Duramax StoreMate 6 x 6 Plastic Shed with Floor

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Duramax StoreMate 6 x 6 Plastic Shed with Floor

6 x 6 Duramax StoreMate plastic Shed container with a fixed window and a floor. Maintenance No cost vinyl storage shed that is fire retardant and won’t rust, dent, rot, or fade. Wide and tall double doors with an approximate size of 154 by 180 cm
20 lbs/sq. ft. of snow can be supported by a sturdy steel roof truss support. For patios or backyards, the StoreMate 6 x 6 ft plus storage hut is perfect. The complete solid reinforced vinyl floor of this appealing backyard storage shed avoids the need for a foundation. When you combine Style, Strength, and Security


Duramax StoreMate 6 x 6 Plastic with Floor

The Duramax StoreMate 6 x 6 Plastic Shed with Floor is a reliable and spacious storage solution for your outdoor belongings. Whether you need to store gardening tools, lawn equipment, or other items, this plastic shed offers secure and weather-resistant storage. With its durable construction, convenient features, and low-maintenance design, it combines functionality and convenience.

Constructed with high-quality polypropylene resin, this Duramax StoreMate 6 x 6 plastic shed is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection. The walls are reinforced with a steel frame, adding strength and stability. The shed features a reinforced floor that can support heavy items and keep your belongings dry and protected.

The Duramax StoreMate 6 x 6 Plastic with Floor offers ample storage space for your outdoor items. The spacious interior allows for organizing and storing items of various sizes. The double doors provide easy access, and the wide opening accommodates larger items. Additionally, the shed features built-in ventilation to prevent the build-up of condensation.

This plastic shed is designed with convenience in mind. The low-maintenance construction eliminates the need for painting or treating the shed, saving you time and effort. The shed is also quick and easy to assemble with the included instructions and hardware. The doors can be padlocked for added security, ensuring your stored items are safe.

Customers Verdict

Customers who have purchased the Duramax StoreMate 6 x 6 Plastic Shed with Floor appreciate its durability, spaciousness, and ease of assembly. They find the shed sturdy and reliable for storing their outdoor items. The reinforced floor and wide double doors receive positive feedback for accommodating heavy and large items. The low-maintenance design is also praised for its convenience.


  1. Durable polypropylene resin construction for long-lasting use.
  2. Ample storage space for gardening tools and equipment.
  3. Reinforced floor supports heavy items and keeps belongings protected.
  4. Wide double doors for easy access to larger items.
  5. Low-maintenance design eliminates the need for painting.


  1. Some customers found the assembly process slightly time-consuming.
  2. The shed may require additional anchoring in windy conditions.


In summary,

The Duramax StoreMate 6 x 6 Plastic Shed with Floor is a reliable and spacious storage solution for your outdoor items. With its durable construction, ample storage space, and low-maintenance design, it provides secure and weather-resistant storage. Customers appreciate its durability and ease of assembly. While the assembly process may require some time and additional anchoring is recommended for windy conditions, the overall quality and features of this plastic shed make it a recommended choice for efficient outdoor storage.



Box Contains:
1. Panels & Columns
2. Metal Structures
3. Plastic Floor Kit
4. 1 Fixed Window
5. Accessory Kit
6. Assembly Instruction Manual

Tools Required
1. Cordless Drill - Philips Head
2. Screwdriver - Philips Head
3. Carpenters Square
4. 8' Step Ladder
5. Tape Measure
6. Hand Gloves
7. Waterproof Clear Silicon
8. Hammer or Rubber Mallet

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Maintenance Free Vinyl Storage Shed that it won't Rust, Dent, Rot or Fade and is Fire Retardant
Wide & Tall Double Doors - Approx. dim. (W x H): 154 x 180 cm
Strong steel Roof Truss Support that can carry 20 lbs/sq. Ft. Of Snow
Includes Heavy Duty Molded Floor Kit, 1 Fixed Window & Door Handles with Latch and Padlock Eyes
Dual Air Ventilation System for Better Air Flow
Internal Dimensions (WxDxH): 176 x 176 x 209 cm
Easy Assembly (needs two people)
Adobe with Anthracite Roof & Doors Colors