Hyundai Engine 173cc Petrol Lawnmowers Price: £348.52 (as of 17/05/2022 09:29 PST- Details)

Powered by a reliable hyundai 173cc 4 stroke petrol engine
51cm cutting width ideal for medium to large sized lawns
Easy electric push button start with recoil start as back up


Size Name:2019 Model

Hyundai Engine P1PE P5100SPE 173cc Petrol Lawnmowers Self Propelled Electric Start 20 Inch

Product Description

The P5100SPE is a 173cc / 6hp 4-stroke self-propelled petrol lawn mower from P1PE (Position One Power Equipment) and is powered by a Hyundai 163cc air cooled 4 stroke petrol engine. Suited for medium to large lawns the P5100SPE has a maximum cutting width of 508mm and is the ideal solution for gardeners whose lawn is on a slope. Simply pull back the handlebar lever to allow the lawn mower to comfortably pull upwards making an easy cutting experience that reduces back and arm stress. The P5100SPE features an electric key start for effortless starting when the battery is charged, and a recoil pull start is also included. The P5100SPE is the perfect solution for gardeners who require complete control over the type of cut they give their lawn with 4-in-1 functionality providing total freedom. The 4 cutting options include: Cut and Collect, Cut and Drop, Cut and Mulch and Cut and Side Discharge. The P5100SPE features a treated steel chassis that protects against rust and corrosion giving you many years of service. For maximum comfort, the P5100SPE features an ergonomic soft grip handle. With a choice of seven cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 85mm the P5100SPE puts you in control over the finish to your lawn. The single cutting height adjustment lever allows effortless selection between the seven cutting heights making it quick and easy to decide. The massive quick release 60-litre polyester grass catcher compacts the grass cuttings allowing less time emptying and more time mowing, its fabric design optimises air flow which in turn ensures superior collection performance. The P5100SPE can also be used without the grass collector if you wish to leave the cuttings. With safety in mind, the P5100SPE includes OPC (Operator Presence Control) technology that ensures the engine

Powered by a reliable hyundai 173cc 4 stroke petrol engine
51cm cutting width ideal for medium to large sized lawns
Easy electric push button start with recoil start as back up
Simple single lever cutting height adjustment with 7 different cutting heights from 25mm to 85mm
Self propelled rear wheel drive to take the effort out of mowing
Cut and collect, cut and drop, side discharge and mulching cutting options
Tool free assembly
Quick release Handlebar fittings making storage and transport simple
Large 60 litre grass collector with grass level indicator
Uk based sales, service and parts for peace of mind

Very impressed with the machine all round. Easy to set-up, Had no issue with oil spills in box - and even if so, I wouldn't let that fact influence my rating on the machine. So once fuelled, oil topped up and ready to go it wouldn't start. Now it wasn't entirely clear in the manual that the OPEC lever pulls back onto a micro switch. It mentions about possibly needing to adjust it but it was way off. So once I spotted that and wound the adjuster down, pulled the cord and off it went. Easy fix and no issue but just thought I would mention that - as if the switch button isn't depressed it will not start. First thing I would have say compared to other mowers (had a Briggs self propelled mower before and a Honda) is how smooth and quiet the engine is. It really does purr along and I could actually talk to my wife whilst standing right next to it - some may argue this is not a good thing. Very nice smooth motion on the self propelled function, it is easy to manoeuvre (my 13yr old son mowed with it and found it very easy to use) and the electric key start is just brill - it charges up the battery under use but does require you to plug it in to charge at first. I would have waited longer ordinarily before reviewing it, (it only arrived today) but very impressed with it, plus it has a 2 year warranty so peace of mind there. Plus the mulching function (one of the reasons I bought it) is superb - no more dumping the grass box out. Thumbs up on all fronts.

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