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Grow Station with Front Zip Up Panel Mini Greenhouse

Grow Station Mini Greenhouse with Front Zip Up Panel. perfect for prolonging the growing season or for seed germination, plant growth and protection, and propagation. Extra-high density reinforced PE cover of 150gsm. The front zip-up panel simply snaps back to provide full access after completely opening. To increase airflow, there are 4 vent holes. 170 x W120 x 50cm.

For all of your gardening needs, the Convenient Grow Station with Front Zip Up Panel is a flexible and useful option. This grow station offers the perfect setting for raising plants, seedlings, and herbs, whether you’re an experienced gardener or just getting started. This grow station provides improved access and plant protection thanks to its small size and practical front zip-up panel.


Grow Station with Front Zip Up Panel Mini Greenhouse


Smart Garden Products Grow Station with Front Zip Up Panel Max Growhouse 4 Vent Holes Reinforced PE Cover 170 x W120 x 50cm., ideal for germinating seed, propagating, plants growing and protecting fruit and vegetables or simply extending the growing season. 150gsm extra high density reinforced PE cover. Front zip-up panel fully opens and easily clips back allowing total access. 4 vent holes to improve air flow. 170 x W120 x 50cm

the Smart Garden Gro-Zone Max - the ultimate grow station designed to meet all your gardening needs. Whether you're germinating seeds, propagating plants, growing fruits and vegetables, or simply extending the growing season, this grow station provides the perfect environment for successful cultivation.

The Smart Garden Gro-Zone Max features a 150gsm extra high density reinforced PE cover, ensuring durability and optimal protection for your plants. The cover is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while allowing sunlight to penetrate for healthy plant growth.

One of the standout features of this grow station is the front zip-up panel. This panel fully opens and easily clips back, providing total access to your plants. You can effortlessly tend to your plants, water them, or harvest your produce without any hassle. The zip-up design also acts as a barrier against pests, keeping your plants safe and secure.

To enhance air circulation and maintain optimal growing conditions, the Smart Garden Gro-Zone Max is equipped with four vent holes. These vent holes promote better airflow, preventing excess humidity and maintaining a healthy growing environment for your plants.

With dimensions of 170cm in length, 120cm in width, and 50cm in height, this grow station offers ample space for multiple plants and gardening essentials. Its compact size makes it suitable for gardens of all sizes, whether you have a spacious backyard or a small balcony.

The Smart Garden Gro-Zone Max is an essential tool for gardening enthusiasts. It allows you to germinate seeds, propagate plants, grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables, and extend your growing season. The convenient front zip-up panel, reinforced cover, and vent holes ensure easy access, protection, and optimal conditions for successful plant cultivation.

Invest in the Smart Garden Gro-Zone Max and take your gardening to new heights. Experience the joy of nurturing thriving plants and harvesting your own homegrown produce. Transform your gardening journey with this versatile and practical grow station.


  1. Sturdy Construction: The grow station is built with a durable frame and high-quality materials, ensuring stability and longevity.
  2. Front Zip Up Panel: The front panel features a zip-up design, allowing for convenient access to your plants while providing protection from pests and harsh weather conditions.
  3. Ample Space: The spacious interior provides plenty of room for multiple plants, seed trays, and gardening accessories.
  4. Adjustable Shelves: The grow station comes with adjustable shelves, offering flexibility in accommodating plants of various sizes.
  5. Ventilation Options: The station is designed with multiple ventilation windows and a mesh screen to promote airflow and prevent overheating.


  • Provides an ideal environment for plant growth, seed germination, and herb cultivation.
  • Easy access to plants for watering, maintenance, and harvesting.
  • Protects plants from pests, insects, and adverse weather conditions.
  • Ample space for organizing and arranging different types of plants and gardening essentials.
  • Adjustable shelves accommodate plants at different growth stages.
  • Proper ventilation promotes healthy plant growth and prevents overheating.


Customer Reviews

The customer reviews for the Grow Station with Front Zip Up Panel are generally positive with a few concerns mentioned. One customer found it to be exactly what they were looking for, providing a suitable space for their tomatoes. They modified the setup by excluding the middle bar to allow the tomatoes to grow through the middle. They found the structure to be solid and easy to assemble. However, they were not satisfied with the fitting and sturdiness of the mesh shelves, resulting in a 4-star rating and doubts about its long-term durability.

Another customer shared their positive experience, using the grow station as a greenhouse within a converted dog cage. They found the assembly process relatively easy, although the instructions could have been clearer. The cover fit perfectly, and they considered the structure sturdy. While they found the mesh shelves to be somewhat flimsy, they believed the overall support system would be sufficient. They mentioned the accurate measurements and expressed satisfaction with the product's roominess and sturdiness.

A customer chose the grow station specifically for seedlings and cuttings, seeking protection from slugs. They appreciated the four shelves and found the parts easy to sort and assemble with clear instructions. They used a mallet and a piece of wood for assembly. They mentioned the challenge of the curved join at the top front but found a solution. They noted the structure's sensitivity to breezes and mentioned using additional weight to secure it. They were satisfied with the overall appearance and functionality but later found that heavy rain caused the plastic cover to sag and accumulate water. They suggested adding a strut across the top for additional support. In an update, they mentioned that the cover developed holes and needed replacement less than two years after purchase.

Overall, the Grow Station with Front Zip Up Panel receives positive feedback for its suitability as a growing space. Customers appreciate its size, ease of assembly, and sturdiness. However, concerns were raised regarding the quality and fitting of the mesh shelves, as well as the sagging of the plastic cover during heavy rain.


  1. Convenient front zip-up panel for easy access to plants.
  2. Sturdy construction ensures durability.
  3. Ample space for organizing plants and gardening essentials.
  4. Adjustable shelves accommodate plants of different sizes.
  5. Multiple ventilation options for proper airflow and temperature control.


  1. Assembly may require some time and effort.
  2. The zippers on the front panel may be a bit delicate.



The Convenient Grow Station with Front Zip Up Panel provides a practical and versatile solution for gardening enthusiasts. Its sturdy construction, ample space, and adjustable shelves make it easy to grow and organize various plants. The convenient front zip-up panel allows for easy access and offers superior protection for your plants. With proper ventilation and a compact design, this grow station creates an ideal environment for healthy plant growth.


Ideal for germinating seed, propagating, plants growing and protecting fruit and vegetables or simply extending the growing season.
150gsm extra high density reinforced PE cover
Front zip-up panel fully opens and easily clips back allowing total access
4 vent holes to improve air flow
Size 170 x W120 x 50cm

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