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Garden Ground Spike Spotlights 6 Pack

6 Pack of Garden Ground Spike Spotlights Powered 12V Spotlights, 25 m/82 feet Warm White Ground Spots Bright LED Landscape Lights IP65 Waterproof. This set of six weather-resistant spotlights is made to last and is composed of sturdy materials. The light may be directed where it is most needed thanks to the adjustable heads and simple installation thanks to the ground spike design.

These spotlights provide a dependable and steady source of illumination thanks to their mains power connection. The flexible placement options and smooth connection to your power source are provided by the accompanying power cable.


Garden Ground Spike Spotlights 6 Pack

Garden Ground Spike Spotlights 6 Pack Mains Powered 25m/82ft 12V Spotlights IP65 Waterproof Warm White Ground Spots Bright LED Landscape Lights.

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with the Garden Ground Spike Spotlights 6 Pack. These mains powered spotlights are perfect for illuminating your garden, pathways, and landscape features, creating a stunning visual effect during the evening hours.

This pack includes six spotlights that are designed with a durable and weather-resistant construction. The ground spike design allows for easy installation in any desired location, and the adjustable heads enable you to direct the light where it's needed most.

Featuring a mains power connection, these spotlights offer a reliable and consistent source of illumination. The included power cable provides flexibility in terms of placement and ensures a seamless connection to your power source.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Garden Ground Spike Spotlights 6 Pack are highly satisfied with their performance. They appreciate the bright and vibrant lighting these spotlights provide, transforming their outdoor spaces into captivating areas during nighttime.

The durable construction of the spotlights receives positive feedback, as they are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting use. The ground spike design is also praised for its easy installation process and the ability to position the spotlights in different areas of the garden.


  • Pack of six spotlights for comprehensive outdoor lighting
  • Mains powered for reliable and consistent illumination
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction
  • Ground spike design for easy installation and flexibility
  • Adjustable heads for directing the light where needed
  • Enhances the beauty and ambiance of outdoor spaces


  • Requires access to a mains power source
  • Some customers may prefer a wider beam angle for broader coverage



The Garden Ground Spike Spotlights 6 Pack offers an effective and convenient way to illuminate your garden and outdoor areas. With their mains powered design, durable construction, and adjustable heads, these spotlights provide bright and focused lighting where you need it most. While access to a power source is required, customers appreciate the quality, ease of installation, and beautiful illumination provided by these spotlights.

Upgrade Version 6 Packs garden lamps comes with adapter plug, no need transformer, no need to worry about burning. 12V 20W safe working voltage compatible with Low Voltage landscape lighting system, safer than regular high voltage lighting.

25m Cable with Plug  49.21ft/15m long from plug to first lamp, 16.4ft/5m long between lamps, fully cover your yard. You can place it flexibly on wherever you want. Satisfy the use of larger yards and other landscapes, no need to buy expensive extension cables.

High Bright LED Landscape Lights 360°Adjustable low voltage Warm White Color 3000K lamp is great for illuminating your house, garden, sidewalk, courtyard, driveway, sculpture, shrubs, lawn, potted, trees or flowers.

P65 Water-proof These LED outside spotlights with Water-proof Connector, each and every connection is well sealed with screw-in. These garden spike lights are Durable and Solid with a long lifespan about 30000 hours, You'll be able to also use this spotlight year-round.

Easy Installation Just connect the power adapter and the cable of the lamp together, Plug and Play, it's going to be completed the installation.

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