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Garden Wooden Apex Greenhouse 4×6 Pressure Treated

Ideal for a small patio or yard, Forest Garden Wooden Apex Greenhouse 4×6 Pressure Treated Walk In Timber Grow House. Beautiful, adaptable, and useful greenhouse ideal for any patio or yard. Two grow bag trays can fit here. removable stage made of slats.

Opening windows promote air movement and allow for temperature adjustment, and one window has an auto vent built in to operate it automatically. Because of the pressure-treated wood and safe styrene glazing, there is no chance of broken glass and a 15-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.




Garden Wooden Apex Greenhouse 4x6 Pressure Treated

Forest Garden Wooden Apex Greenhouse 4x6 Pressure Treated Walk In Timber Grow House Ideal for Small Patio or Yard.

The Garden Wooden Apex Greenhouse 4x6 Pressure Treated is a premium gardening solution that combines functionality, durability, and style. Crafted from high-quality wood and pressure-treated for enhanced durability, this greenhouse offers a perfect environment for your plants to thrive.

The apex design of the greenhouse provides ample headroom and allows for efficient air circulation. The large windows and roof vents ensure optimal light and ventilation, creating an ideal growing environment. The greenhouse is equipped with toughened glass panels that are resistant to breakage and provide excellent light transmission.

Measuring in 4x6, this greenhouse offers plenty of space to grow a variety of plants. The sturdy wooden frame provides stability and is pressure-treated to resist rot and decay, ensuring the longevity of the greenhouse. The included staging and shelving provide convenient storage and display areas for your plants and gardening tools.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Garden Wooden Apex Greenhouse Pressure Treated rave about its quality and functionality. They appreciate the durable construction of the pressure-treated wood, which ensures the greenhouse withstands various weather conditions. The ample space and well-designed ventilation system receive positive feedback, as they contribute to successful plant growth.

The toughened glass panels are highly praised by customers for their durability and light transmission properties. The included staging and shelving are valued for their convenience and ability to keep the greenhouse organized.


  • High-quality wooden construction for durability
  • Pressure-treated for enhanced resistance to rot and decay
  • Apex design for ample headroom and air circulation
  • Large windows and roof vents for optimal light and ventilation
  • Toughened glass panels for durability and light transmission
  • Included staging and shelving for convenient storage and display


  • Assembly may require some time and effort
  • Additional accessories or modifications may be desired for specific needs



The Garden Wooden Apex Greenhouse Pressure Treated is a premium choice for avid gardeners. Its durable construction, ample space, and well-designed ventilation system create an ideal environment for plant growth. While assembly may require some time and additional accessories or modifications may be desired, customers appreciate the quality, functionality, and style of this greenhouse.

Style Name:Walkaround Greenhouse

The Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse from Forest is a beautifully designed grow house that will become a real focal point in your garden. It has a unique design that lets the gardener access their plants without going inside the greenhouse.

Designed to be positioned in an open space or against a wall or fence, the four opening doors can be hung depending on the access required. Combined with its relatively small footprint, this greenhouse is suitable for all sizes and styles of garden. With space for 2 grow bag trays on the floor and slatted staging that can be slotted in and out as required it gives a huge amount of flexibility and potential for growing a wide range of produce in a relatively small space.

Opening windows help facilitate air flow and enable temperature control and an auto vent is included to control one of the windows automatically.

The safe styrene glazing means there is no risk of shattered glass and the timber used has been Pressure Treated to give it a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.

The Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse is made from smooth-planed timber giving it a natural timber finish but can be painted to create a decorative feature in your garden.

The greenhouse comes with fixings and full instructions for easy self-assembly.

Box Contains
2 x End Panel
2 x Side Panel
10 x Door Panel
2 x Shelves
2 x Finial
6 x Window
8 x Batten
4 x Barge Board
Fixings and Fittings

Attractive, flexible and functional greenhouse perfect for any garden or patio
Room for 2 grow bag trays
Removable slatted staging
4 opening doors that can be hung to suit the position of the greenhouse and styrene glazing offers a safer alternative to glass
Some of our items are bulky and you will need to clear space in your garden ready for delivery. Providing its safe, our drivers will carry the product through to your garden to the space you have cleared. It is important you are in to sign for delivery.

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