer if you build against a wall as you regularly have to get all the way round the shed to secure it. When you get to the roof section (page 30) it will ask you to build everything before putting it up, everythng previous was built as you needed. If your running out of time and want to secure it ready to be left for the night build up to page 34 and then jump to page 37/38 to secure the top of the walls and it'll be rigid enough. Page 35 / 36 be careful when putting this together it is not quite as obvious as it and screws will fall out it's done wrong.

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