TiooDre Egg Swing Chair Cover Waterproof with Zipper

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TiooDre Egg Swing Chair Cover Waterproof with Zipper

The Egg Swing Chair Cover Waterproof is made to shield your outdoor hanging egg chair from a variety of hazards, extending its life and keeping it in beautiful shape. With sealed zipper seams and a waterproof Oxford fabric construction, this cover efficiently stops water from penetrating, keeping your chair dry, clean and rust-free.
This cover provides exceptional UV damage protection thanks to additional UV protective coatings on the inner and exterior layers, which slows down the rate of premature ageing, discolouration, and breaking brought on by exposure to sunshine. Your garden swing chair will look brand new for a longer period of time.


TiooDre Egg Swing Chair Cover Waterproof with Zipper

TiooDre Egg Swing Chair Cover Waterproof with Zipper Patio Hanging Outdoor Rattan Wicker Zip Up Swing Chair Protective Cover Anti-dust Garden Furniture Cover 190x115cm.The Egg Swing Chair Cover Waterproof is designed to protect your outdoor hanging egg chair from various elements, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its pristine condition. Made from waterproof oxford material with taped zipper seams, this cover effectively prevents water from seeping through, keeping your chair dry, clean, and rust-free.

With additional UV protective coatings on the inner and outer layers, this cover offers excellent UV damage protection, reducing rapid aging, discoloration, and breakage caused by sunlight exposure. Your garden swing chair will remain looking like new for longer.

The dust protection feature of this cover ensures that your egg chair stays clean and free from dust contamination. The oxford cloth material, drawstring closure at the bottom, and PU coating inside, along with the zipper protection, fully encase your chair, providing complete coverage.

Featuring an elasticated hem cord with elbow joints, this cover offers a snug and custom-like fit, even in windy conditions. It prevents the cover from swinging like a sail, providing reliable protection for your egg chair.

Putting on and taking off the Egg Swing Chair Cover is a breeze. It is designed to fit small suspended single rocking chairs and hanging chairs on the market, with a maximum standing height of 190cm*115cm. Be sure to measure your chair before purchasing.

The PVC waterproof coating on this cover effectively prevents rust, protecting your chair from the damaging effects of moisture and ensuring its durability over time.

Customer Reviews:

  • "Got this as a replacement for the last one that tore in half. So far so good, it has held out strong with only minor failings on some seams. My cushions have remained in good condition regardless of the weather."
  • "I got one last year for my egg chair, and this year I got another one for a second chair. It's huge and drapes on the ground. Although it protects the chair, the sizing should be more consistent."
  • "Resistant, it covers the swing well, and the zipper and ribbon closure prevent the wind from blowing the cover away."
  • "The size is correct for my rocking 'egg', and it is actually waterproof. However, the fabric is delicate, and the underlying lace did not hold well. In a windy situation, the cloth inflated and acted as an umbrella, causing the structure to overturn and tear at one point."


  • Waterproof oxford material with taped zipper seams
  • UV protective coatings for sun damage prevention
  • Dust protection with full enclosure design
  • Elasticated hem cord for a snug fit in windy conditions
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Rust prevention with PVC waterproof coating


  • Some minor seam failures reported
  • Sizing may be inconsistent
  • Delicate fabric prone to tearing in strong winds



The Egg Swing Chair Cover Waterproof offers reliable protection for your hanging egg chair. Its waterproof and UV damage protection features, along with the dust protection and wind resistance, ensure your chair stays in great condition. However, some minor quality issues and the delicate fabric should be taken into consideration.

Colour Name:Black

Type: Swing Chair Cover
Material: polyester
Color: Black/green/grey
Size: 190*115cm/74.67*45.2â€
Package size::27*23*2cm/10.61*9.04*0.79â€
Net weight:470g/16.58oz

1* Swing Chair Cover

190 x 115cm hanging chair cover. It is the best protector for your single egg swinging chair/ pod chair, Suitable for most of the hanging chairs in the market.
Hanging hammock protective cover with built-in zipper closure is designed for more security to ensure it wont blow away in the wind.
With hem cord with toggle allows adjustment for a tight and perfect fit, and secure cover on the windiest days.
This kind of patio hanging egg swing chair cover is made of high quality polyester material with internal sliver coating, which is durable and washable. Waterproof, dustproof, and UV resistance
The egg chair cover has waterproof design helps protect against damage caused by rain, snow, moisture & more. Heavy-duty strength and durability will give your cocoon egg chair many years protection.

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